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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tradin licks

Tradin licks
Seven chakra poppin hazes imijjimi
Smoak and mirrors
Annoying d boyz
Should juss sell poison
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The verbal pap smear
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Like humans sub out.

🚖nhp paylog 12-4 nov 7 2013

John o
Will s


Of course lex hm
Zeff paykards

Temperance reel

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Re: Phree yela

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Saturday, December 7, 2013


remove the core processor material. if that makes any sense. uaually their will be a network of morgellons fibers along with ingrown/usurped hair follicles. attack the network at alternating angles.  iT seems  to be able to respond to you as if almost reading your mind. contort till it cant contort further then with much force  pull using follow through ( as if  swinging a golf club or baseball bat) as many of the filaments are much longer than you will expect. ( I was extacting  16 -20 inch filaments out of my bald head at the time.) the core processor usually will look like a calloused scab with  a leading horn or tail and clear white tubules leading do2n to the next layer of processor. they have to all be removed or they will regenerate.  I believe if one doesnt remove them they worsen.  I am in my seventh year. I am still at war with a persistant lesion (yes even today...)   it still gets the best of me and I suffer. I am fortumate to have a girlfriend who understands and is helpful. my ex-wife was cruel, condescending,  and hyper judgemental of my plght and fight.  morgellons caused our divorce, I won he house but she was malicious in not handing over the mortgage. I was deemed unfit for duty at my job as music therapist at barnes jewish hospital adult inpatient psychiatric ward and unable to retain my estate nor house. currently I have a year left on my long term disability. hopefully ssdi will be confirmed.   I pray for you all that are enduring. remember! Morgellons is a physiological condition first and foremost that eventually does cause severe psychological illnesses. I explain it nicely to people that it is the body's inability to adapt to modern day environmental stressors. or perhaps morgellons is the process of adapting!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Re: wls bio for exit cd

a bio to go public correct me if something is incorrect
On Dec 3, 2013 11:12 PM, "William Schafer" <jazzresin@gmail.com> wrote:
> william schafer, aka known as bill swill back in the late 80's was a happy go lucky multi-instrumentalist. Ben and Bill met in a creative writing course at their high school and found many common interests and were like minded in their endeavors. Ben invited Bill to tryout for the band the Exit and found a niche being the utilitary player on sax, flute, and bass guitar. Ben was an integral part of Bill's life as he opened the world of both experimental music and poetry. The reality of a hidden music and literature movement was realized in Columbia, MO at a coffee shop called the Chez; Ben was the unspoken leader of the hundreds of open mikes and an inspiration to the artistic communiy encouraging self realization and courage to share. As the fate's have it, Steve attended another school. We can imagine the amazing music and happenings if the trio would have remained together. The Exit continued bravely on without Steve,with the valiant effort of Jeff Mueller on vocals.
> The gigs with the Exit, notably the many shows with Acrylic Orgy at the famous underground venue Benard's Pub, the beginning of Bill's professional career which has spanned many decade's and continues to this day. He was the bandleader of the seminal Columbia, Missouri band 'Ant Man Bee' (one of the many national bands sharing the same name after a Captain Beefheart song) AMB's psychedelic punk music was featured opening at the KCOU's reunion of the reknowned band BIG STAR. Bill was a founding member with his drummer Harold Covey (Harry Coin) the St. Louis noise/math ensemble 'The Pat Sajak Assasains'  The PSA continues on without Bill playing some of the most eccentric music the midwest has to offer. Bill's proudest music achievement was composing and performing his original be-bop compositons with the 2006 RFT award winning jazz outfit  'The Brian Sullivan Quartet'
>     Bill's professional career included teaching music at Riverview Gardens middle school, directing the older adult wellness band Oasis, teaching thousands of private music lessons to students of piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin,  kontrabass, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophones,  trumpet,  and trombone. He worked as a professional DJ under the name 'jazzresin' and held court everyone Saturday night at Columbia's premiere discotheque 'Shattered'.  Later in St. Louis, DJ jazzresin was the house Dj for All-Star tattoo providing weekly mixes and performing at functions. He completed his third degree in music therapy in 2006 and in order to commit to the seriousness of working for the wellness of acute psychiatric adult inpatient population he ceased performing with his various ensembles. Bill worked for Barnes Jewish Hospital for seven years before being declared unfit for duty due to complications arising from suffering from Unknown Dermopathy/Morgellons/Lyme Disease. The extent of the disease led to his divorce, loss of job, and dissolution of his home and estate.  He currently is on long term disability from his parent company BJC. He presented in 2013 at the 6th annual Morgellon's presentation of scientific research and was interviewed by the BBC.  Unfortunately for Bill, a terrible judgement was thrown upon him a week after the Boston Marathon bombing, as a mother, daughter,  and grandmother mistook jazz lingo and his sax case as a bomb threat at Creve Coeur Park. Bill had just finished playing 'Amazing Grace' when he realized the dozens of Maryland Heights police handguns targeted at himself. He was arrested,  jailed, hospitilized, released as Psychotic NOS, re-arrested, jailed, then sent to Clayton's St. Louis County Jail with a $25,000 bond. Currently he is working off his 100 community service hours by playing saxophone and ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Once done with his hours he plans on preparing for his disembodiment.