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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Big Pharma n' Psych Oligarchy got me by the morgellons thread. Interwoven meshed. embroided into the sick fabric i travel to the 6th annual morgellons scientific research presentantion conference on April 12-14 in austin tx. All i can do is fight for a shred of dignity- i've lost and let go of so much i'm practically already dead.

St. Louis-20130210-02884.jpg


St. Louis-20130210-02883.jpg

Another Morgellons Anomily. Something half created. Nanomolecule like entity with a wide assortment of fibres connected. The blade used to extract this was serious surgical tool. The lesion this came from of course healed over in less than an hour. Inexplicable....


Magnetic and in movement. Hair possessed. Notice the quantum dots mid strand.


Intolerable to allow the Morgellon filaments to work their way into ear cartilage. I fight. I will not be consumed. They are more powerful than those that dont understand. this is first and foremost a physiological condition. The psychological damage. Is inevitable

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Maryland Heights-20130305-03378.jpg

The evasive non-newtonian plaque like morgellon element. This is the type that will waste the hours away in self surgery. Certainly the sensation of a foriegn body at work under the skin. One cannot ignore it. THEY will never understand. WE know the severity of what is going on!!!


A more typical morgellons filament. Out of a bald head a two inch monster.


A transluscent red dragon like feather painfully removed from deep lesion in back neck. It practically glowed for moments after removed.


Gwen, i've had a horrific night. I fight and fight. I fought tonite. Rather than going completely utterly 15th floor psychiatric (where i use to work) i focused on getting myself to Austin on April 12-15, i believe my paypal to NMO went through and my hotel reservation @the Wyndom Garden Hotel has been secured. i am not well. My decision making is suspect. I am scared uncaring if that makes sense. Last week i took a trip to hot springs. In the ozarks there was an abandoned amusement park. The little railroad went across a gorge. I walked upon the rotted railwood halfway. Looking down 300 feet below...... I walked back..... I was trespassing and reckless. It would have been a good death. I pray for this nightmare to end. I am not well. I am trying to get well with the Lord. Can u feel me Gwen?? Wyndom Gardens hotel is no Devils tower. But i'll wear a gasmask to get through the clouds of BZ. I dont have a presentation except for me being there. i'll entertain as i always do. But this is very serious business. I cannot keep on keepin' on....... Job to Jesus to Van gogh. Y'know. I'm about to Jack Kevorckian the entire operation. My mind ticks bomblike. I am a pacifist kamakaze


So i'm sittin there feelin away at this pearl in my mouth. Next thing i know some chick is lookin straight in my eyes like im some kind a prevert. She walks in and orders me off the establishment. Calls the m#@f#@kin cops on me. I say i'm gettin outta here me. Damn first thing i said was sorry.

Monday, March 18, 2013


There is some evidence albeit, scattered in varying degrees of reliability across the often too strange to be true web. The inventor of the MG pop control was a israelian scientist working at Stanford. He messed up. MG doesnt kill just causes intolerable suffering, anyways the 'hypertext' of it all was that the U.S. government, realizing the awful treachery of it all, gunned him down in assassination as his car was stopped at a stop light. There was a picture of him posted looking like a deer in the headlights. .....myth or not...we all do our best to try to figure it out cause it defies logic. My contribution is that MG functions in a Non-newtonian manner. Look up non-newtonian & speaker, on youtube and i bet a lot of those suffering from it will immediately identify with the freakish movement and lifelike presence of cornstarch on speaker cone. Then of course the most terrifying is the modulation of the deer tick paralysis agent used as a knockout weapon -mk naomi-(the k is for knockout just as mkultra was about LSD used as a warfare agent (which of course they perfected into BZ which our nation stockpiles and can easily spray down upon the enemy or its citizens in order to take then down. Close encounters of the third kind- spraying the tresspassers and livestock that were in the vicinity of Devil's Tower)) after reading about that I was sickened to the core. Evidence is a subjective term. Scientific evidence? Prob not. But evidence does exist through the frightening mirror of our own theories amplified and interspersed with the truth on the interweb. Hackers keep hacking this. Help us out and set us free!!! Scientists keep hacking away at what it is and May we all be cured or at the very least be treated with dignity in coping with a mysterious illness that is all too real......

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Teman alien saya mengingatkan saya karena mereka melihat saya terlalu membumi sehingga melupakan kebiasan dan adat istiadat kehidupan di planet asal saya yang penuh dengan keharmonisan dan kenyamanan yang semua transparan tanpa ada yang bisa ditutup-tutupi. :D

Saya jawab : abis membumi itu enak sih, ada rasa pedas, asem, manis, ada yang bikin semeriwing dll, pokoknya nano-nano deh, kalo di planet kita kan semuanya hambar tidak ada rasanya.

Kemudian teman alien saya menjawab, iya betul !, dunia realitas Bumi adalah dunia rasa, kehidupan duniawi tidaklah berarti apa-apa jika rasa-rasa yang ada tidak dirasakan tetapi harap diingat !, dunia rasa adalah dunia sementara dimana dunia sesungguhnya bukanlah di Bumi tapi di planet kita.

Coba anda perhatikan dan amati bahwa kehidupan duniawi sangat menguras tenaga dan pikiran, manusia (ruh red.) terlalu sibuk mengisi waktu-waktunya untuk hal yang sia-sia, mereka lupa seolah-olah kehidupan yang sesungguhnya hanyalah kehidupan duniawi, mereka lupa bahwa kehidupan yang sesungguhnya tidak memerlukan manusia-manusia (ruh) seperti itu.

Veto ! Kami selalu mengawasi anda !, kehidupan anda belakangan ini membuat kami menjadi khawatir dan kami tidak ingin anda gagal.

