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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Babe ruth

Thank you for the input. The difference between adolescent and young adult? Perhaps one too many fights as a young teenager? I recognized him through his eyes. 

Hello, I was inspired by your post. I do this type of research for a living now, solely for my own collection, as I am retired. I recently had a facial forensics expert authenticate two new images of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp together. I have some credibility. However, i was able to run a basic test on your side by side comp. How it works, I get a unit of measure based on the diameter of the eye. Then, I use that to see how many times it goes into the spacing between the eyes, center of eyes to nose, split in lips, chin, ect. I then do the same for the known, using the eye diameter in that photo unto itself. This eliminates the need for the image to be the same size....which it never can exactly be. Long story short, your target photo matches the known to 85.2%. That may sound good, but for myself, a score under 92.5% doesn't make the cut. However, that is just my sterling rule. I do see why you feel strongly about it. The biggest discrepancy is the spacing between the eyes. However, a growing boy under 18 is still developing. I do not know what age you place him at. Anyway, I hope this helps you. Other things going for you are the four corners of the eyes, and the position of the ears in relation to the face. Keep looking....they're out there!'

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Love at first sight?

All the time Multiple universes a sea of timelines all van der graff bubble. Truth is function of power more so than the empirical objective evidence you stumble upon. All those flickers of remote view flashes of what if and auto downloaded helicopter pilot manuals are real as can be picasso said the cthulu truth of it all. If you can imagine it it is real. So love at first sight is absolute. Now a definitive definition of love? Not so sure but have a pretty good idea. Best to stay humble in respect.

w. l.
Wish it wasnt so wish there was more order in the multiverse. The harshness of mothernature is the law of the jungle dont get consumed and avoid consquences. Chance is luck and if you rely on it then you better hope your willpower will get you through. Destiny and Fate having a sexy catfight over yer soul downright explicit cant help but lewd. The. Karma quietly walks in. The girls put their garments back on and apply makeup. Karma isnt bothered in the least and she stares straight ahead at you. I gamble crypto freebit what not yoladice i understand the martingale and how attractive it is to play the double down however there is the Yaw waY of it all the david foster wallace buzzkill of the law of large numbers. It makes you want to work honest for the things that matter it puts you in your place and either awoke as hell from it or on an endless self medicate haunt. Life takes living. The meaning of life is to make it meaningful. Diy is best stay zef with your culture no fear life is fragile as fuck so appreciate death invite it in daily less likely to come around that way. Solitude is a blessing isolation is a curse. Self reliant mind with a hungry ghost heart. Do u relate. Can you help me?

w. l.


Whisper tintypes. Musician former therapist teacher. Too strange to live too rare to kill. Sure. Am the son of glyphosate. Yes you read that correct. Born in winnipeg raised in creve coeur missouri. Yes i have dual citizenship and its been hell being auto placed on watch lists. They would have it that im a terrorist but i assure you i am an INFP pacifist middle child 'lover not a fighter' yet strongly believes one has to party for ones right to fight. Am rich and invisible no one picks up on me and how good i can make it in love and life. I read deltq of venus by anais nin as a teenager I fear little. I welcome the lord to take my life daily somehow death avoids the hell out of me. If yer intrigued by me then you should have no problems remote viewing. Simply search jazzresin. My artist avatar dj tag. There is only one. Check me out and say hello. "Solitude is a blessing isolation is a curse. Self reliant mind with a hungry ghost heart." A poem i composed earlier today. Can u relate?

w. l.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Dead deejays

Dead Deejays soul selectors j.resin oct seventeen

w. l.
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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Stolen Tesla Docs


Stolen Tesla Docs


Sent from my iPhone

More transperecy now

Hey im asking as a friend Has misty ever insinuated that she is running game or continuing to access my mobile information? I know troy did way back when. I had a pretty bad security breech some etherium was stolen im trying to figure it out the crypto site is having me enquire with att about phone ports and sim swaps before i can access my accounts instead of getting mad i am going to go ahead and use their suggestions. When u mention my name does she seem to laugh as if she had plans. Thanks

Not really, i dont think shes that smart

Its not that im going to prosecute its more do i need a new sim and nimber

Number. Thanks for the input. U dont think she has anything

They expect you to pin it someone b4 theyll help you out?

