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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

king of ooo


King of ooo

Adventure time. Do you miss it. It held some sort of promise for the future. For better times to come. And then run rabbit run it was over and done. Is time really that cruel of a mistress? So this song composed back in the awful year of 2018 is about the yearning for thick luxerious slow time like the royals on a never ending binge no future no past just hedonic razor edge present moment like some greedy gut zen monk always riding the ins and outs of breathe like some over sexed porn star calm in the most aggressive scenes old bodhi dharma furls his brow in disgust and recoils from this den of ubiquity. Rather run with wolf run with tiger and drink without thought from ice cold streams aswirl in rabbit blood of time well killed.

Joseph McCarty



Tintype of Joseph and William Henry McCarty from the 2019 Marshall Missouri estate sale lot which included daguerreotypes of billy the kids mother father grandmother, tintypes of iconic nature of young william just before his transition into billy bonnie. The truly amazing snapshot is of a middle aged billy the kid with wife and daughter and pat garrett standing behind them. There are several other photos of the daughter and it is presumed that the estate sale lot came down through her offspring, the photo overlay was simply done using ios app procreate. The tintype was horizontally switched. Please contact william via email thru jazzresin@gmail.com for questions. Trolls and shills whatever to you. Currently four tintypes are for sale on ebay. Simply search for billy the kid from highest price down. The three daguerreotypes of billys mother grandmother and boy were sold in july 2019. Although purchased in
May 2019 the discovery and identification did not occur til october 2019. If you are a historian, appraiser, or investor please send advice to jazzresin@gmail.com upon verification , authorship, provenance what not. I dont mind going to the grave with these american treasures though really they should be in the smithsonian or a private collector in order to preserve them properly. Until then the images have been posted at https://)azzres.in

check it out. 32 tracks of Diy or die trying Experimental iOs Electro acoustic Music. its out there. Spotify: bit.ly/psi777 youtube: bit.ly/psionix amazon: bit.ly/psi-fi google play: bit.ly/23jazz32 apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/psionic-sounds-for-you-and-me/1470822735


Life long multi-instrumental musician composer whom currently is a recording artist producing a type of music called electroglyph, spontaneous compositions geared towards the information communicated from song title and cover art selected. William has performed with many ensembles such as ant man bee, st, monday, the pat sajak assassins, and the brian sullivan quartet. He has been jazzresin since 1996 DJ with the shattered discotheque. He has worked many years teaching private lessons to all ages on numerous instruments. Along with a degree in music education he is degreed and board certified music therapist specializing in work with adult hospital psychiatric patients. His career as music therapist was cut short due to chronic lyme disease. He has adapted to new opportunities through his experiments and recordings using Apple iOs ipad technology. He is able to produce, engineer, compose, perform, mix all the while performing the logistics of being a record label, sharing social media, public relations, and working with distributors to have his music available from all major stores. His music can be described as an adventurous journey through unheard sci-fi soundtracks, click out remote view style with first takes being most appreciated, a musician unafraid capable of navigating improvising through new sonic territory. Besides music Bill enjoys collecting and dealing fine art and antiques and had many adventures with urban archaeology. Currently the universe has enlisted him as some sort of historical conduit as he has discovered tintypes of billy the kid and his family. A tintype whisper he believes he has also discovered a tintype of a teenage george herman ruth bought from a massachusets dealer, He is an avid fan of progressive science fiction and meta fiction by authors like Phillip K. Dick, William Gibson, Thomas Pynchon, and William S. Burroughs.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

24.26 (george herman ruth mix)


24.26 (george herman ruth mix)

So yesterday i did that thing. Click out of sorts and i was pullin results. I suppose no one is more capable than me to whisper tintypes lost trajectories back into play. Ohr george e. Ohr ro geo. H. Ruth far out. If Yaw waY took human form he would of been george ohr or babe ruth. Not bad. Pretty good. Billy the kid im still scrying trying to decipher when catching flack and naysayers obfuscation. I mean i already know but how to best approach deception of death assisted by the big dreamer sheriff pat garrett (just another wild boy at heart)

Here is my sonic ritual. Though the powers that be apple google facebook microsoft att all fuck me over like some mega narcassistic girlfriend you made the mistake of trust8ng.

Lex whats up. Please dont be one of them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

To albequrque

In a 2019 marshall missouri estate sale lot Many tintypes daguerreotypes and cabinet cards were discovered to contain the family members of william henry mccarty. One of the images may be irrefutable evidence that billy the kids death was staged and was assisited by pat garrett, the image shows billy the kid with wife and daughter with pat garrett standing behind them,

If you would like to see the estate sale lot and the image of billy posr alleged death please contact me,

Thank you,
William schafer

w. l.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Mix - school rooftop hisoka

w. l.


I had a girlfriend back in the day named hisoka. I was head over heels for her and she was indeed a femme fatale of significant caliber. We eloped in a sorts after getting evicted i up and quit the straight eights r&b revue and my kush dj gig on saturday nights and we took the blue truck and uhaul in tow headed to seattle to play in st. Mondays band with our little black cat sepuku. Life was glorious but not easy. I hated working kitchen jobs when all i wanted to do was blow horn. Paying credit cards off with more credit cards. Anyways seattle wasnt easy. I remember reading david foster wallaces infinite jest i remember the first time ice. Anyways much strife and miles later back in missouri. Blue flowers doctor octagon,. Sure daft punk around the world, close it with rotterdam hardcore gabba. I had bailed from working at the world trade center after working banc audi 34th and madison, i crash land from bay ridge brooklyn to st. Louis. There she was living with her dad not far from where i was. It seemed like everything was setting in place till one morning after making love i spoke of marriage. She got upset about me merely speaking of it, i was so hurt that i bailed on the relationship quick as can be. Ended up in a marriage of ten years to the next woman. Am single again but think about her often. A feeling of what if..... an affect similar to this song. And hey hisoka if you read this dont be shy about looking me up. Jazzresin

w. l.

Billy the Kid Tintype William Henry McCarty *Holy Grail* of Outlaw Old West

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Updated listing


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