Hhmm.. jadi apa yang harus saya perbuat ?

Teman Alien saya menjawab, ..Ingat ! kehadiran anda di planet Bumi adalah "Pengamat" yang hanya berakting sebagai pelaku, Amatilah kehidupan di sekitar anda, pelajari tingkah laku mereka, liat dampak yang ditimbulkannya, catatlah semua kejadian-kejadian tersebut.. analisalah ! lalu laporkanlah kepada kami... analisa anda sangat membantu kami dan sangat kami butuhkan untuk menentukan perkembangan manusia Bumi selanjutnya

saya jawab : Siap !, okay Boss... Zzzzz zzzzz....

--End of Dialogs

Saya jadi kepikiran begini, bahwasanya, setiap ruh yang memilih untuk bergabung menjadi manusia sebetulnya hanyalah untuk mengamati prilaku dan tingkah laku ruh-ruh lainnya, semua manusia adalah pengamat sekaligus pelaku yang hanya "act as like human" yang kemudian pengalaman dan perjalanan selama hidupnya di Bumi akan diceritakan kembali kepada teman-teman dan keluarganya di planet tempat asal mereka.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hot Springs-20130316-04089.jpg

Wish ùU were hear nama sutra. I feel like a dead lil wayne curt cobain. I had seven opportunties to die offered to me. I quivar quavar decide to go ahead and accept the pain of being a quasar. Love to morgellons. Love to indecisevenss. A dead buddha i must become. I do care through accepting of non concern. Love to you misshie my shale. Through me a hip hop beat so sweet make you reach down and touch your sweet.

Thursday, March 14, 2013




Unknown Journal



Nothing to see here




Sitting in front of Leo's coffee xone blu note. Sax and green plaid fedora. Dont' know where i'm going to. Now i'm alone. East ash track two on ellie the 'alone song' was up on rebel hill checking out chert found a monmouth pottery shard. Blood shed is held only in the decaying tree stumps. I listened to matthew herberts song 'manchester' you know its hard to look back and see the way it should of been. It wont be here again. I roll in a mobile recording studio named 'swing low' i have a 68' selmer mark vi tagged 'serena' hoy. waiting to unleash her sex screams and mean low moans. graffitied the maxima adding an x to the se. I have no idea. Playing Lex's bass was a thrill he posted a thunk sunk photo tweet of charles mingus. Met a bulgarian traveler sweet girl photographer cute even with hair comin out of her beauty mark near her thin lips. She wore a panda hat. Lex sez the vibrancy of the place stems from the aquaduct near the power plant. Effervecent. Lex brilliant with his academic tet. Tourettes syndrom.om.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I do plan to attend the meeting in Austin. I will register here in a day or two. My activism is DIY do-it-yourself, i had done a quite a bit of research, listened to all the RENSE radio shows. I found the research at the Charles Holman foundation to be very progressive. I donated back when i had a job. I post often not in the best state of mind. Your communication has been heard and i will post more responsibly. Often this illness does take its psychological toll. Frustration and hopelessness are companions. I promise for now not to take my life. I am tired of fighting but fight on i will. One love Cindy!




Sorry, i coined this out of deep frustration. UPO is unidentified parasitic object. Its play on words is that yes it is like a UFO. Aliens from inner space. it is true hundreds of world theories. I have worked in a clinical medical field as a music therapist for 7 years. I had faith in wash u. Doctors when i first seeked help from dermatologists 4 years ago. It was the beginning of a downward spirak. Indeed. Wild theories put aside. Morgellons has made me delusional due to daily pain, inexplicable phenomena, and a declining stability in life.i am homeless, i dont know if long term disability will be established. Forclosure on my house due to my ex not relenquishing the mortgage. I have paid for so much health care it is pitiful. I thank the charles holman foundation for their research and support, i have had it. I need to go to canada to get proper treatment??? I had a battery of 14 blood tests, negative on lyme. A high platelet and lymphocyte count. Low on vit. D. No metal poisoning like i had hypothesized earlier, Cindy, do not get me wrong. I am a morgellons activist, i am unafraid to speak my story, i suffered 4 years without knowing the term Morgellons. Trictolomania?? No...the egg most certainly came before the chicken. My symptoms match those of morgellons sufferers. Thus 'self diagnosed' i have recieved the full punishment of the stigma. I keep on keepin on Cindy! I thank u! And respect your words! - bill

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Certified Guaranty Company, LLC - CGC Grading - Grading Process




"I'm sorry to say this, Mr. Mayerson," Miss Fugate said; she went over to the pots, picked one up and held it in her hands, weighing it, rubbing its glazed surface. "But I get a distinctly different impression than you do. I feel these ceramic pieces will make it." Hnatt looked from one to the other of them.
"Let me have that." Mayerson pointed to a dark gray vase; at once Hnatt handed it to him. Mayerson held it for a time. "No," he said finally. He was frowning, now. "I still get no impression of this item making it big. In my opinion you're mistaken, Miss Fugate." He set the vase back down. "However," he said to Richard Hnatt, "in view of the disagreement between myself and Miss Fugate-
-" He scratched his nose thoughtfully. "Leave this display with me for a few days; I'll give it further attention." Obviously, however, he would not.
Reaching, Miss Fugate picked up a small, oddly shaped piece and cradled it against her bosom almost tenderly. "This one in particular. I receive very powerful emanations from it. This one will be the most successful of all."
In a quiet voice Barney Mayerson said, "You're out of your mind, Roni." He seemed really angry, now; his face was violent and dark. "I'll vid you," he said to Richard Hnatt. "When I've made my final decision. I see no reason why I should change my mind, so don't be optimistic. In fact don't bother to leave them." He shot a hard, harsh glance toward his assistant, Miss Fugate.