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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Melinda take this paraphrased wisdom of brian eno. We Pretend then Become. Pretentious is a word that is used incorrectly. It is good to pretend. If you continue..you certainly become. So wannabe is Good! See what Eno is getting at! As an artist i would recommend giving your art away to friends and strangers and maybe family. Smuggle 5-6 finished canvas into a goodwill and borrow tickets from other items. See which paintings sell first. It is a sharky way of doing it but you sell ONE canvas....in a significant way you have crossed the threshold into being a professional. I love abstract art! I have quite a collection hidden away in a UStoreIt. I need to sell em at christies or sothebys. I believe one of em may be a late 50's masterpiece by early rothko or calder switichin media and making his own rules. "Art makes life worth living." - William Lincoln Schafer 2012

Friday, July 19, 2013

We KNOW..don't we?..
Yes unfortunately When you know you know.. Those that don't are typically ignorant of our plight, have never heard the Word before in their life..we are ostracized in efforts to receive treatment from professionals instructed to ignore. The symptoms match..you know self diagnosed OR told so. You are NOT alone! Great!! The suffering then deepens all the more..

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stay empirical upon what you know. Compare your knowledge with carnicom and the f1000 study. I agree with Melinda and Billyjoe. Be aware that many, including the CEHF, are in effort to limit the bizarre sci-fi conspiracy element of this disease in order to help sponser greater acknowledgment from the sci/med field. So if you run into questions of your validity and sources remember that. What i found interesting about your research was that it suggested a larger vector than just borellia burgdorferi and spirochette. I explain my illness in light of non-morg sufferers ignorance, i say, "the body's inability to cope with modern enviromental stressors." Kinda political but also open ended. The facets of this illness are complex, EMF, bacteria, fungi,insect vectors, GMO, chemtrails, MK-NAOMI....i'll stop with that last one. Ay yi yi. I suffered for numerous hours when a lesion split into two..wasn't ready for it. Removed a foot and a half pseudo hair from my throat area. The last thing Steve is that your research suggests that morgellons is also an illness of comorbidity, perhaps a gateway. Keep on!The doctors seem instructed to keep hush about M. We that suffer are already paranoid with concern and doubt. The last thing we need is the silent treatment or worse abusive rejection. Three weeks ago my new PCP stubbornly agreed to administer the Western Blot lyme test after i told him that i had bulls-eye rash years ago. He scolded me saying, "if this comes back negative i don't want to hear any more about Lyme disease." It came back negative... ugh. Lyme? Fine no. Yet we can't use the word 'morgellons' ....a terrible crime...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

© er uh. Well. They call em fakebooks cause they've been illegal forever. Its only recent that they legalized the famous 'real book' which you Should buy a hardcopy of. Essential. As a teenager i went to Baton music on the loop and you'd ask for it and the store owner would get all paranoid lookin around. Then he would take you to a back room filing cabinet which you would pay him cash only no tax 40$ no © in the whole book lol. So dont stress about the communism of info with the lit. It too is part of the tradition.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lets get lost

I watched it in thick time. Listened deeply to every word..studying the subtle body language. Chet was an addict and he often behaved emotionally awful to his love ones. BUT there is that jazz man quality of self defense. A higher muse than that of a family man. A rightousness to do what thou wilt as the ARTIST. But mainly it was speedballs and thanatos kick like no other. I hope i live to be as old as him. The junk made him young. The police said they found the body of a 30 year old man after he had fallen accidently nodding off sitting on a highrise balcony. Burroughsesque. I hurt bad watching the film with acknowledgement and signification. The jazz walk of life is inundated with ASC and the 'seek for peak experience' or the exact opposite the tightrope of willpower in kyriotic thick time where the mind starts to pump out its death program, the ultimate high. Ay yi yayo girl and the boy in the lust passion of fuckall. Onelove is sunday morning as fuckall is saturday night..two sides of the same coin.