No but This is what i wrote to att. Been instructed to enquire about protection from sim swaps or phone ports. So before i can regain account access to my wallet i am to see what you say. One of my devices an ipad 5th gen i bought second hand. Is it possible he has a some back door to my account. I have had significant others in the past who turned out to be of the narcassistic personality type there are invisible phone backup sites she may have used on me. How can i find out? So i need your help. Last I have been robbed romance scammed by someone a few years ago and they bounced a check after i had sent 2000$ in bitcoin of what i thought was their money. They seemed to have acceess to my accounts. I am done being the victem i am also tired of being spied on by the endless advertisers google facebook microsoft all have been breaking the law with renegade hacker employees yet they tell us consumers that everything is safe. What does att do about criminal employee renegade hacking. You have employees who have access to everything i do. How do i know it is not att that had been causing my very real suffering and financial lack of security. I have never heard of sim swaps or phone ports. Please help. Jazzresin@gmail.com william schafer 3143232999 a customer since 2004!

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I know she is adept with mobile phone crime as i saw her do it

Did you get a lenivo?

She stole my phone and would not return jt for days

At one point i may have yes

It was troy who came out and showed me the hidden backup websites that record everything he didnt say it bit insinuated that misty did that to me. If thats the casr she could be reading along with this message real time

Supposedly they were sold here in the states and the older ones were programed wth a backdoor leakin info to china

Maybe u can do a sly inquire. No big deal Just guage a reaction. It wiuld suck to have to grt a new number

I heard about that. Fukin awful

I saw her and her daughter go through adams phone. Despicable it was the first time i witnessed such a crime

She did it without blinking an eye.

She did it without blinking an eye.

Really! Not as bad as you think though. I got one after i cut ties wth rick cause i couldnt handle his crazy shit

Yes ill feel it out. Dont see much of her now she wrkin

Yeah karma im sure is hard at work with misty. She needs to figure out that time travels backwards with karma. I just need to gear up before all these millions of dollars come my way lol

Thanks. I appreciate it im not asking to snitch persay just advice really

Darn kerry continues to hold misty in such high regards. Makes me wonder if they werent playing game in tandem with me. Kerry was communicating with me but then suddenly stopped as i am guessin kyle got into her facebook settings and made it so she dont see my messages. Ey yi yi lol lol lol yer boat

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Transperency now

Been instructed to enquire about protection from sim swaps or phone ports. So before i can regain account access to my wallet i am to see what you say. One of my devices an ipad 5th gen i bought second hand. Is it possible he has a some back door to my account. I have had significant others in the past who turned out to be of the narcassistic personality type there are invisible phone backup sites she may have used on me. How can i find out? So i need your help. Last I have been robbed romance scammed by someone a few years ago and they bounced a check after i had sent 2000$ in bitcoin of what i thought was their money. They seemed to have acceess to my accounts. I am done being the victem i am also tired of being spied on by the endless advertisers google facebook microsoft all have been breaking the law with renegade hacker employees yet they tell us consumers that everything is safe. What does att do about criminal employee renegade hacking. You have employees who have access to everything i do. How do i know it is not att that had been causing my very real suffering and financial lack of security. I have never heard of sim swaps or phone ports. Please help. Jazzresin@gmail.com william schafer 3143232999 a customer since 2004!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Apple review of last lifetime oh my

