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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tradin licks

Tradin licks
Seven chakra poppin hazes imijjimi
Smoak and mirrors
Annoying d boyz
Should juss sell poison
Cuz few quest to be a blaque reuben andif steady dont sign me to development deal to refine my gas thin some tires will thin treads w/o diss
The verbal pap smear
Would be dem heathen hoards
Boards with treating themselves
Like humans sub out.

🚖nhp paylog 12-4 nov 7 2013

John o
Will s


Of course lex hm
Zeff paykards

Temperance reel

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Re: Phree yela

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Saturday, December 7, 2013


remove the core processor material. if that makes any sense. uaually their will be a network of morgellons fibers along with ingrown/usurped hair follicles. attack the network at alternating angles.  iT seems  to be able to respond to you as if almost reading your mind. contort till it cant contort further then with much force  pull using follow through ( as if  swinging a golf club or baseball bat) as many of the filaments are much longer than you will expect. ( I was extacting  16 -20 inch filaments out of my bald head at the time.) the core processor usually will look like a calloused scab with  a leading horn or tail and clear white tubules leading do2n to the next layer of processor. they have to all be removed or they will regenerate.  I believe if one doesnt remove them they worsen.  I am in my seventh year. I am still at war with a persistant lesion (yes even today...)   it still gets the best of me and I suffer. I am fortumate to have a girlfriend who understands and is helpful. my ex-wife was cruel, condescending,  and hyper judgemental of my plght and fight.  morgellons caused our divorce, I won he house but she was malicious in not handing over the mortgage. I was deemed unfit for duty at my job as music therapist at barnes jewish hospital adult inpatient psychiatric ward and unable to retain my estate nor house. currently I have a year left on my long term disability. hopefully ssdi will be confirmed.   I pray for you all that are enduring. remember! Morgellons is a physiological condition first and foremost that eventually does cause severe psychological illnesses. I explain it nicely to people that it is the body's inability to adapt to modern day environmental stressors. or perhaps morgellons is the process of adapting!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Re: wls bio for exit cd

a bio to go public correct me if something is incorrect
On Dec 3, 2013 11:12 PM, "William Schafer" <jazzresin@gmail.com> wrote:
> william schafer, aka known as bill swill back in the late 80's was a happy go lucky multi-instrumentalist. Ben and Bill met in a creative writing course at their high school and found many common interests and were like minded in their endeavors. Ben invited Bill to tryout for the band the Exit and found a niche being the utilitary player on sax, flute, and bass guitar. Ben was an integral part of Bill's life as he opened the world of both experimental music and poetry. The reality of a hidden music and literature movement was realized in Columbia, MO at a coffee shop called the Chez; Ben was the unspoken leader of the hundreds of open mikes and an inspiration to the artistic communiy encouraging self realization and courage to share. As the fate's have it, Steve attended another school. We can imagine the amazing music and happenings if the trio would have remained together. The Exit continued bravely on without Steve,with the valiant effort of Jeff Mueller on vocals.
> The gigs with the Exit, notably the many shows with Acrylic Orgy at the famous underground venue Benard's Pub, the beginning of Bill's professional career which has spanned many decade's and continues to this day. He was the bandleader of the seminal Columbia, Missouri band 'Ant Man Bee' (one of the many national bands sharing the same name after a Captain Beefheart song) AMB's psychedelic punk music was featured opening at the KCOU's reunion of the reknowned band BIG STAR. Bill was a founding member with his drummer Harold Covey (Harry Coin) the St. Louis noise/math ensemble 'The Pat Sajak Assasains'  The PSA continues on without Bill playing some of the most eccentric music the midwest has to offer. Bill's proudest music achievement was composing and performing his original be-bop compositons with the 2006 RFT award winning jazz outfit  'The Brian Sullivan Quartet'
>     Bill's professional career included teaching music at Riverview Gardens middle school, directing the older adult wellness band Oasis, teaching thousands of private music lessons to students of piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin,  kontrabass, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophones,  trumpet,  and trombone. He worked as a professional DJ under the name 'jazzresin' and held court everyone Saturday night at Columbia's premiere discotheque 'Shattered'.  Later in St. Louis, DJ jazzresin was the house Dj for All-Star tattoo providing weekly mixes and performing at functions. He completed his third degree in music therapy in 2006 and in order to commit to the seriousness of working for the wellness of acute psychiatric adult inpatient population he ceased performing with his various ensembles. Bill worked for Barnes Jewish Hospital for seven years before being declared unfit for duty due to complications arising from suffering from Unknown Dermopathy/Morgellons/Lyme Disease. The extent of the disease led to his divorce, loss of job, and dissolution of his home and estate.  He currently is on long term disability from his parent company BJC. He presented in 2013 at the 6th annual Morgellon's presentation of scientific research and was interviewed by the BBC.  Unfortunately for Bill, a terrible judgement was thrown upon him a week after the Boston Marathon bombing, as a mother, daughter,  and grandmother mistook jazz lingo and his sax case as a bomb threat at Creve Coeur Park. Bill had just finished playing 'Amazing Grace' when he realized the dozens of Maryland Heights police handguns targeted at himself. He was arrested,  jailed, hospitilized, released as Psychotic NOS, re-arrested, jailed, then sent to Clayton's St. Louis County Jail with a $25,000 bond. Currently he is working off his 100 community service hours by playing saxophone and ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Once done with his hours he plans on preparing for his disembodiment.

Friday, November 22, 2013

~ Life isn't about having, it's about being. You could surround yourself with all that money can buy, and you'd still be as miserable as a human can be. I know people with perfect bodies who don't have half the happiness I've found. On my journeys I've seen more joy in the slums of Mumbai and the orphanages of Africa than in wealthy gated communities and on sprawling estates worth millions. Why is that? You'll find contentment when your talents and passion are completely engaged, in full force. Recognise instant self-gratification for what it is. Resist the temptation to grab for material objects like the perfect house, the coolest clothes or the hottest car. The if I just had X, I would be happy syndrome is a mass delusion. When you look for happiness in mere objects, they are never enough. Look around. Look within.
- Nick Vujicic
Yeah im livin in columbia. Lost my house and everything. On long term disability. Playin sax for the salvation army to get my 100 community service hours due to my alleged false bomb threat at creve vcoewur park (they thought my sax case was a bomb and i said somethin jazz like when i blow the whole world blows up...) Pres obama pres O'bomb'a. Cant goof off at. A park where can you goof?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Debris Take2 mix by josefresno - SoundCloud


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fkn A. In pynchon i trust to weave webster spider deities loom spinnin into the dying art of fictyon. I was sure the 'pale king' ended the fine art of the tome with yaw spelled backwards in the breathe fog of the jet window...s made out as way. Suicide of david foster wallace was the penultimate. Always the pale king with stolen throne. Billy the Litch king wishing all of existence away. Who dares rewrite it this time. Adventure time. I trust to our circumcised attention span. Trust is Love?

Monday, September 23, 2013


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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ATtorneys briefcase with my case was stolen. He was late to court. Have to go back tommorow morn. Mourn for me. NSA thuggery. Attorney at least let me know he wont be there on time this next time since he has to be in two places at the same time. #@*K

Sunday, August 11, 2013

From morph

connect with your self
remember who you are
realize that you are incarnated on earth
through the planetary grid matrix,
of stellar orchestration
and that you are a star,
expressing through the holographic expression of the earth
in a synthesis base production.

As light is assimilated and generated in the electrolyte cavity of the stellar interface, calibration of the entity affiliated to the interior of that star, sends signals to cosmic fragments of innovative intelligence. Causing cymatic alteration of oscillated polarities in the systematic wave alignment correspondence of compatible dimensional octaves instigating a static emission in the electromagnetic field of mind, converging DNA streams rearranging the sequential algorhythms of vortices.

