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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Looking for a lover. Full time part time. Will compensate for your time during initial trial period. I live art and music. record electronic music as jazzresin. There is only one look me up ienjoy online mech warfare games. Have been a block chain enthusiast since 2016. Am near expert with antiques and collectables. Check out my ebay. https://ebay.com/usr/jresin lets go hit the thrift stores together. quit both tobacco and alcohol. One of these days willn kik oxygen and live forever. Xoxox

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Friday, October 29, 2021


The surviellance state. I am utterly dismayed at the decay and dissolution of Human Rights in what use to be the United States. A friend came by with problems i knew she had problems and had helped her to try and get all her issues in order but at a certain point i could tell she was doomed due to lack of control over her digital communications. I believe she was being hacked and manipulated electronic harassment there was evidence of it. Messages that refered to her in third person . For how long? It is frightful to even fanthom. There was a conspiracy against her and she was unable to see that it was by those closest to her. Her phone had called 911 on its own she said before she arrived at my house. Sure enough a few min later A cop knocked on my door stating that there was a 911 call from my residence. I was put in a double bind. I overheard the officer was requesting the warrant to search. They abused their power by manipulating a device into making a 911 call. They were about to abuse my rights by illegally searching my premises. All i know is that shit is corrupt from top to bottom military industrial. legal industrial. health care industrial prison industrial petro fascist media industrial surveillance state. They have degraded Human Rights of any person that uses a mobile device the corporations shelter rogue criminal hacker employees who compete for reward to provide private data upon any person when requested. So i told the officer i had a visitor so i went in to get her to come to the door. Its all didactic game of chess they abuse their power while i had to defend my rights I knew i had none with the whole 911 had to see if she was alright and see her face to face She was in cuffs in an instant The cop said her mom would be over to pick up her stuff and her dog with its giveaway tell tale yap. It makes me sick to think about it. Uccch. She was no Criminal though she did have a warrant for missing a court date with a burned out lawyer who wasnt going to do a damn thing for her.
This is what i messaged her phone.
YOU behind the phone YOU are the REAL CRIMINAL. You WILL recieve your karma. May it be swift.

Her HUMAN RIGHTS were VIOLATED by your ABUSE of POWER how did u expect her to act? What did u think she would become? Do you think you know what liberty is? Do you really think you are an American when you VIOLATE every essence of what it is to be AMERICAN?

The united states of america doesnt seem to exist anymore. Its just an awful deception

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