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Thursday, October 22, 2020

More transperecy now

Hey im asking as a friend Has misty ever insinuated that she is running game or continuing to access my mobile information? I know troy did way back when. I had a pretty bad security breech some etherium was stolen im trying to figure it out the crypto site is having me enquire with att about phone ports and sim swaps before i can access my accounts instead of getting mad i am going to go ahead and use their suggestions. When u mention my name does she seem to laugh as if she had plans. Thanks

Not really, i dont think shes that smart

Its not that im going to prosecute its more do i need a new sim and nimber

Number. Thanks for the input. U dont think she has anything

They expect you to pin it someone b4 theyll help you out?

No but This is what i wrote to att. Been instructed to enquire about protection from sim swaps or phone ports. So before i can regain account access to my wallet i am to see what you say. One of my devices an ipad 5th gen i bought second hand. Is it possible he has a some back door to my account. I have had significant others in the past who turned out to be of the narcassistic personality type there are invisible phone backup sites she may have used on me. How can i find out? So i need your help. Last I have been robbed romance scammed by someone a few years ago and they bounced a check after i had sent 2000$ in bitcoin of what i thought was their money. They seemed to have acceess to my accounts. I am done being the victem i am also tired of being spied on by the endless advertisers google facebook microsoft all have been breaking the law with renegade hacker employees yet they tell us consumers that everything is safe. What does att do about criminal employee renegade hacking. You have employees who have access to everything i do. How do i know it is not att that had been causing my very real suffering and financial lack of security. I have never heard of sim swaps or phone ports. Please help. Jazzresin@gmail.com william schafer 3143232999 a customer since 2004!

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I know she is adept with mobile phone crime as i saw her do it

Did you get a lenivo?

She stole my phone and would not return jt for days

At one point i may have yes

It was troy who came out and showed me the hidden backup websites that record everything he didnt say it bit insinuated that misty did that to me. If thats the casr she could be reading along with this message real time

Supposedly they were sold here in the states and the older ones were programed wth a backdoor leakin info to china

Maybe u can do a sly inquire. No big deal Just guage a reaction. It wiuld suck to have to grt a new number

I heard about that. Fukin awful

I saw her and her daughter go through adams phone. Despicable it was the first time i witnessed such a crime

She did it without blinking an eye.

She did it without blinking an eye.

Really! Not as bad as you think though. I got one after i cut ties wth rick cause i couldnt handle his crazy shit

Yes ill feel it out. Dont see much of her now she wrkin

Yeah karma im sure is hard at work with misty. She needs to figure out that time travels backwards with karma. I just need to gear up before all these millions of dollars come my way lol

Thanks. I appreciate it im not asking to snitch persay just advice really

Darn kerry continues to hold misty in such high regards. Makes me wonder if they werent playing game in tandem with me. Kerry was communicating with me but then suddenly stopped as i am guessin kyle got into her facebook settings and made it so she dont see my messages. Ey yi yi lol lol lol yer boat

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