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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It is through the support of old friends on facebook that I have had significant knowledge in understanding and combating MgD. I have suFfered intensly for 4 years but have only known of our communal plight for a half a year. Anyways I would recommend purchasing a zapper wand. I found mine second hand for a few dollars it is called 'the time machine- forver spring' runs off a 9 volt batteru. I use it daily. I have had good outcomes with twice daily collodial silver purchased at GNC expensive....magnesium daily. Salicyclic Acid (willow tree extract) has been a godsend. Buy it as shampoo and salve OTC dermares product. OTC relatively inexpensive. BAking soda yes. Alchol No! HYDrogen Peroxide HELL no. Glycerin soap yes. Dove soap NO. Stay away from extra IRon supplements as you'll feed the beast and feel complete death.I am choosing to experiment with infrared light therapy although it may be cancer forming in the long run....... My friend whom educated me upon Morgellon filiment Syndrome shared this with me the other day. Now I share it with you. Donated 25$ to Carnicom research as his data is the most telling and helpful.
Keep on keepin on. Everyday it feels like soul death. I know. Pain and sensations modulate unexplainably. It doesn't make sense. That is why we are jere together crowdsourcing and sharing. I pray The CDC does the right thing. The doctors and health care industy treat us without dignity nor integrity on there part. There hands are tied till CDC makes its so called 'judgement' pray pray pray. America be good for the sake of all that is right and just.
Wand zapper is the big zapper he uses on his head. It is a different form of zapper than the blood electrification zapper but gets rid of things past the blood/brain barrier. It might be good to do both in case you need some lymph nodes zapped. Not sure where but you can see him demonstrate somewhere in this series: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkCHrV6cCfw
Amazing: how to cure cancer & HIV (Dr. Bob Beck) -part 1/13
This is a rare video, taken in 1996 at Ventura College, of Dr Robert (Bob) Beck.'

Friday, December 23, 2011

ge 178 - You have to keep enough of the organism for it to reform each dawn; and you have to keep small supplies of...‎
Appears in 29 books from 1994-2008
Page 284 - Spinozian question about what the body can do. [W]e know nothing about a body until we know what it can do, in other words, what its affects are, how they can or cannot enter into composition with other affects, with the affects of another body, either to destroy that body or to be destroyed by it, either to exchange actions and passions with it or to join with it in composing a more powerful body.‎
Appears in 31 books from 1974-2007
Page 24 - A plateau is always in the middle, not at the beginning or the end. A rhizome is made of plateaus. Gregory Bateson uses the word "plateau" to designate something very special: a continuous, self-vibrating region of intensities whose development avoids any orientation toward a culmination point or external end.‎
Appears in 42 books from 1973-2007
Page 197 - From the viewpoint of racism, there is no exterior, there are no people on the outside. There are only people who should be like us and whose crime it is not to be.‎
Appears in 24 books from 1979-2007
Page 27 - A rhizome has no beginning or end; it is always in the middle, between things, interbeing, intermezzo. The tree 'is filiation, but the rhizome is alliance, uniquely alliance. The tree imposes the verb "to be...‎
Appears in 50 books from 1957-2008
Page 10 - Every rhizome contains lines of segmentarity according to which it is stratified, territorialized, organized, signified, attributed, etc., as well as lines of deterritorialization down which it constantly flees. There is a rupture in the rhizome whenever segmentary lines explode into a line of flight, but the line of flight is part of the rhizome. These lines always tie back to one another.‎
Appears in 25 books from 1957-2007
Page 220 - This led me to the idea that the ones who had survived had made some sort of clean break. This is a big word and is no parallel to a jail-break when one is probably headed for a new jail or will be forced back to the old one. The famous "Escape‎
Appears in 26 books from 1945-2005
Page xiii - Rather than analyzing the world into discrete components, reducing their manyness to the One of identity, and ordering them by rank, it sums up a set of disparate circumstances in a shattering blow. It synthesizes a multiplicity of elements without effacing their heterogeneity or hindering their potential for future rearranging (to the contrary).‎
Appears in 16 books from 1992-2006
Page 23 - When a multiplicity of this kind changes dimension, it necessarily changes in nature as well, undergoes a metamorphosis. Unlike a structure, which is defined by a set of points and positions, with binary relations between the points and biunivocal relationships between the positions...‎
Appears in 20 books from 1996-2007