Love of music

Its not just bout money it is a love of music, a rite of passage, a way to get good at your insrument, a way to meet all walks of life, and for a few a way of life. I just finished busking here in hot springs arkansas. Made only a few dollars but met a few wise men whom i enjoyed conversation with. It is an act of sheer willpower. And not easy. Can be dangerous. Need to be a good judge of people. Entertain!!! Must have a kind sense of humor and let little droplets of water off the ducks back if someone was mean or rude. Tough thing about street music these days is everybody uses debit cards. Cash is not as liquid!!! One of my street musician life long friends he sez we need to get that card reader device so people can tip that way. Songs: night train, pink panther, harlem nocturne, take the A train, lester leaps in, careless whispers (lol) house of the rising sun, enjoy yourself, my favorite things, yardbird suite, Round midnight. Those have made me skrilla (lots of cash) oh yeah St. Louis Blues...of course. If you need i can dropbox links of fakebook pdf's in which yoU can pluck out the gems i offer and print them. Viola better still need to read treble clef!!! You said oboe cause its the other oddball symphonic instrument that reads alto clef. I'll send the dropbox downloadble links here in a little bit. They are between 30-70 mb a piece!
This is why THEY think us so. The phenomena is inexplicable and defy's common sense, logic, and in my opinion the empirical understandings of the scientists. I've been with groups. And it seems true that only a morgellons sufferer can truly understand the play and horror of the disease with another being hosting the parasite. Whatever it is it gets symbiotic with one in a sinister way. I am at the end of my fight and journey in such a way that i feel i need to embrace the disease and love it for it has taught me so much about suffering, loss. Drama. And impermanence. In that view i no longer feel as rightious or at war. So here i go. New bumper sticker....."I <3 Morgellons" hhahaahahahhahaahha. No really. Learning to love the enemy. Even if its some misunderstood insect vector bacteteria nano alien tech. I dunno.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Roll with it denise. The mgD decimated my scalp. Out of 7-8 cores i have removed 6 and a half. They take one over cause i think its stranger than strange. Might be a 5th dimensional snag. Might Be because you were a target. Or a test subject. I pull out massive rows of underdermis 'ingrown' hair with the tiny wispy mgD filimints somehow spiderwebbed networked between the coreprocessor seed like plaques. The grey goo filth layer can be lessened by using dawn diswashing soap. Regular shampoos or soaps seem to contribute. I've been wearing magnetic necklaces and bracelets. Be mindful of the tiny flying insects. They are drawn into this all as a vector.

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Last night i was in combat with a flying intelligent cognitive blood sucker of an insect. It would travel in shadow and black camoflauge. My peripheral vision caught it and zen stillness/quickness squashed his covert actions splat all over the white bed sheet. More blood than i was prepared for.Many bug phenom with morgellons. I theorized with the fact that we are dealing with 5th dimensional parasites. Since we are becoming cognizant of these horizons they begin to interact. Theories theories. A theory is nothing but. Test? Hypothesize. Fail. Yeah yeah yeah. I suffered vicious with it today. Kill it away with love. I am host and it is symbionic. Wondering when it will do me in. Cortydid zombie like. I seek crystal. Im in hotsprings arkansas spending my death check. Sell treasures. End dreams. Raise cain. Start writing. Curse the day i was born. Love the day i die. I'm free. Do what i want. Hopefully not get arrested and have the last shreds of dignity wripped out like morgellons core processors. Cancer is white.




Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hey John Owen! I've been studying the benifits of visualizing dimensions beyond our third. Perhaps our snag happened in the 6th or 7th± 'everything HAS to HAPPEN.' As we are both biblitechhackers we may have burdened to share the beauty story history explanation. It is upon the 8th or 9th where the Big 0 cancels our concerns and lovingly makes it null and void. Then sliver reverse where -1 means 1 and vice versa. After that it is all GodInfo which we will bypass from our lessons in the 6th or 7th. Let us be the Aleph Quasars we were designed to BE!!!

Close associations: Micro-Myiasis & Morgellons Disease



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