Either or. The heavenly music corporation is being funded thru the remote view efforts at tintype inc. on the multiple choice questions i would answer honest when it offered rock whisperer.  Been preternatural with it longer than i can admit.  Cia monroe gateway procedure freedom of information act foia everyone should read it.  Gman travels dimensions meets the godess all types aliens achieves satori. Still has to report back on monday morning with old school typewritten report to boss. Anyways. Trump tesla titor pepe vril biff memetics ingersoll lockwood last president john trump barron tinhat rabbit hole no 1.  Thats as politikal as im gonna get. This album was pullibg teeth a mirror for our bill gates agenda numb nine ten covet  lonely turned up even the witch turn me down for a younger lover. So whisper tintypes get me so i can take a someone on a date or vacation lifelong. I give give give if ui want something just ask. Is ok if it broke just say so. This world. Why saline county. Burial mounds? Au?  Do i have to?  A real cezanne? Get out. Omg thats a van gogh.  Well. Guess i was there all clicked out.  Not many heard the awful cackles of demonic crows go silent after the gunshot. I barely survived the holy message which i wont share.  Am all too aware of drama which the boss at Yaw waY forgive please david foster wallace and let tom pynch be like joseph quick mccarty and well be all old west together back to the future 7. Babe ruth i did not see coming but i swung without doubt put it out of the park. I knew babe since 2nd grade thornhill library if u traveled u too would look up babe billy and the other wildboys.  David bowie in davey jones locker naw  was a wild boy see him there too riding high again with eno and fripp ok. 33 tracks of my struggle with being hacked by apple from the inside renegade employees  bumgardnerbtroll the monster who sold me the ipad fifth feels entitled to survey for nsa purpose facebook badoo insider scum.  Coinbase google trap doors   Subhuman mistys. Ask dr nicki sathers  endless fake liz lamberts. I let it go. Look up jresin on my ebay survivalism so broke i sold the conn naked lady tenor from 1936

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Ant man bee


Ant man bee

Ant man bee

Ant man bee bz 1994

Ant man bee summer 91

ant man bee

Ant man bee columbia mo

Ant man bee (columbia mo 91-97)

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Quell the belly fire of obsese no name orc trolls


To you trolls shills and naysayers whon extinguish ideas and and shower othera effort with negativity with the prescribed bullshit "only one photo authentic of the kid" i wish you would know yer place. Im not gonna give up on you all so quick. The only good skeptikal mind is an open one. A and let me remind us all -The title of this page is btk mysteries-movies -books. Now what does that imply. Hmmm. I mean really. What good is "not billy" and a rain of "nopes"? You all have so little imagination to entertain something that may very well be the real thing empirical. You struggle with maybes? I was a bit put off being called a meth user and that my relevant contibtions were some awful horrible word for worthlessness. I mean ouch that hurt. I figured after my feelings simmered down that i just failed in presenting the growing evidence of the authenticity of the 2019 marshall mo estate sale lot. Here i am not quitting please tho. Whats up!?!? Why the haters and shill troll. Perhaps bullies are necessary to toughen the pack to be able to survive the larger slings and arrows of the larger than world. Still you dont have to make the shill shade statements so basic and dim. Its absurd and makes you seem out of place in a site about mysteries booka and movies. I had struck a nerve yesterday when i postulated (note that word postulated) that billy the kid was a time traveler. Maybe? some of you all need to expand your universe quite a bit. You need to be able to suspend disbelief and explore hypotheticals. Hell go metafiction and start creating yourself as the tintype traveling photographer who for a month and a half hung out camped and became good friends with billy bonnie. I Believe you can. This aint rocket surgery. Think time travel impossible? No man its the most easy and natural thing to do. Watch this short film by gus van sant called the discipline of d.e. It speaks of timetravel and space travel. And should invoke a bit of travel in each viewer. The film was is deeply significant to my experience and involvement in the historical presence of billy the kid. Say hi to wyatt earrp. And wonder how did those roman coins end up buried in the Colonel's yard anyways........

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Two keys

The day i made the discovery that the daguerreotypes and tintypes i had purchased earlier in 2019 was of billy the kid and other mccarty family members i had also identified,through either dumb luck or profound serendipity, two deeply significant images on the web showing pat garrett and an early teenaged still Henry McCarty. One image showed them with two women whom a few months later i identified as his mom and auntie. It is intuition and a quick send to realize that pat garrett was with henry for the sole reason that he had romantic interest in Catherine McCarty or her sister. They had been making their pilgrimage to the SW in order to treat the consumption (tuberculosis)which both women suffered from. It appears in the second image a CSV card in which young Henry and almost father like Pat both smoking cigars appearing quite dapper and in pleasant mood. It is absolute remote view on my part but i am certain that Pat gave Henry the nickname Billy the Kid from these times they spent together when mom and auntie were still alive and indeed William was still merely a kid. The tragedies of loss and survivalism soon would transform the trim and proper city boy orphan into his metafictional self reliant missouri born outlaw creation Billie Bonney. These two images i do not own but claim identification to being key evidence to the untold story of Billy the Kid and how Pat Garrett assissted him in staging his death to escape the consequences of poor justice which certainly would have.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Philip K. Dick and the Heavenly Music Corporation • Aharon's Omphalos


w. l.

