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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stay empirical upon what you know. Compare your knowledge with carnicom and the f1000 study. I agree with Melinda and Billyjoe. Be aware that many, including the CEHF, are in effort to limit the bizarre sci-fi conspiracy element of this disease in order to help sponser greater acknowledgment from the sci/med field. So if you run into questions of your validity and sources remember that. What i found interesting about your research was that it suggested a larger vector than just borellia burgdorferi and spirochette. I explain my illness in light of non-morg sufferers ignorance, i say, "the body's inability to cope with modern enviromental stressors." Kinda political but also open ended. The facets of this illness are complex, EMF, bacteria, fungi,insect vectors, GMO, chemtrails, MK-NAOMI....i'll stop with that last one. Ay yi yi. I suffered for numerous hours when a lesion split into two..wasn't ready for it. Removed a foot and a half pseudo hair from my throat area. The last thing Steve is that your research suggests that morgellons is also an illness of comorbidity, perhaps a gateway. Keep on!The doctors seem instructed to keep hush about M. We that suffer are already paranoid with concern and doubt. The last thing we need is the silent treatment or worse abusive rejection. Three weeks ago my new PCP stubbornly agreed to administer the Western Blot lyme test after i told him that i had bulls-eye rash years ago. He scolded me saying, "if this comes back negative i don't want to hear any more about Lyme disease." It came back negative... ugh. Lyme? Fine no. Yet we can't use the word 'morgellons' ....a terrible crime...

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