The focal point generative electrode of the cosmos is centered in the heart, orchestrating the cymatic of dimensional peizochromism. Cosmological currents are of holophonic nature, conducted through piezoelectric wave sequencing. There is a magnetism or cross current of energy streaming within the cognitive cohesion of mind that subsumes the waves of cosmic energy, into a photonic expression. When awareness renders the directive cultivation of flux locality, there is a geomagnetic impact forming light synthesis resulting in a finalized fractal base.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Melinda take this paraphrased wisdom of brian eno. We Pretend then Become. Pretentious is a word that is used incorrectly. It is good to pretend. If you continue..you certainly become. So wannabe is Good! See what Eno is getting at! As an artist i would recommend giving your art away to friends and strangers and maybe family. Smuggle 5-6 finished canvas into a goodwill and borrow tickets from other items. See which paintings sell first. It is a sharky way of doing it but you sell ONE canvas....in a significant way you have crossed the threshold into being a professional. I love abstract art! I have quite a collection hidden away in a UStoreIt. I need to sell em at christies or sothebys. I believe one of em may be a late 50's masterpiece by early rothko or calder switichin media and making his own rules. "Art makes life worth living." - William Lincoln Schafer 2012

Friday, July 19, 2013

We KNOW..don't we?..
Yes unfortunately When you know you know.. Those that don't are typically ignorant of our plight, have never heard the Word before in their life..we are ostracized in efforts to receive treatment from professionals instructed to ignore. The symptoms match..you know self diagnosed OR told so. You are NOT alone! Great!! The suffering then deepens all the more..

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stay empirical upon what you know. Compare your knowledge with carnicom and the f1000 study. I agree with Melinda and Billyjoe. Be aware that many, including the CEHF, are in effort to limit the bizarre sci-fi conspiracy element of this disease in order to help sponser greater acknowledgment from the sci/med field. So if you run into questions of your validity and sources remember that. What i found interesting about your research was that it suggested a larger vector than just borellia burgdorferi and spirochette. I explain my illness in light of non-morg sufferers ignorance, i say, "the body's inability to cope with modern enviromental stressors." Kinda political but also open ended. The facets of this illness are complex, EMF, bacteria, fungi,insect vectors, GMO, chemtrails, MK-NAOMI....i'll stop with that last one. Ay yi yi. I suffered for numerous hours when a lesion split into two..wasn't ready for it. Removed a foot and a half pseudo hair from my throat area. The last thing Steve is that your research suggests that morgellons is also an illness of comorbidity, perhaps a gateway. Keep on!The doctors seem instructed to keep hush about M. We that suffer are already paranoid with concern and doubt. The last thing we need is the silent treatment or worse abusive rejection. Three weeks ago my new PCP stubbornly agreed to administer the Western Blot lyme test after i told him that i had bulls-eye rash years ago. He scolded me saying, "if this comes back negative i don't want to hear any more about Lyme disease." It came back negative... ugh. Lyme? Fine no. Yet we can't use the word 'morgellons' ....a terrible crime...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

© er uh. Well. They call em fakebooks cause they've been illegal forever. Its only recent that they legalized the famous 'real book' which you Should buy a hardcopy of. Essential. As a teenager i went to Baton music on the loop and you'd ask for it and the store owner would get all paranoid lookin around. Then he would take you to a back room filing cabinet which you would pay him cash only no tax 40$ no © in the whole book lol. So dont stress about the communism of info with the lit. It too is part of the tradition.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lets get lost

I watched it in thick time. Listened deeply to every word..studying the subtle body language. Chet was an addict and he often behaved emotionally awful to his love ones. BUT there is that jazz man quality of self defense. A higher muse than that of a family man. A rightousness to do what thou wilt as the ARTIST. But mainly it was speedballs and thanatos kick like no other. I hope i live to be as old as him. The junk made him young. The police said they found the body of a 30 year old man after he had fallen accidently nodding off sitting on a highrise balcony. Burroughsesque. I hurt bad watching the film with acknowledgement and signification. The jazz walk of life is inundated with ASC and the 'seek for peak experience' or the exact opposite the tightrope of willpower in kyriotic thick time where the mind starts to pump out its death program, the ultimate high. Ay yi yayo girl and the boy in the lust passion of fuckall. Onelove is sunday morning as fuckall is saturday night..two sides of the same coin.

Love of music

Its not just bout money it is a love of music, a rite of passage, a way to get good at your insrument, a way to meet all walks of life, and for a few a way of life. I just finished busking here in hot springs arkansas. Made only a few dollars but met a few wise men whom i enjoyed conversation with. It is an act of sheer willpower. And not easy. Can be dangerous. Need to be a good judge of people. Entertain!!! Must have a kind sense of humor and let little droplets of water off the ducks back if someone was mean or rude. Tough thing about street music these days is everybody uses debit cards. Cash is not as liquid!!! One of my street musician life long friends he sez we need to get that card reader device so people can tip that way. Songs: night train, pink panther, harlem nocturne, take the A train, lester leaps in, careless whispers (lol) house of the rising sun, enjoy yourself, my favorite things, yardbird suite, Round midnight. Those have made me skrilla (lots of cash) oh yeah St. Louis Blues...of course. If you need i can dropbox links of fakebook pdf's in which yoU can pluck out the gems i offer and print them. Viola better still need to read treble clef!!! You said oboe cause its the other oddball symphonic instrument that reads alto clef. I'll send the dropbox downloadble links here in a little bit. They are between 30-70 mb a piece!
This is why THEY think us so. The phenomena is inexplicable and defy's common sense, logic, and in my opinion the empirical understandings of the scientists. I've been with groups. And it seems true that only a morgellons sufferer can truly understand the play and horror of the disease with another being hosting the parasite. Whatever it is it gets symbiotic with one in a sinister way. I am at the end of my fight and journey in such a way that i feel i need to embrace the disease and love it for it has taught me so much about suffering, loss. Drama. And impermanence. In that view i no longer feel as rightious or at war. So here i go. New bumper sticker....."I <3 Morgellons" hhahaahahahhahaahha. No really. Learning to love the enemy. Even if its some misunderstood insect vector bacteteria nano alien tech. I dunno.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Roll with it denise. The mgD decimated my scalp. Out of 7-8 cores i have removed 6 and a half. They take one over cause i think its stranger than strange. Might be a 5th dimensional snag. Might Be because you were a target. Or a test subject. I pull out massive rows of underdermis 'ingrown' hair with the tiny wispy mgD filimints somehow spiderwebbed networked between the coreprocessor seed like plaques. The grey goo filth layer can be lessened by using dawn diswashing soap. Regular shampoos or soaps seem to contribute. I've been wearing magnetic necklaces and bracelets. Be mindful of the tiny flying insects. They are drawn into this all as a vector.

Carnicom Institute - Environmental Filament Project


Last night i was in combat with a flying intelligent cognitive blood sucker of an insect. It would travel in shadow and black camoflauge. My peripheral vision caught it and zen stillness/quickness squashed his covert actions splat all over the white bed sheet. More blood than i was prepared for.Many bug phenom with morgellons. I theorized with the fact that we are dealing with 5th dimensional parasites. Since we are becoming cognizant of these horizons they begin to interact. Theories theories. A theory is nothing but. Test? Hypothesize. Fail. Yeah yeah yeah. I suffered vicious with it today. Kill it away with love. I am host and it is symbionic. Wondering when it will do me in. Cortydid zombie like. I seek crystal. Im in hotsprings arkansas spending my death check. Sell treasures. End dreams. Raise cain. Start writing. Curse the day i was born. Love the day i die. I'm free. Do what i want. Hopefully not get arrested and have the last shreds of dignity wripped out like morgellons core processors. Cancer is white.




Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hey John Owen! I've been studying the benifits of visualizing dimensions beyond our third. Perhaps our snag happened in the 6th or 7th± 'everything HAS to HAPPEN.' As we are both biblitechhackers we may have burdened to share the beauty story history explanation. It is upon the 8th or 9th where the Big 0 cancels our concerns and lovingly makes it null and void. Then sliver reverse where -1 means 1 and vice versa. After that it is all GodInfo which we will bypass from our lessons in the 6th or 7th. Let us be the Aleph Quasars we were designed to BE!!!

Close associations: Micro-Myiasis & Morgellons Disease



They Took A Stand Too...