Babe ruth work

A young teenage babe ruth image portrait identified and purchased by william lincoln schafer in september 2020 from a massachusets antique image dealer on ebay.com. William L. Schafer is a bonafide tintype whisperer using his own techniques of remote viewing and historical imagination to peer thru time, space, and time/space, the maps are of the face and the eyes are portals to thier soul....so to speak. William states this image of babe ruth was easy as could be seemingly as if seeing an old friend he has known his entire life, William is also known in the historical remote view world as the one who purchased the billy the kid mccarty family marshall missouri estate sale lot of tiintypes, daguerreotypes, cabinet CSV cards and snapshots which include iconic photos of william henry mccarty around the time of his mothers death of consumption, i.e. tuberculosis along with a stark tintype of his transformation into that famous outlaw cowboy billy bonney. Provenance is the collection itself which contained daguerreotypes of his mother, grandmother, tintypes of him with his brother, his father, and aunt. Even more incredible of an image of an older billy the kid with a wife and daughter with pat garrett standing behind them in the shadow, the collection came down through the descendents of billys daughter. Where images of grandpas horses are seen. Grandpa would have been Billy the kid. Contact jazzresin@gmail,com for interviews or further information of provenance and authorship,

w. l.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Politics? Um ok this is my two bit soapbox dont judge too harsh im tinhat washed out survivalist existential nihilist gen x meme technician barely living

Preservation of the nation. Block chain save us from corruption the skull and bones bush regime assassinated jfk. The entire world sees the united states as the aggressor. The bad guys. Off shore tax shelter for the rich needs remediation. The continual breaking of law by appple google facebook microsoft att samsung nsa fbi cia et al needs to end now. If donald trump used tesla off world tech swiped by his uncle john to measure results in time triangulatiion then he isnt really president and the office is defunct blockchain with ai officiating will be crucial for things to transfer over to a proper new world. Not the one invisioned by the asshat pirate petrofacist ones concocted for their own profit. The adrenachrome rituals and habits of off worlders has been allowed to rub rampant among the elite in hollywood and dc. Lyme disease needs to be held accountable by the united states government. The amount of human misery and suffering it has caused is beyond comprehension. Women need to no longer be rewarded for having babies. Once a month birth control for men needs to happen yesterday. The electoral college is a sham and needs immediate lowered influence over popular vote. Basic human income through cryptocurrency is more and more necessary as less jobs are really available. Someone needs to put bill gates in his place. His world health orginization brought the world to a halt when really covid should have run its course naturally as the world is in desperate need of population control.

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a killing in digibytes


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

king of ooo


King of ooo

Adventure time. Do you miss it. It held some sort of promise for the future. For better times to come. And then run rabbit run it was over and done. Is time really that cruel of a mistress? So this song composed back in the awful year of 2018 is about the yearning for thick luxerious slow time like the royals on a never ending binge no future no past just hedonic razor edge present moment like some greedy gut zen monk always riding the ins and outs of breathe like some over sexed porn star calm in the most aggressive scenes old bodhi dharma furls his brow in disgust and recoils from this den of ubiquity. Rather run with wolf run with tiger and drink without thought from ice cold streams aswirl in rabbit blood of time well killed.

