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Monday, June 24, 2019


Rollin lol


w. l. schafer
bass. moog. sax
wls777. jazzresin. billysunshine
recording artist. antiquarian. futurologist
om mani padme hum

The mind of the past is unknowable
The mind of the future is unknowable
The mind of the present is unknowable

Saturday, June 22, 2019


It appears to be a work from his analytical cubist phase. Subject matter can be described as a Woman with violin. Signature is playful wth Piz as in pizzicato. The woman playing the violin, while her left hand is in position forming a note on the instruments neck, her right bow arm is absent as if resting by her side and not in view after plucking the string.

There are many alluring sexual signifiers the artist cues the viewer towards such as the sublime nape of the violinists neck right shoulder revealed whilst her left side is acutely pinched at the angle to hold the instrument securely. Her bosom is accentuated multidimensional and multi purposed serving as both a cue to the form of the violin along with a mischief playful mustache to the masturbatory hypersexual phallic resting point which is nut of the violins neck. It as if Pablo wanted his sex to replace the intrument in the hand of the attractive musician.
I would guess 1913-1915. paris.

The downtown st. Louis missouri salvation army on forest parkway had their grand opening sale after moving down the street right across from goodwill. The opening sale had some amazing items. I had purchased a mint yanigasawa camera, an inuet eskimo stone carving and for a few dollars this little picture was face down on the bottom shelf. I had a good idea it was a picasso. I can look up the date if you need. I believe it was 2011 or early 2012. I absolutely love his era when he lived with his artistic partner Braque experimenting with altered states of conciousness, enjoying a more sexually engaged community. Cubism to me is one of those epic key paradigm shifts in the development of visual art signifying the 20th century and modernism. Both literature and musics non-linearity would occur later through the works of james joyce, william s. Burroughs, thomas pynchon, pierre Schaefer, john cage, iannis xenakis.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


i reverse image searched scammer criminal elizabeth lambert and her real name is nicole sather which goes by the account name nicole kay. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008331042022&ref=content_filter.   can you help me?

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Why try

The alzheimers will soon. Flowers for algernon me.


w. l. schafer
bass. moog. sax
wls777. jazzresin. billysunshine
recording artist. antiquarian. futurologist
om mani padme hum

The mind of the past is unknowable
The mind of the future is unknowable
The mind of the present is unknowable

Monday, June 10, 2019

Nicole Sather

Serum 525 - Single by jazzresin
She was a romance scammer bank fraud criminal whose bounced check after sending several thousand in bitcoin. I reverse image searched her and found out she was a med student. Pretty awful way to pay for school. Not the kind of person i would trust with a child's health thats for certain. Elizabeth Lambert. Sarah Rowe. Nicki Kay.
Nicole Kathyrn Sather.



In need of The corrective force of justice.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

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w. l. schafer
bass. moog. sax
wls777. jazzresin. billysunshine
recording artist. antiquarian. futurologist
om mani padme hum

The mind of the past is unknowable
The mind of the future is unknowable
The mind of the present is unknowable
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w. l. schafer
bass. moog. sax
wls777. jazzresin. billysunshine
recording artist. antiquarian. futurologist
om mani padme hum

The mind of the past is unknowable
The mind of the future is unknowable
The mind of the present is unknowable



Saturday, June 1, 2019

Mid2019wlsBio humble

Life long multi-instrumental musician composer whom currently is a recording artist producing a type of music called electroglyph, spontaneous compositions geared towards the information communicated from song title and cover art selected or composed by the artist. William has performed with many ensembles and has utilizes his dj moniker jazzresin since 1996. He has worked many years teaching private lessons to all ages on numerous instruments. Along with a degree in music education he is degreed and board certified music therapist specializing in work with adult hospital psychiatric patients. His career as music therapist was cut short due to chronic lyme disease. He has adapted to new opportunities presented to musicians through his experiments and recordings using Apple iOs ipad technology. He is able to produce, engineer, compose, perform, mix all the while performing the logistics of being a record label, sharing social media, public relations, and working with distributors to have his music available from all major stores. His music can be described as an adventurous journey through unheard sci-fi soundtracks of a musician unafraid and capable of navigating and improvising through new sonic territory. Besides music Bill enjoys collecting and dealing fine art and antiques,
had many adventures with urban archaeology and is an avid fan of progressive science fiction by authors like Phillip K. Dick, William Gibson, Thomas Pynchon, and William S. Burroughs.

w. l. schafer
bass. moog. sax
wls777. jazzresin. billysunshine
recording artist. antiquarian. futurologist
om mani padme hum

The mind of the past is unknowable
The mind of the future is unknowable
The mind of the present is unknowable

Title: it matters not wether you are awake or asleep