Sunday, June 30, 2013

He calmly allowed the greater public to know the hideous truth of the technosurvillance state we know have become. NSA. Pshaw. The deep underground military bases home of the permaflops have everybyte of keystroke since who knows when. We all knew it as GenX. The grey hairs. No lol no. Generation Why is like 'so what' Generation Alpha/Omega are soon entering thier teen years. He's a hero whether he's the real cloak n dagger or if he's a hired fall guy. Transperancy and honesty is important if the USG (the teksurvpolice state without benifits of communism) is to return to USA. Can u feel what i'm sayin. Can u taste the saccharin? Can u hear the carrier frequencies of the flourescent bulbs? It does sometimes take a weatherman to taste the coffee. Sensate to psyionic.. Can you intuit the crossroads. Same as it ever was??? Hell fuckin no. Man. New playing field. I dont want to live in the enemy state of the world.
ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Missouri (KMOV) -- A lot of
drivers are hot under the collar after what they
call a major towing scam in St. Louis County.
Witnesses say on Cinco de Mayo weekend car
after car was booted and towed just across from
Hacienda, costing some owners $350 to get back
their cars.
Some customers say it happens several days each
Mark Perkins said he was just across the street
asking a police officer if he could park there
Saturday when his car was booted within
minutes. Barcliff towing had three trucks and
drivers standing by.
"The car was already booted. I talked to the
manager Wayne Barcliff. He told me it was going
to be $150 to remove the boot from my car. After
that I called police because it seemed like an
extortion ring," said Perkins.
There are signs posted warning violators. But in
this case spotters are paid to move in quickly.
Robert Schaeffer says he paid $350 to get his
son's car back, even though he was visiting a wine
store on the property.
Store managers say it has been going on for
years. They wouldn't talk on camera, but the
company that contracts with Barcliff Towing is
Bianco Properties.
"I'm not familiar with the situation so I'm unable
to respond to the question," Bianco Properties VP
Daniel Wolk said when asked if the company was
Bianco issued a statement late Friday, saying the
signs clearly state the policy. The company
offered no defense of the predatory towing.
. .Parking near the new venue 'the office' on Delmar i played a music in support of the new loop. I parked and it looked completely legit. Later that night after the gig my car is gone. The sign posted was waist high and obscured by another parked vehicle earlier. This is illegal on their part. There was no way i was able to be informed that i was parking in an after hours tow zone.

Asimov's laws in pseudocode or applying the 3 laws today - Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange


Very 6th dimensional!!! I love you mike. I am ripped to shreds in the 8th and 9th. Everything has to happen. Then to negate it all to succumb to absolute zero would be my solice. Love is quite evil. Be wary of using the word. Love is what is ruining humanity. Love is a sick canary in a coalmine whistling itself to the inevitable. Sure bring it up for oxygen. A cave in. Gravity and speed of light change. Everything will and has had to happen. So i'm at a deep hatred of the universe within me. I know i was absolutely correct in my rational for the suicide attempt (success) for i saw his werewolf caught unawares. The Face of Yaw waY was unsmiling and subarctic as his realm is the vast vastness of cold. He cares little for Gaia except for those that entertain him with fucking up hissy fits drama kings artists writers poets painters rappers politicians actors covert cia operatives porn stars drug addicts. He does not care about good or evil. It is as it is. So fucking what as he sneers in his curse of boredom. We dont have much longer to live. I've loved every moment with you excpecially the odd awkward ones!!! Keep writing for the young. They will need it,
Semantics jogs it as creolization occurs. New words. Bitch aint a cuss word no more. Txt twt mkes lnguage SMDH @ PCP no ADD fer me. Meltdown i write a tragicomedy soon of disgraceful pithy and attempt to negate zro until it becomes absolute grandmal seizure smak hed on clinic floor. Psigotic brick beaned. Bumbilbee. Fraid there is no happy place far far away. Dismay. Unsafe and a car is too much of a liability for me to deal with as ill i grow. Near i will be seven year in sept. Of a seven year bullet. A gamma ray ripped a thread through me. I am blessed to have such struggle. I grow evil. Lyconthropy like my bristle back hairs are course n sharp an no longer do i eat food but drink of the moon. I plot both salvation and demise for humanity. Evolve. I and I parasitic morgellons i am so sick and can recieve no treatment other than ridicule and exclusion. PCP fired me as a patient sed go to wash u infectious disease. Typhoid mary. I lay waste as an vector agent i am. Soon. Salvation lies in letting go and being homeless. Really really bum stark raving mad homeless. I see already where this cave-in will lead. Nanoaluminum and barium neurotransmitter disrupters. Feel the orginism dig deep into reptilian brain. I dont breathe oxygen like i use to. My breathe is alkyline and corrosive. I no longer recognize myself. I apologize. M josh. I am alone and facing vegatative brain psychosis.

Parasitic nematodes [electronic resource]: molecular biology, biochemistry ... - Google Books



Saturday, June 29, 2013

5650 Big Bend Industrial Ct

380$ tow is a crime. i could SEE no sign as the SiGN was obscured by other vehicles. Be patient with me i'm doin my best to fuck it all to hell.

5650 Big Bend Industrial Ct, St Louis, MO 63143

Thomas Pynchon - Gravity's Rainbow v1.5.doc

Om mani padme hum. My mindfulness of the razors edge of what i can muster is with you. ALL is at a crossroads too sinister and bizarre to explain. Social media is 'collective conciousness technology' JOHN OWEN you must navigate with your wisdom. Do not censor thyself. The butterfly effect has never been as sensitive as it is now. We both now that our stories have been altered. We have nothing left except to work in favor of the LORD and the truth as we percieve it. The World needs to hear you!!!!
"But even if nothing lasts and everything is lost, there is still the intrinsic value of the moment. The present moment, ultimately, is more than enough, a gift of grace and unfathomable value, which our friend and lover death paints in stark relief."

-Rick Doblin, Ph.D. MAPS President
MAPS Bulletin Vol. XX, No. 1, pg. 2

Monday, June 24, 2013

Radio Anomaly: http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/maproom/Global/Precipitation/Pentad_OLR.html
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US Windmap http://hint.fm/wind/
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EU Weather Alerts: http://www.meteoalarm.eu
US Weather Warnings: http://www.weather.gov
India: http://www.imd.gov.in/section/nhac/dynamic/allindia_main.htm http://www.imd.gov.in/section/satmet/img/sanew.htm

NDBC Buoys: http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/
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MISC Links:
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Moon: http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/pacalc.html


Man i studied 10 credit hours of Nippon at MU before i found out my degree required a romance language. I took french for two days before bailing and switching to deutsch. Music of deutschland i like. Beethoven bach wagner can kraftwerk neu! Einsturzende Neubauten is the best expression of the hollow way of guilt and self hate of their fathers sin. Blixa Bargelds Shriek. Tanz de bil. Halbermensh. Acid drenched bad trip ascetisism. I have that too being son of Glyphosate. My karma is weighed as monsanto is more than a sin. I aint no nazi and never will be. I do believe that we all need to wake up and be world citizens if we want to travel the interstellar music sun ra parliment uncut mothership. Help?!?
hen 20 guns get drawn on you for playin sax a phone so blue. U dont know how the love is lost forever and it is done gone through. Next time it happens i'll play the fool and make a fuss and act all cruel. They'll shoot me dead and i'll be through. It's what i want in a world corrupt and corrdid. My corridor of peace is gone shattered in pieces. Am i the impliment or is it the sax. Morgellons borrealai. When twenty guns get drawn. Wrists bent and contorted in cuffs. Dripping springs its not your fault. What did i say wrong. My peacock jazz walk. My lingo shot. I lay bleeding in my head. I smacked upon the jail walls till i gave myself a concussion. I cry for the other inmates jailed for petty crimes of survival and misunderstanding. With tiny grimey meals meal worms. Superjail in clayton. I sleep a waking nightmare without neurontin nerves are frail with misfire upon misfire. When 20 guns get drawn upon you playin a pawn shop saxophone. Dont. Just run and theyll shoot u dead. Shoot u dead shoot u dead. Its what u want now in hideous world shade shadow me this shadow me that. I wrote a song tonite outsida vintage vinyl. S'bout when 20 guns drawn upon a saxophone player blue. I blow sax. I blew it???? What did i do???? Ill with morgellons....nova police gonna nail me to the cross for crimes against time travel. Fkt. I shake with shot nerves. Next time i'll make a fuss and have them rat-a-tat me. C'est la vie. It would be an interesting death. Shall i do it again??? Look at me i'm blowing up. Ka-blu-ee. Kilroy was here. I'm a ghost of my former self. Dint even know i'm honor roll of stl sax players. It's an honor just to be in the same space as dave stone!!! Life can fuk u up. Morgellons can fuk u up more than life. I'm fukt fuckt. When i get to hell. I'll be workin as charon. Comin or goin?? Never know. Keep goin'
May 12
X Wesley Holloway Melise

May 16 · Seen 1:05pm · Sent from Mobile

Reboot i'm afraid the disk drive is fragmented beyond repair. ___. - I'll get a 300tb and start transfer copying what i can. Damn sleep/power/­hibernation/­screensaver GatesBill minotaurs keep fukin up the process. Morgellons has got me under it's spell this morning. I still gaze in horror and awe at the impossible parasitical life extracted that i play host to. (((FREAK SHOW))) if tick bourne vector illness goes bedbug we're all gonna suffer hell....