Joseph McCarty



Tintype of Joseph and William Henry McCarty from the 2019 Marshall Missouri estate sale lot which included daguerreotypes of billy the kids mother father grandmother, tintypes of iconic nature of young william just before his transition into billy bonnie. The truly amazing snapshot is of a middle aged billy the kid with wife and daughter and pat garrett standing behind them. There are several other photos of the daughter and it is presumed that the estate sale lot came down through her offspring, the photo overlay was simply done using ios app procreate. The tintype was horizontally switched. Please contact william via email thru jazzresin@gmail.com for questions. Trolls and shills whatever to you. Currently four tintypes are for sale on ebay. Simply search for billy the kid from highest price down. The three daguerreotypes of billys mother grandmother and boy were sold in july 2019. Although purchased in
May 2019 the discovery and identification did not occur til october 2019. If you are a historian, appraiser, or investor please send advice to jazzresin@gmail.com upon verification , authorship, provenance what not. I dont mind going to the grave with these american treasures though really they should be in the smithsonian or a private collector in order to preserve them properly. Until then the images have been posted at https://)azzres.in

check it out. 32 tracks of Diy or die trying Experimental iOs Electro acoustic Music. its out there. Spotify: bit.ly/psi777 youtube: bit.ly/psionix amazon: bit.ly/psi-fi google play: bit.ly/23jazz32 apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/psionic-sounds-for-you-and-me/1470822735


Life long multi-instrumental musician composer whom currently is a recording artist producing a type of music called electroglyph, spontaneous compositions geared towards the information communicated from song title and cover art selected. William has performed with many ensembles such as ant man bee, st, monday, the pat sajak assassins, and the brian sullivan quartet. He has been jazzresin since 1996 DJ with the shattered discotheque. He has worked many years teaching private lessons to all ages on numerous instruments. Along with a degree in music education he is degreed and board certified music therapist specializing in work with adult hospital psychiatric patients. His career as music therapist was cut short due to chronic lyme disease. He has adapted to new opportunities through his experiments and recordings using Apple iOs ipad technology. He is able to produce, engineer, compose, perform, mix all the while performing the logistics of being a record label, sharing social media, public relations, and working with distributors to have his music available from all major stores. His music can be described as an adventurous journey through unheard sci-fi soundtracks, click out remote view style with first takes being most appreciated, a musician unafraid capable of navigating improvising through new sonic territory. Besides music Bill enjoys collecting and dealing fine art and antiques and had many adventures with urban archaeology. Currently the universe has enlisted him as some sort of historical conduit as he has discovered tintypes of billy the kid and his family. A tintype whisper he believes he has also discovered a tintype of a teenage george herman ruth bought from a massachusets dealer, He is an avid fan of progressive science fiction and meta fiction by authors like Phillip K. Dick, William Gibson, Thomas Pynchon, and William S. Burroughs.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

24.26 (george herman ruth mix)


24.26 (george herman ruth mix)

So yesterday i did that thing. Click out of sorts and i was pullin results. I suppose no one is more capable than me to whisper tintypes lost trajectories back into play. Ohr george e. Ohr ro geo. H. Ruth far out. If Yaw waY took human form he would of been george ohr or babe ruth. Not bad. Pretty good. Billy the kid im still scrying trying to decipher when catching flack and naysayers obfuscation. I mean i already know but how to best approach deception of death assisted by the big dreamer sheriff pat garrett (just another wild boy at heart)

Here is my sonic ritual. Though the powers that be apple google facebook microsoft att all fuck me over like some mega narcassistic girlfriend you made the mistake of trust8ng.

Lex whats up. Please dont be one of them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

To albequrque

In a 2019 marshall missouri estate sale lot Many tintypes daguerreotypes and cabinet cards were discovered to contain the family members of william henry mccarty. One of the images may be irrefutable evidence that billy the kids death was staged and was assisited by pat garrett, the image shows billy the kid with wife and daughter with pat garrett standing behind them,

If you would like to see the estate sale lot and the image of billy posr alleged death please contact me,

Thank you,
William schafer

w. l.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Mix - school rooftop hisoka

w. l.