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wid da Woman persnatch the archetectHolagpher shuld try agin. Third times the charm. Wo-man and man too incompatible other than the copulatory mechanism. Lillith of the Mud is the true mother we all gonna climb down into her womb. That is unless u rocketship yer remains outaspace. Then ya gotta worry bout stranglets declaring yer soul microquasar (Houston...we have a problem.../(ytyyfcghgcHjg}f\fg\£b£\f÷`h=yu~r\ff¥¥»r«gh÷`=\»¥»df«\f2{e»::÷;`jyhj~/g\:÷÷j)\ff6f~y÷;;!6c6÷b!•:÷jhj÷j÷•••.¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤)))))))). SS433 already has dibs on me my friend. I decide upon implosion vs. Explosion. Black hole vs. Supernova. Until then I quaver tiny superheavy neutrino beaconing my scream faster than light across all cosmos! Help!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Archetype revealed.
New paradigm time perception will send sanity spiraling. Best to have known Slow time for that little window of our youth. Now Know the tempo beyond prestissimmo as we are expected to keep up with the blazing bliostering bitstream zapping microwave A.I. Devices strapped near our gonads. Nano one's and zero's baby fried. My smile is purely artificial. Was called a racist. HA. All dna die. Learn that Dna is the big holdback keeping you landlocked on gristly old Gaia terra firma. Prison planet fuckpod hive larva. Time bending silver malleable. We'll course back and forth within your lived time stream after death; that is unless you've been selected for immortality with the condition of no continued offspring DNA child replications. Then you are free to fly explore multiverse. Become the weather. YOU ARE the WinD. ThE WinD is you. World War Seven is a muthAfucka of psyionic dominance amongst those who claim control over dna modification. Good times if your gone AWOL infinite off world. Bad times if yer ghost string is trapped as they will begn to nullify all remenants of history Ghost physical and digital. Good luck vogelONE you and I and ET ike have a chance to escape. 5th column or bust. Love always, iLL.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Set of 8 Rorschach testing cards printed in Switzerland.  If you said the wrong thing it meant years in the sanitarium for you!  They all look like spaceships to me!  These are numbered 1-8 (roman numerals) and have the signature(not real) of Hermann Rorschach on the back.  Printed in Switzerland!  Copyright 1921.  In pretty good shape.  Not sure exact age.  Collectors Item!
Hermann Rorschach(German pronunciation:[ˌhman oax]or[oax]; 8 November 1884 – 1 April 1922) was aSwissFreudianpsychiatristandpsychoanalyst, best known for developing aprojective testknown as theRorschach inkblot test. This test was reportedly designed to reflect unconscious parts of the personality that "project" onto the stimuli. Individuals were shown 10 inkblots, one at a time, and asked to report what objects or figures they saw in each of them.[1]
Rorschach was born inZürichand spent his childhood and youth inSchaffhausen. He became known to his high school friends as Klecks, or "inkblot" since, like many other young people in his native country, he enjoyed Klecksography, the making of fanciful inkblot "pictures." Unlike his classmates, however, Rorschach would go on to make inkblots his life's work.

Friday, December 9, 2011

he great transgression is nigh. It is good to see you prepare the crystalline luminescence. EXpose yourself to the other dimenensionals. You may be able to survive the initial onaslaught. Bribe the OTHERS with the uncut gems on your ledge. Suffer Well my friend and may we fight valiantly in the impending War of Frequencies. Intel is already censoring/fabricating/classifying our communications. Be aware that Bill might not be Bill next time we meet. Ask about burroughs favorite comic strip. Codeword: fingers schafer is a ....

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seperated. . . agreed. sad blue blurry blues on a dead lennon day. Failed intervention ignorance shoulda ignored offers of so called help when they ask how do you spell morgellons. I write a whimsy sayin c'est la vie be alright you be alright. Halloween is nigh and dead jesus walks as a zombie risen rise resin. My word salad is poetry symptomatic of an imagination of a human being, remember? Blank slate another day. I'll keep on keepin on through the hazed out chemtrail brain fog. It's out there u better hope it don't get in you. Far too late. Go against nature is part of nature too. My new NASA gene therapy will soon seperate me from host. Empty shell of mind body will hover and hang but trust me my soul is gone.
ased upon the understanding that has been presented thus far, there exists a set of physiological conditions that is expected to be more likely to occur in the "Morgellons affected individual" than in the general population.   It is a probabilistic offering only.  This information is not intended to be diagnostic in any sense and the postulates are presented solely as a result of analytic and observational research.  The information is offered to the medical community for their evaluation and assessment as the issue is approached with greater seriousness in the future.  There is no guarantee or implied guarantee that any of the following symptoms or conditions will occur; only that they may deserve consideration by the medical community as the situation is researched further.  The list of candidate effects upon the body may or may not include:

1. An increased level of acidity in the body (may be most easily assessed by urine pH testing).

2. Diminished oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

3. Lower energy levels due to interference in the ATP production cycle; greater fatigue.

4. The presence of filament structures (ferric iron - anthocyanin complexes) within oral samples.

5. Recent research indicates that the urinary tract may be equally affected with the presence of the filament structures.

6. The presence of a bacterial-like component (chlamydia-like) within or surrounding the red blood cells.

7. Chronic decreased body temperature.

8. Respiratory problems, including proclivities toward a chronic cough or walking pneumonia-like symptoms.

9. Skin manifestation at the more developed levels (the skin is an excretory organ).

10. The impact of increased oxidation, greater free radical presence and their damaging effects upon the body.

11. Tooth decay or loss.

12. The smoking population may exhibit an increased incidence of the condition due to additional oxygen inhibition within the blood.

13. Liver toxicity, gall bladder and bile duct complications.

14. Potential reduction in arterial transport; increased blood pressure.

15. Potential proclivity toward increased cancer incidence due to an expected increase in aneroboic metabolism.

16. Additional unidentified systemic damage in conjunction with the pathological mechanisms of cell injury identified.