Phreak a mudder fodder will u? Several hours later I git got done. Man. I messed up thinkin ya'll was manager. (I thought it meant comrades and support. I had to do the this and that to reestablish my OLD SKOOL kloak n scagher the fuckin beeatch. Facebook stock? Wutever call me a nazi will u. Jus cause wot. Son of glyphosate tryin to write a book and a fictional metamovie director as character....i am sweatin in this sweatlodge of a mobile swinglow mobile recording studio. Wots with yer blitzkrieg on me bra??? I forgive and all. I cant visit U cause I did WOT U toll me to do. Fool. Anyways its done with fun. U can hit me i wont hit back. But i sure can pen a scrap of worthless paper and make it bloodmoney. I'm a goddamnednblessittofuk AUTHOR now. Musician is secondary (cloaked...rich and uinvisible to the music making im confident and confirmed i play for noone but wind and quasars u dig? Sure the blood penny is valuable. U a stoopid fooll for cursin at people throwin you money. Of course RAIN PELTED BRuISED SMELTED one does not care if the xoin missed the case. Yeah if you deleted http://www.facebook.com/jazzresin you would have messed ALL of my FACEBOOK up not jus the stooppid page but my hidden name. The name of the movie when i die. One of my seven souls. I love you alex. Dont be to difficult with my thanatos. FKALL with passion y'know and of course ONELOVE.) This letter to FB enabled me to cancel the scheduled deletion: I am primary manager (creator) of a page. My friends phone was abused by her wife and she chose to permanantly delete page. I have removed my friend as a manager but i still am unable to undo the scheduled deletion. The page is http://www.facebook.com/jazzresin.


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Bill Schafer's dedication towards the field of music includes performance, composition, education, therapy, theory, research, directing, and conducting. He was the recipient of the 2003 University of Missouri-St. Louis outstanding music education student award. Bill has studied double bass with Henry Loew, principal bassist St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, and saxophone with Barbara Wood and Jamey Aebersold. He currently is working towards an equivalency degree and masters degree in music therapy... Continue Reading
Sonic Archaeology; Willpower quantuum observations; William S. Burroughs permissions; ANT MAN BEE uhuru; Gabriels Horns. Revelations. The Heavenly Music Corportation.
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Whats yer take. When we were teenagers i struggled with the fact that Monsanto enabled overpopulation. Now it is known that it is unsafe and terribly unhealthy (roundup..glyphosate) very well may play a part in some cog of population control. In game theory it can be seen as a lose-lose (win) if so 888 evil scientist xxxxxx are agents of a utopian effort. Sigh. Bill gates pushin vaccines. ChemContrails dumping neurotoxic nanoaluminum barium with the guise of cooling the planet from global warming..... I could use an opinion. Near extinction events are just a blip upon the media. What is your writ, your poetry, word virus, time travel efforts like xxxxxxxx? Madness is such a cheap story plot. Post apocolyptical dreams seem so pleasant and refeshing. How is your mind/body adapting to WI/FI radiation. Are u integrated with Smartphone symbiosis. I read burroughs letters to ginsberg and kerouac. I'll be honest. You are the command intellect of Burroughs and i am the schlehmehl reactionary that is Ginsberg. I still have your smal press published poetry that i adore. Amongst my house of treasures there is a grey binder with our correspondeces handwritten. I hope it is within the hastly hoarded treasures i crammed into a U-Store 8x16x10 tomb. It would make great fodder for 'the Novel' I plead that u keep my lifelight real it doesnt need to be REAL/REAL. Just enough to help keep me alive. 20-40 hardbacks would seal the glyph upon the wild Yaw yet keeping to the Way. Word all and then some, !ibill.


onsanto's Game Over: Extreme Toxicity of Roundup Destroys Justification for GM Agriculture

If Monsanto's Roundup herbicide were actually 'safer than table salt' as they once advertised, the consumption of GM food wouldn't be nearly as controversial. The truth, however, is that virtually all GM food today contains residues of this toxic chemical, which disproves that GM and non-GM foods are "substantially equivalent," which is the primary doctrinal justification behind why GM foods are not properly safety tested and millions in this country eating them are living and breathing guinea pigs.

There was a time when Monsanto claimed their patented herbicide Roundup was "safer than table salt" and "practically nontoxic," and aggressively marketed this message until 1996, when they were ordered by Dennis C. Vacco, the Attorney General of New York, to pull the ads.[1]

Fast forward 15 years, after millions of farmers around the world bought into the false advertising and who, as a result, are now driving the production and use of several hundred million pounds of the chemical annually, Roundup herbicide is beginning to look eerily like Monsanto's Agent Orange 2.0.

Indeed, within the scientific community and educated public alike, there is a growing awareness that Roundup herbicide, and its primary ingredient glyphosate, is actually a broad spectrum biocide, in the etymological sense of the word: "bio" (life) and "cide" (kill) – that is, it broadly, without discrimination kills living things, not just plants. Moreover, it does not rapidly biodegrade as widely claimed, and exceedingly small amounts of this chemical – in concentration ranges found in recently sampled rain, air, groundwater, and human urine samples – have DNA-damaging and cancer cell proliferation stimulating effects.

You don't have to look very far to find research documenting its extreme and wide-ranging toxicity. Anyone with a smart phone can now access the accumulating body of experimental and
epidemiological research freely available on the National Library of Medicine's citation database MEDLINE, proving that glyphosate-based agrichemicals have been linked to over 40 health conditions, from Parkinson's to Leukemia, and over two dozen modes of toxicity, from causing damage to the DNA to disrupting hormone receptors, from suppressing the immune system to damaging neurons. To view all 26 adverse physiological actions visit our open access, MEDLINE-derived Glyphosate Formulation research page.

Once the public begin to let the reality of Roundup's parts-per-trillion toxicity sink in, then another realization naturally follows. The vast majority of GM crops are designed to survive chemical poisoning with Roundup. So-called 'Roundup ready' or 'glyphosate-resistant' plants are sprayed with this chemical, ensuring they are contaminated with toxic residues. This means that the potentially endless, impossible to resolve debate over whether GM transgenes inserted into food and feed crops produce 'allergenic' or 'potentially toxic' proteins only scratches the surface of the problem, acting like a smokescreen distracting from the more obvious problems associated with the clear and present threat of glyphosate/Roundup toxicity.

Essentially, if you are eating anything that is not explicitly labeled non-GMO or USDA certified organic (and there are reasons to doubt the veracity of this logo), you are being exposed to Roundup and its toxic metabolites. And when we say 'exposed' we are using a euphemism for poisoned. This also means that the primary doctrinal justification for not labeling, adequately safety testing, and regulating GM foods, namely, the view that they are 'substantially equivalent,' no longer holds any water.

Roundup poisoned food is never equivalent to Roundup-free food.

In order to drive momentum towards mass awareness of Roundup and Roundup-Ready agriculture toxicity, we are offering a free PDF download of our accumulated research on the topic to be shared far and wide. It is a 100% peer-reviewed and published research document, with hyperlinks back to the original citation location on the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE. Please download it here today:


For additional research and articles on the dangers associated with GMO food, visit our research page on the topic: Health Guide: GMO Research

[1] The New York Times, Monsanto recruits the horticulturist of the San Diego Zoo to pitch its popular herbicide, May 29, 1997

This article first appeared at GreenMedInfo. Please visit to access their vast database of articles and the latest information in natural health.

