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Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Lucille Gull Millan wrote:

If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.



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Wulandari Anggraeni (@williamLincolnS) tweeted at 5:40 AM on Sat, Apr 27, 2013:
@jazzresin @melayela my ALQUIdA sleeper cell ex-wife stole my seed. My daughter Wulandari hacked my #@ Dont know. Shuld be proud/anggraeni?!

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where u born? i was born in winnipeg manitoba canada. parents american from north dakota. so i have dual citizenship. america is killing me. i might expatriate to canada. i'm dying a slow death. can't get treatment for morgellons. something physiological that turns psychological. it is cruel that i have been so tortured. mk-naomi as a knockout weapon. tick paralysis disease. short term memory malfunctions. body twitches all the time. nerve damage. so i lose my job my wife my house. my parents care for my two tch-zu dogs. i give up and cave in.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Note to S.B.

Soon in perhaps in a post apocalyptic way. 5-10,000 human beings wander through an emptied out world full of hollow architecture. What a j-curve does with populations. We already know. Something so tiny and unseen. A smaller virus modulating unique and fatal riding upon a larger common virus. It doesnt matter whether you're strong, intelligent, or clever. It is about the luck of your genes being able to adapt. I am sick with visions.... I am sick with MK-naomi. I am sick with a spyrochette like parasite. I am sick with a tick bourne agent. I am sick with a lyme disease in it's later phase of psychosis and dementia. I ramble. I pray for the wellbeing of mankind but alas i see very little hope. I am glad i had no children.

N of NO

North of New Orleans this song played i died as i drove off the road while sobbing in tragic reaccuring nightmare of of disbelif that our love and bond had been poisened by the venomous agent of a deer tick paralysis bite. Lose my mind day after day after day after....no i am not well. No it hasnt gotten better. No i have no plan. I see you and breakdown. I go to places we had been like a ghost in summer clothes. I remember fighting so hard to get better. I still fight but the war is completely utterly lost. I move past the feeling in complete charade as if an actor playing the role of villian. Night after night a horror on and off stage for my transparent despotism. So we threw pottery together and god spoke to me my first time in complete ohr like genius of turn table tempo with a malleable rim breaking laws of topology. I wasn't listening to the teacher. I was making a mess. I was criticized!?! Bullied! Bully for you as you as i bowed out shamefully. Here i am now in biloxi. My ignatz will buy one more brick for Krazy Kats noggin. Coconino county wot a coincidence. I miss u. I am so sick without u. I am aimless as i wander. I cannot win you back as sick as i am with 'morgellons' damn. Just call it spirochette disease or tick bourne illness. Lyme disease. Mk-Naomi. Unknown parasitical objects. But ana.....ana....how could i malke up something so ludicris as this. My neck face and scalp are twisted with out of control zombie kerotin. I have debris obscene to reason and rationality exuding and removed from my dermis. Ana... I found out i wasnt alone. Ana..it was not all in my head. I dId not create this demon disease. My downfall without trearment. I died last night while sobbing in memory of our times good and bad. ,,,,,,,, now what? Another feeling i cant believe i move past.


The flora of the drainage streams of Laredo!!! Bottles and pottery shards mixed in with flint artifacts of the early native americans. I could of headed west towards the panhandle but the valley i explored. My legs are slashed and cut up through the protective aggressive flora. I traveled to no man's land; a lake evaporated and run dry through man's grip upon controlling water. There amongst bone dead tree i found a coyote's skull. A quarter of an hour later a pack of 3-4 coyote's sang a sorrowful and haunting song. Had i removed the memory of a lost loved one?

Saturday, April 20, 2013


found out others have gone mentally ill....suicide is the main cause of death. scientists believe it has something to do with spirochettes!?! australian dr. insists it is a tick bourne illness. support was amazing.. I met a psychotherapist who was suffering! ! I was interviewed by two journalist camera teams,  one I believe was the bbc!! I signed documents of release. thus my purpose as an activist had been fulfilled.  im scared to check my bank account. im in mission texas.  probably hop across the border somewhere down here. then to new orleans and final destination biloxi where I will meet and talk with yaw way.   way yaw. jah. jvh. pray to jesus. forgive lucifer for his efforts to entertain the highest. forgive self for dna is programmed this way. evolve and adapt..die trying.  I look and look on the ground for medicine. ... love u mj. Godspeed

WLS777 BBtorched9800

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Love u mom. Tell dad hi. I'm exploring the dark desert jungles of texas. Dont really know where i'm going. Trying to stay active. The convention was a healing experience for me. The scientists will figure it out eventually. Recommendations are to find a lyme disease specialist even if my test came up negative. There are two more lyme disease tests i need. I met lots of nurses, a psychotherapist whom has it, a psychiatrist who has it presented upon the psychiatric conditions which morgellons sufferers face. I contributed to conversations. Got formally interviewed by the BBC british people. And an american journalist crew. Signed releases and all. Tried to present the disease as rational as i could. Even as i write this i am suffering fierce the feeling upon my neck and back makes it seem like i have a backpack of lead on me.....sigh. I got a good sun tan. Enough to make me get sun protectant spray. I had fun playing sax on 6th street in austin. They have alot of beautiful women down here. A ratio of 7 women to 4 men. Haha. Laredo was fascinating to me. To be amongst 97 percent latino population. The people are kind and they sure now how to eat well down here. 4$ bought me an amazing dinner. Well i'm off to who knows where. Love, bill.

