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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Politics? Um ok this is my two bit soapbox dont judge too harsh im tinhat washed out survivalist existential nihilist gen x meme technician barely living

Preservation of the nation. Block chain save us from corruption the skull and bones bush regime assassinated jfk. The entire world sees the united states as the aggressor. The bad guys. Off shore tax shelter for the rich needs remediation. The continual breaking of law by appple google facebook microsoft att samsung nsa fbi cia et al needs to end now. If donald trump used tesla off world tech swiped by his uncle john to measure results in time triangulatiion then he isnt really president and the office is defunct blockchain with ai officiating will be crucial for things to transfer over to a proper new world. Not the one invisioned by the asshat pirate petrofacist ones concocted for their own profit. The adrenachrome rituals and habits of off worlders has been allowed to rub rampant among the elite in hollywood and dc. Lyme disease needs to be held accountable by the united states government. The amount of human misery and suffering it has caused is beyond comprehension. Women need to no longer be rewarded for having babies. Once a month birth control for men needs to happen yesterday. The electoral college is a sham and needs immediate lowered influence over popular vote. Basic human income through cryptocurrency is more and more necessary as less jobs are really available. Someone needs to put bill gates in his place. His world health orginization brought the world to a halt when really covid should have run its course naturally as the world is in desperate need of population control.

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