Ed Snowden may be a hired fall guy for the USG. Nonetheless he WILL be seen as a true american hero when the routing of corruption completes its swift task. I commend President Obama's support of the White House 'hackathon 2013' we will find out where the missing 475 trillion dollars of american taxpayers money has been siphoned to over the years. The USG has to be held accountable for not serving the people. It is now known that England handed over massive data taps to the NSA also.


Message recieved Karen. I will see you on Tuesday in order to set for friday. I wrote a cardinals song last year that samples the ------ theme. If we can uncut funk the polka out of it the version would be $,$$$,$$$. The lyrics are endearing too. 'St. Louis baseball is the best in the World (------------) St. Louis cardinals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwn( you know its true) have a bxx wxxxx or if ya dont drink then a soda pop or ice tea or a lemonade, a or a (sponsered advertiser product like NOS, aMp, monster, or Red bull, yeah redbull for the Redwings.) ... On and on other verse would be about the best fans and stan the man and we'd love for albert pulls to come on home if he took a paycut and a half. Lol.


JOY! like the firstime i saw a psychic TV video! the video was called 'Joy' i saw it after my band Ant man Bee (columbia, mo chapter) had played a Gig at the Bluenote and someone dosed me took me to their crib and had me watch Psychic TV and Einsturzende Neubauten's 'Halber Mensh' movie!!! thank you and then some for this share! Department of Eagles and Grizzly Bear have been SOUL SOUNDTRACK to me since i first heard em on Hype MAchine (user name jazzresin) you all are the Voice of Generation WH(Y)!!! as a spokesman of GenX I say as you all do 'onelove'


ecorded in 1959. Born January 27, 1930, Rosemark, Tennessee. Moved to Memphis 1948. Played with Billy 'Red' Love and other influential Delta musicians. First recording was Dry Up Baby (Modern 848). Entered Armed Services 1952, joined Johnny Ace Revue after discharge, having signed with Duke Records. First smash hit, It's My Life Baby, 1955 followed by years of consistent success in R&B market.

In the 50s and early 60s, Bobby "Blue" Bland was one of the main creators of the modern soul-blues sound. Along with such artists as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Junior Parker, Bland developed a sound that mixed gospel with blues and R&B. Bobby's style of soul-blues was punctuated with a big-band sound and slick, B.B. King-flavored guitar riffs.

Bland was born and raised in Rosemark, a small town just outside Memphis. In 1947 he moved to the city with his mother and began his career, first as a singer in the gospel group the Miniatures, then in the loosely knit blues group ...

Rant n rave to no one in

Rant n rave outside of Mangia Italiano to no one in particular...

Generation Y generation WHY better figure it. Generation WHY Generation X is dead and fried circuitry altered attempts at understanding and contributing. But Generation Y don't you know Generation 'AlphaOmega' is bout to come of age. Need to figure it out Quick. God bless the Youth Generation Hippie Counterculture Digital Pioneer Generation but Generation X died with 'this is really happening' LCD soundsystem. Gen X hacked since applekat modems and Bulliten Board Systems. Generation WhY the Internet was given to you. Hack deeper Generation WHY it up to YoU to guide Generation 'ALphaOmeGa' End or Begin. Love is not the answer Fkall Onelove. As the center of the milkyway there is an essential supermassive blackhole that puts the god endorsed motion of life into play the spin of sol gaia luna. We ALL nearly died a couple a weeks back in this june of twenty-thirteen when an extinction event astroid flew close enough to earth. Close enough to super8 the surface. Now the Moon is the closest its ever been to us in recorded history. I also am tortured by the aromatic decay. The nano-aluminum/barium stench of slow population control dumped upon us daily in order to stem off 'global warming' is far worse than the organic floral joy of organic skunk. Whale blubber....i cry for the children not yet born....generation 'alphaomega' seek help from WHY n X n Boomer. It's too late for us.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Half Zillion

He spoke some true to true trueness. Cyberpunk William Gibson Neuromancer Mona Lisa Overdrive steam punk Say it How it Oughta Be!! The Hackers invited to the White House to Route out the Corruption. A Bold Move by Obama!! WE ALREADY KNOW that the USG is spyin' on its own. We are living in a totalitarian surveillance state yet we recieve little to no benifits of communism. Slaves we are yet we have to pay rent and provide for ourselves. I cant remember the source but the syphon missing from the taxpayers over the years is estimated at 475trillion dollars!!! It makes our deficit seem small. WHErE did the half a Zillion dollars go??????


Greetings, i am an ol skool pseudo hacker. I was apprentice to a real hacker named Brian V--N. In the late eighties as teenagers we were about the new paradigm of software and Hacked Free. Both of us were Apple ][e and were always frying our modems. Applekat 2400 baud. BBS. Bulliten Board Systems. Trading 5.1/4" floppies with Charles Wallace. Frying the sysop of Apple Manor accidently turning on his kill switch (the room light). Lots of good stories. I returned to computing (hacking) in the late 90's with the advance of mp3 and P2P. I would like to attend or join your group. I believe hackers may save us all. Infromation Wars are heated and i want to offer myself as service. Onelove/Fkall. (The grey mouser was my old BBS user name but now i go by jazzresin world wide.)0

Bluetooth Search - Android Apps on Google Play



Chemtrails, Immune Systems, And Smoking



You have received a YouTube video!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

WLS 777


Was goin on my bruh?? I dont know!!! Not an idea!!! I came to see you!! I couldnt sEe you. Was told not to come around so i dint.

if U fuk up ethics n morals thas on yer karma. I have nothin to hide but u cross line posting as me. I was told not to come round you holmes. I dont know if its u or yer 'wife' thats writing me all the hate mail. My esteem of self is so non existent that it dont hurt much. I dont plan on having much time. More important than our friendship, which means alot to me, is for me to get well with the lord. So bygones be bygones. And wuteva is like 'yeah yeah yeah' means nothin but a dismissal. SoRry bout death drugs. Im sure yer 'wife' would think POoRly upon my need to self medicate. Well fuck her. She has no idea how poor my outlook is. If she was a TRUE christian she wouldnt be hacking your account to hack me. Fuckin hack the corrupt system not a member of the choir, minister, pastor....chaplain. I'll always think of you as comrade. But as i git sicker i know that my illness has caused me to lose or cause distance with friends.

I fucked up but my genius friend you wrote the script in which i fucked up. I suppose i'll never see you again. We did. Go out on a blast, rock n roll n uncut funk, one love. N fkall with passion and the healthy bestial love that god made us all kinky with. Missionary bitches send you to church might keep u alive but it AInT goNna make u happy. But happy dont matter really. Love you always Alexander Wesley Hollaway Melise. Always and then Some!!! william lincoln schafer.

If neccesary this would be an appropriate end of reference to @jazzresin @melayela. And end correspondence.

nowonz hohm productions INC.



Friday, June 21, 2013

CDC - Tick Removal - Ticks



Sing unto the lord

Pshaa, girl ive heard you singin soft under yer breathe. Now what u do is not give a FUCK what other people and you find a place to start Belting and projecting. I recommend parking in lonely parking garages all to yourself. Campout. And sing. Sing with your children. They all have quite a bit of your talent AND shyness. Liberty my love. We can fight back by singing. U dont EVEN HAVE to sing to the lord (though i recommend it always) lyrics u find off the internet. Blog or facebook the song you want and work it. Usually have to fiddle with it first 8-16 times. Memorizing lyrics??? Well i cant speak on that im no good at it. All i know is you do have to work on quick breaths vs. Deep breaths. Sometimes the quick exhale of old oxygen to get the fresh and o yeah 0O0O open the mouth n throat!!! (I took two semesters of vocal tech at umsl (they were pretty easy cause i'd already suffered on solfeggeto do-re-mi. Do re may do sol ti. Do. Re mi fa sol la ti (or some say si) do. I would love to help. Gots to be informal though like pal to pal. You really dont want me in teacher mode. (Cause im bossy. Lol. Not mean. Just damn bossy and i get snotty with my voice and accidently call my students 'silly' (better than sayin you ninny or damned fool how many times i got to tell you. If the key is G- one sharp in the clef you MUST play F# unless it says F¤ (no natural sign so ¤ means regular or natural ol F) see it gets brutal. Best to sing to the Lord. Music theory is a cruel wonderful and precise science
How can we learn to LOVE the Morgellons?? Seriously it is the WORST. A million other forms of torture would be kinder than the inhumane, unethical, and downright cruel nature of the illness. Even worse!!! The ungraceful, ugly, and conspirital treament from other human beings. Lol or vice versa. I remember in Buddhism studies there are these 'tiny painful teacher's' called "klesha(s) so correlate it with prarieland



Thursday, June 20, 2013


u can hire me, dj jazzresin, for 20$ a night tel. u supply the soundsystem. i will provide the sonic satori. bonus is that u get to keep a digital version after the gig. all night. tell your friends. worldwide dj jazzresin. 3143232999. peace! i'm in bocomo til next tuesday.