I had a girlfriend back in the day named hisoka. I was head over heels for her and she was indeed a femme fatale of significant caliber. We eloped in a sorts after getting evicted i up and quit the straight eights r&b revue and my kush dj gig on saturday nights and we took the blue truck and uhaul in tow headed to seattle to play in st. Mondays band with our little black cat sepuku. Life was glorious but not easy. I hated working kitchen jobs when all i wanted to do was blow horn. Paying credit cards off with more credit cards. Anyways seattle wasnt easy. I remember reading david foster wallaces infinite jest i remember the first time ice. Anyways much strife and miles later back in missouri. Blue flowers doctor octagon,. Sure daft punk around the world, close it with rotterdam hardcore gabba. I had bailed from working at the world trade center after working banc audi 34th and madison, i crash land from bay ridge brooklyn to st. Louis. There she was living with her dad not far from where i was. It seemed like everything was setting in place till one morning after making love i spoke of marriage. She got upset about me merely speaking of it, i was so hurt that i bailed on the relationship quick as can be. Ended up in a marriage of ten years to the next woman. Am single again but think about her often. A feeling of what if..... an affect similar to this song. And hey hisoka if you read this dont be shy about looking me up. Jazzresin

w. l.

Billy the Kid Tintype William Henry McCarty *Holy Grail* of Outlaw Old West

w. l.

Updated listing


w. l.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Saddest Little Mohair Teddy Bear In Need Of A New Hug & Surgery

Those tears you see in its eyes are nearly real as this little antique 5"  of a kapok filled mohair bear use to belong to a famous hug belonging to the reknowned collector/bear designer Countess Anastasia Soetanto of 10th street saint louis. Hundreds upon hundreds of bears of all makes and sizes the Countess and i would road trip high and low searching out these strange old totems that gave comfort during loneliness and protected children from the awfulness of darkness  and creatures of the night.  I learned many many things from the Countess.  Such as the true power of Cuteness and the healing nature of cuddle.  Though the ritual of saying the names of each of her bears before sleep got old i truly came to appreciate and respect the value and magic of teddy bears.  When i was dying from an unknown illness the Countess like the professional analysist  she was decided to cut her losses and part with me.  If only i knew that however awful what i now know to be chronic lyme disease made me feel that it wasnt going to kill me rather it was engineered by a former nazi scientist paperclipped into the united states biological weapons laboratory on plum island across from the town of Lyme; that it was a spirochette bacteria upon weaponized ticks that caused an illness designed not to kill rather to incapacitate and create a burden upon the society and those around the inflicted, maybe she would have chose differently.  Unknown dermopathy and the CDC.  After i had lost my job, the marriage, the estate and house is when the CDC started to fess up to the numbers being more than three million rather than the 300,000 they ordered the doctors to deny it as a possibility for many years.  Doctors adhering to the best practice checkbox method they were just following orders.  Anyways the Countess had left with her top twenty bears and so it was up to me to find homes for the rest in which i am proud to say i accomplished with the help of ebay.  But this little bear showed up the other week he must have been hiding out in a catch all or inside some odd antique.  I shed a tear with it for look how miserable and neglected he has become with one ear hanging on by threads and a gash in his right arm so wide you can literally see his kapok!!  Well im doing better my little golden bear and am sure it will be too once it is in the loving knowing grace of a expert teddy bear specialist with hugs just as grand if not greater than the Countess Anastasia herself. 

Feel free to contact me with questions and please check out my other items for auction.

Look at this on eBay
The Saddest Little Mohair Teddy Bear In Need Of A New Hug & Surgery

proxy attractors (slight oxidation)


Friday, August 21, 2020

Tweet by jazzresin on Twitter am not the only one to get phisch scammed robbed. Prob an inside job with coinbase if you ask me

w. l.

Fwd: Reporting a phishing email

w. l.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "W.L. Schafer" <jazzresin@hotmail.com>
Date: August 9, 2020 at 11:12:19 AM CDT
To: "security@coinbase.com" <security@coinbase.com>
Subject: Reporting a phishing email

They robbed 0.1 eth from me. I was tired and not paying attention.  It seemed as if coinbase was locking me out quite often. Congratulations to me.   Pffffft. 

Anyways, not that you can do a damn thing about it, here is the header from the lowlife scum thiefs email that utterly tricked me. I had checked the url and everything.  So kill me. Im poor and have been scammed too many times. I barely scrape by. And YOU! What happened to second level verification that never arrived.  The only verification was congratulation on sending 0.1 eth sent (stolen)

Here you go, im done with you all. You are like the banks who allow checks to bounce.  You facilitate these crimes. 

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