Morgellons and the CIA’s MK/NAOMI Project (Part 2)



Borrelia burgdorferi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia









All Articles | Morgellons - A Mundane Approach




Thank you for the invite to the community. I am an activist in our shared dilemma.... What i know and believe is not so optimistic. I have no cure. I do recommend seeing a pysch as we have been fighting a losing war. Ask for Neurontin if you have severe skin sensations/phenomena and or neuropathy. Ask for colonopin or other anti-anxiety medicine. You are suffering traumatic stress w/ extended toxic shock syndrome..


Try to get you surfing the webs instead of this freefall downward spiral.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Re: My Phoenix burns so painful, or am i already the singed worm?? Advice upon my future or critique upon my past would be greatly appreciated!!

Love covers a multitude and your genius should not be shamed grey boy write your frenetic frantic !! !!!


Sent from my iPad

On Jun 18, 2013, at 3:14 PM, jazzresin@gmail.com wrote:

> Love always and thanks in advance for your time. We attempt to hold on to beauty and make objects sounds words. By holding on illness is seeded. Against the grain of god and society the artist spirals down or outwards. Enjoy the ride, face the music, accumulate and hoard, give the treasures away free to kind minded. We hold our shit in when of course nature insists we expel. I stop eating. Then no expel. Dead buDdha kick oxygen kick water. Coffee, ETOH, and tobacco. Fine. Perhaps i should start smoking the kind... Travel to colorado and be legal about the medicinal use. Lord knows i'm hurt beyond comprehension. My Soul is treacherous in its thanatos to burn Phoenix failure it all. Self destroy since i have done my best to fuck it all up. Against God, Society, and now the talons and beak wish to rip the very honest self to bloody unmerciful shreds. My unconscious i fathom is plotting accidental 'screaming across the screen' i roll i ching now like phillip k. Dick. I know i have a novel to write. The i ching agreed upon Windsor with a penchon for return to Columbia with its street medicine. Damn can i sell my Rothko/Warhol/Basquait/Calder, etc. If u know me. My play/play is DEAD SERIOUS. U saw my art accumulation!!! Ana, -I'm sorry but the Art was bought by ME and my speed reading EYE with the help of THe GHOSTS of 1300 s. 10th st. THEY WERE GOOD SPIRITS!!!! An original stl jew art collector hoarder who sold chicken eggs to his RiCh GROCER Brother. (Analagous to mike and joe freeman!!! Our best men rememeber?? ) I would buy all of you tickets and rooms in both FIJI and Tahiti then finally St. Thomas island. SSDI is so bad for any continued existence of mine. Fkt if I stay in current situation. My crossroad of catch 22's....please!!! Off the tesselation travesty. I pulled the saxophone split reed splinter out of my lip after 5 days of perturbed torture. The morgellons, damn/bless it would form its angel hairs in attempt to integrate the wound. I would not allow it and removed hundreds of tendrils that formulated around my lip sore. In a painful shower i had removed a prime filament which caused MAJOR body and back pain. Some unholy alignment had been disrupted in its control overme. My medicine bag is half empty. I was to save it. So in motion i must fly to BLAZE in order to fix the 13,000$ 68 mark VI that i call serena my own holy horn. Then a queer visit to ANNA illinois i must. For the first time at starbucks i heard Daniel Rossen of Grizzly bear/ department of eagles. Good job Starbucks. I like your coffee. Like mE!. I am sick and in my clinical knowledge of psychiatric dsmVI-V. Am certainly now psychiotic. My worm is resilience that i'm not sure i posess. A dead buddha's last lifetime? I am no Amitahba. Are we all not Job?
> 777

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Phoenix burns so painful, or am i already the singed worm?? Advice upon my future or critique upon my past would be greatly appreciated!!

Love always and thanks in advance for your time. We attempt to hold on to beauty and make objects sounds words. By holding on illness is seeded. Against the grain of god and society the artist spirals down or outwards. Enjoy the ride, face the music, accumulate and hoard, give the treasures away free to kind minded. We hold our shit in when of course nature insists we expel. I stop eating. Then no expel. Dead buDdha kick oxygen kick water. Coffee, ETOH, and tobacco. Fine. Perhaps i should start smoking the kind... Travel to colorado and be legal about the medicinal use. Lord knows i'm hurt beyond comprehension. My Soul is treacherous in its thanatos to burn Phoenix failure it all. Self destroy since i have done my best to fuck it all up. Against God, Society, and now the talons and beak wish to rip the very honest self to bloody unmerciful shreds. My unconscious i fathom is plotting accidental 'screaming across the screen' i roll i ching now like phillip k. Dick. I know i have a novel to write. The i ching agreed upon Windsor with a penchon for return to Columbia with its street medicine. Damn can i sell my Rothko/Warhol/Basquait/Calder, etc. If u know me. My play/play is DEAD SERIOUS. U saw my art accumulation!!! Ana, -I'm sorry but the Art was bought by ME and my speed reading EYE with the help of THe GHOSTS of 1300 s. 10th st. THEY WERE GOOD SPIRITS!!!! An original stl jew art collector hoarder who sold chicken eggs to his RiCh GROCER Brother. (Analagous to mike and joe freeman!!! Our best men rememeber?? ) I would buy all of you tickets and rooms in both FIJI and Tahiti then finally St. Thomas island. SSDI is so bad for any continued existence of mine. Fkt if I stay in current situation. My crossroad of catch 22's....please!!! Off the tesselation travesty. I pulled the saxophone split reed splinter out of my lip after 5 days of perturbed torture. The morgellons, damn/bless it would form its angel hairs in attempt to integrate the wound. I would not allow it and removed hundreds of tendrils that formulated around my lip sore. In a painful shower i had removed a prime filament which caused MAJOR body and back pain. Some unholy alignment had been disrupted in its control overme. My medicine bag is half empty. I was to save it. So in motion i must fly to BLAZE in order to fix the 13,000$ 68 mark VI that i call serena my own holy horn. Then a queer visit to ANNA illinois i must. For the first time at starbucks i heard Daniel Rossen of Grizzly bear/ department of eagles. Good job Starbucks. I like your coffee. Like mE!. I am sick and in my clinical knowledge of psychiatric dsmVI-V. Am certainly now psychiotic. My worm is resilience that i'm not sure i posess. A dead buddha's last lifetime? I am no Amitahba. Are we all not Job?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Remarks made in social security disability application

Onset of illness occurred in 2008. Numerous visits to dermatologists and PCP were ineffective in treating symptoms. Use of BJC human resources encouraged psychiatric care. Psychiatric treatment was ineffective in treating worsening symptoms. Marriage failed due to illness and subsequent divorce, along with worsening symptoms, caused three separate FMLA leaves from job as music therapist (MT-BC music therapist board certified) with BJH psychiatric services adult in-pt ward/Activity Therapy dept. Was deemed unfit for duty by Human Resources on 9/11/2012. Emergency Funds were granted after application. Long Term Disability was approved in April 2013. Loss of House to ex-wife's demands occured in Feb 2013. Currently homeless/living with parents.

I ran out of space to add the following

September of 2011- self diagnosed symptoms as being analogous to Morgellons. Recent research correlates Morgellons to being a hybrid of the tick borne vector illness Lyme Disease; i.e. a bacterial infection of Borreali Burgdorferi, a systemic disease, that if not treated within the first few years, worsens into symptoms of brain fog, severe joint muscle pain, neuropathy,G.I. disturbances, obsessive/compulsive behavior, severe fatigue, attention deficit disorders, social awkwardness, anxiety & stress disorders, and eventually psychosis and death.   

Malpractice suit?

Nine visits to a dermatologist and Dr. Anadkat was unable to diagnose the trade-mark tell tale sign of Lyme Disease, the bullseye like markings. I have numerous digital photographs showing a bullseye sores. In many ways I would say a malpractice suit against Dr. Anadkat would certainly be in order. I was happily married, my wife was in love with me. We had a wonderful house and plenty of retirement dreams. I had a job that I believed in and gave more than 100% to on a daily basis. I had many hobbies and interests. All that has been stripped from me, inhumanly. Dr. Anadkat's diagnosis was lazy and his treatment was brief and vague. Often he would berate me, saying "you need to get a hobby" or "why don't you practice your instruments more." Any suggestion of treatment or suspected cause I would offer he would quickly dismiss. His last visit entailed him telling me that he could do no more for me and that he would recommend me to a behavioral specialist; he did not follow up upon his recommendation. I am not the suing type but the scope and depth of my tragedy is severe enough to  inquire upon the feasibility of my claim.

Anyways, thanks in advance for advice.\

WLS 777

Letter to Goddard

Yaw waY loves the drama. Pretty is not the only game in town. Ride a razor edge of now... after awhile even that will cut you. There is no ground to stand upon. I reminisce and howl angry tears then zen dew drop. What matter? No matter. Now? Hold on when it gets ugly. The psyche was programmed to fail. So when the gettin's good enjoy it cause when the gettin's gone its oft gone for good. Who types? Sort of me but not quite.


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Sunday, June 16, 2013

CDC Responds to Poughkeepsie Journal. (The blanket statements are not supported by scientific evidence)

Poughkeepsie Journal 06/16/2013, Page A08

Lyme disease: Long-term antibiotics not warranted

I applaud the Poughkeepsie Journal's interest in reporting on Lyme disease, a serious and sometimes long-lasting illness, in the article "Chronic Lyme disease: Is it real?," (May 19), However, I would like to clarify several points raised in the article.

Most people with Lyme disease, if diagnosed and treated early, will recover quickly after a short course of antibiotics. Nevertheless, some patients will have persistent symptoms after treatment.

That's one of the reasons we at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention work to educate people about how to prevent Lyme disease, as well as the importance of early diagnosis based on symptoms, physical findings like rash, and the possibility of exposure to ticks.

Laboratory testing is also helpful for patients in the later stages of disease when done correctly and performed with proven methods.

Among other things, the article discussed the CDC's lack of endorsement of alternative Lyme disease treatment guidelines, including those of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. The CDC's concerns with the ILADS guidelines center largely on two fundamental questions. How do people know if their chronic symptoms are due to Lyme disease? And when they are, do Lyme disease patients with persistent symptoms benefit from prolonged courses of antibiotics beyond the recommended, standard therapy?

Let's first address which patients have Lyme disease. According to the ILADS, a wide range of persistent symptoms, including "any difficultto- diagnose multisystem illness," can be attributed to Lyme disease, and the diagnosis can be made by "clinical judgment" alone. Since the ILADS guidelines provide no definition for chronic Lyme disease, anyone with persistent symptoms from nearly any cause can be labeled as having Lyme disease. No laboratory testing is required, contrary to standard medical practice for other infectious diseases.

A related issue arises when patients with persistent symptoms are diagnosed as having Lyme disease under the ILADS guidelines, but test negative for Lyme disease using standard, Food and Drug Administration- cleared tests as performed by reputable laboratories.

To resolve this issue, some advocates of the ILADS guidelines claim that standard testing algorithms are insensitive, promoting instead laboratories that use unpublished, proprietary laboratory methods that have not been validated.

Although it's true that standard Lyme disease tests are not sensitive during the first few weeks of illness, these methods are much more sensitive when patients have been infected for a month or more.

Now for the second question: Are long-term antibiotics truly beneficial for Lyme disease patients whose symptoms persist after initial treatment? Four double-blind, placebocontrolled treatment trials conducted by leading academic centers failed to show lasting benefit of long-term antibiotic therapy in reducing the symptoms of Lyme disease patients with prolonged symptoms. While advocates of the ILADS guidelines may find limitations with these studies – all scientific studies have their limitations — it remains that the available controlled data from human studies have not consistently supported the use of prolonged antibiotics for Lyme disease.

Furthermore, the clinical criteria for treatment success or duration of treatment are not specified in the ILADS guidelines; thus, treatment with antibiotics can be carried out for dangerously long periods using "clinical judgment." While some physicians and treated patients can claim anecdotal success with such therapy, such "success" stories are often very misleading. Even worse, patients have died from this treatment.

Your readers live in an area where Lyme disease and the ticks that spread it are common. It's important that people take steps to protect themselves every time they are outside. These steps include promptly removing any ticks, wearing repellents with DEET, and avoiding areas with high grass or leaf litter.

Lyme disease can be a serious illness, and it is on the rise. So it's even more important for patients to be diagnosed and treated based on the best scientific research.

Lyle R. Petersen, M.D., M.P.H., is the director of the Division of Vector-Borne Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Ft. Collins, Colo. His current research focuses on the epidemiology of arboviral and bacterial vectorborne zoonoses.

05 Sonal Atoms 2.mp3


Happy fathers day ben!!!!

Hope you dont mind the non sequiters. I havent started writing the novel yet. But its a witches brew boiling and bubbling in the wretches of my soul.
Hi Mike! Mikey mike. "I'm a free agent! I'm an agent of freedom." -william lincoln schafer. (Wish i was a freeman!!)

(Nate is Stacie Moffat's Husband and owns and operates many tattoo shops including All-star tattoo and trader bobs. Stacie was one of my high school sweethearts. She was a freshman and i was a senior....go figure).

Dear Nate
Im in town. Not so well. Lol. Doing my best to fuck up the shit as quick as i can. Catfish billy since my addy went awry. I got lyme. Burrelia burgdorferi, morgellons. I'm wonderin who to sue for malpractice. Though i'm not the sueing type. No job. No wife. No house. And i got to expatriate for a while just to say 'maryland heights aint got human rights.' Safer by far in the city than it is in the sprawl. Would love to remix the mixes. Say 500 gb of material on a drive would be cheaper and quicker than a 100 burn discs. (Although i'll do a batch for ol skool sake. Trade a an arc of five sailor stars round my shoulder. The general of my demise. lol. I purchased boards of canada yesterday. Icy pararanoid comfort. Yes sir ree. - i listened to trent reznors 'social network' soundtrack for five hours yesterday. Such a masterpiece. I still be zef boostaclad with die antwoord. Purchased their 'expensive shit' single. Burial was the true dubstep hero before it went back to techno. I rave on my ol skool 93-09. Generation WHY took over. Thas cool. Your Ave gonna be solid Gen Alpha/Omega. I prophesize daily cause i'm going psychotic and i know what psychosis is so it makes me all the more dangerous to myself and others. Through it all though i'm unfortunatly a pacifist and zen tao dead buddha yadda yadda yadda. I stop by if i'm not negating the world with a pillow over my head tryin to sleep three days in a row.........happy fathers day Nate! I lov u my bruh. Through n' through.
Stephan Bayley
You are on planet earth. Make your way westward.
Jasmine Thyme
me either
X Wesley Holloway Melise
Who kares daddie o slo yur roll and play yur musik fool
Alex StoneBridge
it should need the time no robic cube to your brain !
William Lincoln Schafer
Nah man. In the court of the crimson king. Surely psychotic. Wandered in to some 18th cent. Fuk all.
Benny Thebassplayer
Hilton pricks dawg gott to again a higher mojo than the self proclaimed acrobats. Watch em fall and you'll be the one cat up against there slanderous attack keep out a statick hack or ya might get slinkin by the slugs.
William Lincoln Schafer
Speakeasy under 12th street. (Tucker) fucker better let my psychosis be. 2001 a space odyssey monkey in the high towers cage. Cornelius playin a J.S. Bach invention. A bermuda triangle. Triangulate this bitches with your satellite global positions. The ionosphere lifts up via HAARP to reconfigure satellite position. During which i charge my gamma ray gun covertly in hidden places. Learn to love the LYME disease. Dont need to call it morgellons. Cept morgellons is so much more DIY of a caper. Bullseye rashes anyone. Fuk U nonbelievers. I am sicker than ever. Pardon me while I keep my soliptic black hole mind in check. We're all alone. the first soul is the name of your movie. So whats YOUR drama??? Enough for an afterschool special? Or a plot of experimental plant symbiosis trial. sic sic sic. Heaven heaven heaven Hate hate hate. Nein Nein Nein Zen Zen Zen. Elf. Wolf. God hangs out with his pet werewolf.

Joni mitchell

~~ "The way to 'Heaven' is to bring it with you ..." -Mitchell
~~ "Sometimes, we gotta go through hell to get to 'Heaven'" -Mitchell
~~ "The way out is in" -Mitchell
~~ "A miracle speaks ...'I don't believe in Miracles.' " -Mitchell
~~ "Life is good, even when it isn't." -Mitchell
~~ "Sometimes you gotta lose to win." -Mitchell
~~ "It's easy when it's easy! Find reason, purpose and meaning when it's hard!" -Mitchell
~~ "If you're gonna think, think again!" -Mitchell
~~ "Make it so!" ...
~~ "When life do what it do, as it do-do, simply say 'Of Course!' (to soften life's 'blows')" - Mitchell
~~ A master once said, "When embarking on the spiritual path, 'Oh Dear! There's no turning back! You've really done it now!' "
~~ "Not thoughts be your guide, rather, guide your thoughts." -Mitchell
~~ "That which is within, and that energy entering this body/mind/spirit, causing harm and ill health, must and will be transformed into love healing energy and sent out in every direction" -Mitchell
~~ One morning ten years ago I awoke from a dream chanting over again and again, and writing this down so as not to forget ... "It doesn't matter who did what, there's nowhere else to go but up ..." -Mitchell
~~ "This life, our life, and what we do with it on this planet is "simply" a display, a reflection, of what is going on in our consciousness. The proof is in the puddin'. Look at our planet, what humans are doing to it, and with it, and to one another, and ask yourself ... ~ 'How's this working for us/me?' " -Mitchell
~~ "Step away from monkey mind, not tangle ... Observe ... Inhabit your higher self ..." -Mitchell
~~ "Anything is possible, but manythings you think are true, are not ... " -Mitchell
~~ "Grow where you are planted ..." -Mitchell
~~ "Change your future now ..." -Mitchell
~~ "Write your equation … 4 u r the sum of u … " -Mitchell
~~ "We are largely a product of our environments … how's your inner environment doing? …" -Mitchell
~~ "We reveal ourselves to ourselves in everything we do … life is our mirror … howdoyoudo? …" –Mitchell



Monday, June 10, 2013


Embrace the new paradigm. What you hidin'??? So you enjoy marijuana. So what. So you got a sexual kink? Everyone does. So what if your paranoid schizophrenic hidin it from everyone? You're not the only one. Yeah, you're paranoid?? It means you know a thing or two. If ya been a rotten scoundrel their is time to repent and get good with the world

All i'm sayin is that unless we become WORLD CITIZENS and care for each other, celebrating both our similitudes and unique cultures. We will not be invited to join the INTERSTELLAR community in which 'they' will profer technology and techniques upon us that will end our paradigm of needless suffering and survival greed, - william lincoln schafer, vigus, mo, gaia. June 9th, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Re: yu aint krazy fool

Mend darn darn the barn
Stomp out the ignore dance a
And let father chronos heal our broken well seasondd ways nimrod
Xtra value its watt u get... Joke blokes

Bee nice http://x.co/vC4a
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On Jun 5, 2013, at 3:35 PM, jazzresin@gmail.com wrote:

> No worries!! - Dalai lama (sorry i couldnt fix your antique watch and i may have worsened its condition in my efforts) om mani padme hum. All best, All bestial, love, klesha.
> Cut take two.
> No worries!! - Salvidor Dali Llama p.s.(sorry i couldnt fix your antique watch and i may have worsened its condition in my efforts) om mani padme hum. All best, All bestial, lovealways evernever, your klesha.)
> p.s.s (no, really i mean it don't worry...)
> Take three
> 777

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No worries!! - Dalai lama (sorry i couldnt fix your antique watch and i may have worsened its condition in my efforts) om mani padme hum. All best, All bestial, love, klesha.

Cut take two.
No worries!! - Salvidor Dali Llama p.s.(sorry i couldnt fix your antique watch and i may have worsened its condition in my efforts) om mani padme hum. All best, All bestial, lovealways evernever, your klesha.)
p.s.s (no, really i mean it don't worry...)

Take three


It will get worse. DON'T trust the health care/industrial/academic protocol/DSMIV-V/Big Pharma oligarchy as IT may ruin your life as THEY have mine. Support the CEHF.com (charles holman foundation) as they have been instrumental in keeping it science. CEHF Nurses Sunny Gwen and Cindy Casey are saints in my mind. Do not trust Wikipedia/MSN/Google/Fox/etc. The Sin of the CDC will one day be revealed. Do be aware that Morgellons is a systemic illness. I explain in my activism that MgD or MD or (whisper...borrelia burgdorferi) is a physiological condition that DOES CAUSE SEVERE psychologic issues. (Take the P out of PTSD) You are at daily war shellshocked with TRAUMATIC STRESS/ANXIETY disorder Comorbid with some extended form of TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME. ( I didn't find out i was suffering a condition called 'morgellons' till the fourth year of now six years enduring daily phenomena/hell/suffer well (My fool of a dermatologist scolded me as he said THEY don't use the word comorbid) Derm MD's are despicable in their protocol and "matchbox-checkbox" cop-out laziness and ignorance obedience. He berated and belittled me saying, "get a hobby." After 9+ visits to WASHU MD he fired me as a patient!!! Telling me he could do no more for me...oh god. THEN sept. 28, 2011 i found out about morgellons through 'crowd sourcing' my inexplicable woes through 'god bless!!' Facebook.) I am i year six (psychosis) of a seven year (sniped taken out) slow motion death bullet begging the lord daily to take me, this methodist raised zen/tao/pacifist, and his klesha illness MK-NAOMI. The K is for KNOCKOUT. I will stop there..... as, oh no, i should not be writing this in the USA. I will expatriate soon out of deep concern and worry for the future unborn yet to be born children. I made a wise decision in choosing not to breed in a increasingly SICK world. I am Approaching Leaving USG/america.... is the only ethical and moral action i can take.


Gotta be a hacker these days to compute. As soon as u step into options and preferences you are applying hacker skillz. You can get it if you really want it! iTunes is EPIC in it's revolution and i do love it through all it's stubborness and 'their side problems' i wouldnt run TOO many 'library management programs' best to choose one. Apple Wins. Forget windows mediaspy. Forget aol-killled-Winamp invasiveAmazonMP3. Mediamonkey was super powered and best left to TB++ bibliotechs. U all that enjoy spotify or streamScreams well i dont buy into that jive. A DJ or musiclover should be able to enjoy the brilliant infocommunism of an actual .mp3 or .mp4 I recommend setting the format preference to that on burns/rips. Stick with the 'REAL THING' Apple for the money to the artist!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013




If you were in the right place right time Boards of Canada were huge!!! I remember the exact day i walked into @vintagevinylstl and heard it playin overhead. Went to the dj booth and bought it as if my ears were dying of thirst!! MUSIC HAS THE RIGHT TO CHILDREN. Indeed music does have the right to children. Telepathic Workshop was a singularity- like they had captured the intent of Eno/Byrnes 'My life in the bush of ghosts' and made it into a living creature. Purchase this one to encourage the scottish duo to continue their research and production. Oh yeah BOC is very 'trophotropic' (trance-inducing) whereas Basement Jaxx is 'ergotropic' (ecstatic dance-inducing). Read the revoltionary collection of music/science research 'Biomusicology' if interested.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A letter to a girl on badoo whose xool

Bomb + Sax search google and their i infamously am!!! I talked to the press (post dispatch) the day i got bonded out of prison 10% of 25,000$ makes me feel all boombaclad boos gangsta like but i am traumatized real. Lover not a fighter!!! Then to see 3k written over to an attorney....makes me irate!! Like who do I SUE!!!(I'm not the sueing type dough). Trouble is all i am. One death trip to another. All i know is i'm not gonna hurt myself or others!!!! WORD!!!!?! Working on anger issues to the best of my ability.