HOWL by Ginsberg



Full text of "Peyote. An abridged compilation from the files of the Bureau of Indian affairs"



Wednesday, April 17, 2013


HI Papi!!!!! How r u!!! Great to hear from you! I am on a death trip. I hope i live through it. Lol. After that another one. I'm as free as a bird. Freebird. Silent birdsong i am. A dead man with a hummingbird spirit guide. I hunt peyote under the guise of urban archaeology. These senorita's down here are so beautiful. I get death checks. And wander. Many bright stars, like you!!, i have met on my journey through the western lands. I toss all drugs in a little baggie and crush em up. Must be 15 different types in my little snort sack!! Hunter s. Thompsan... I am making moments meaningful while i can. I got sunburned today!!! I love you Nate! All best to you!

Laredo not Toledo

good god sunshine u r attractive hi my name is bill schafer, a jazz musician from st. louis on a wanderabout. would you like to have me as a guest as i am in laredo tx. i am destined for biloxi mississippi. i am looking on the ground for holy medicine. perhaps you could be a guide. i mean no harm as i am a buddhist christian zen taoist boddhissatva pascifist. a lover not a fighter though in these days as a dead buddha i fear nothing and speak my mind without filter. can u turn on a dead man? if so text,call, tempt me 999. all best to you and your loved ones.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blessed joe dames

Your prayer resounds deeply in my soul. Tears well up from your guidance and wisdom. I keep on keepin on. I unleashed my horns fury and ecstasy upon 6th street. It's allright. God damns me as it always has been and always will be. I entertain him with my fuckups and heretical audacity. It is indeed a closed circuit on a feedback loop of extreme danger and 666 so 777 that the 23 to the 32 does resolve through a lazy slack to 33. I welcome my death and am so sick that i have been praising Yaw spelled backwards Way for teaching extreme lessons through my beloved disease. Learning to love the atomic bomb. True my mind ticks bomblike but please read my mind brain surveillance technology. I play play but within my trash talk there is DEAD seriousness beyond REAL REAL. Joe you recommend me to remain the painful insignificant microquasar that i am. You my friend are a confirmed in buddha nature of a true QUASAR. Rich and invisible with mindfulness and kindness. I promise my death trip will not be an end. But as the schlemehl role of a Dead Buddha i hack through codecs and icenine crypts deciphering through dumb luck and holographic encryption codes coded upon the rewrites themselves. I am awful and terrible. I know. I mean no harm. But jah loves drama and i am eager to join Jesus in Hell in order to help souls escape the unjust rule of the almighty. Things change. Will the circle be unbroken?

Contact 6th annual MgD conference

My name is bill, from stl. Worked as music therapist. I'm not as sharp as i use to be but i have done a significant amount of research; hacking information on the internet. I have many many theories. Theories that are not confirmed rather thoughts attempting to explain the inexplicable phenomena. I am familiar with both medical/scientific research along with anecdotyl evidence and the more paranoid conspiratol sci-fi data. We have no choice but to be open to all theory. I believe both me and you suffer from decreased impulse control along with impaired linguistic/speech abilities. i am an activist. I've suffered 6 years. I am divorced, not fit for duty, on long term disability, lost my house. I am a dead buddha. My klesha's are cruel teachers of pain and suffering devils whom become angels of liberation and disembodiment. it is the end of the line. I am like William Blake in the movie 'dead man' i am now to wander the western lands to find my assassin or an interesting death. Om mani padme hum. All best to you and your loved ones.

Friday, April 12, 2013


A phd in suffering. Lol. The conference will key me in to the status of the 'unknown illness' BigPharma Psych Oligarchy decides that there is not enough human beings suffering from this condition, not enough $ to make research worth while, so it pays it no attention and continues to allow inhumane and unethical protocol to those that suffer. I mean come on....you go to a dermatologist to get help not to recieve a diagonosis of exclusion into a living hell that destroys ones status as a world citizen. I am not alone in this situation. Self diagnosis for me occured 4.5 years in. I never ever would want an illness to ruin my marriage, take my job from me, steal my house and sense of 'home' from me. My anger comes and goes. Most of all i am resigned. I may be a beach bum. I may expatriate to canada. I dont think i can live at mom and dads for too long. I am not suicidal then again i walk around without fear of death and often have disregard for my wellbeing. If yer sick everyday what matter? C'est la vie. My old self is almost a distant dream. These days i feel more like a test subject attempting fifth column. Sci-fi for sure. I am not psychotic but when reality becomes stranger than fiction one's creativity is a double edged knife. Love u bec. Wish me safety and luck in aquiring the neccesary information. xxx ooo


Im in waco. Will be in austin tonite. The conference will begin tommorrow. My contribution is the theory that morgellons phenomena is worsened by prolonged 'toxic shock syndrome' due to the bodies lymphocytes inability to break down renegade kerotin chains, kerotin malproduction that behave like prions. Thus the perpetual sickness and extended traumatic stress reaction. Today i wander around a state park and see if the ground offers up medicine to me.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


You will find the (way it) hurts to love
Never cared and the world turned hearts to love
You will see, oh now, oh the way I do

You will wait
See me go
I don't care when your head turned all alone
You will wait when I turn my eyes around
Overhead when I hold you next to me
Overhead, to know, oh the way I see

Close my eyes
Feel me how
I don't know maybe you could not hurt me now
Here alone when I feel down too
Over there when I await true love for you
You can hide, oh no, oh the way I do
You will see, oh now, oh the way I do
Close my eyes
Feel me now
I don't know maybe you could not love me now
You will know, and her feet down to the ground
Over there, and I want true love to love
You can't hide, oh no, from the way I feel

Turn my head
Into sound
I don't know when I lay down on the ground
You will find the (way it) hurts to love
Never cared and the world turned hearts to love
You will see, oh now, oh the way I do

You will wait

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I worry bout myself too. I dont know. I have support here. I am fasting. Joe Dames has said that i can stay at his farm for as long as i like. Another Sax player stays there in his Trailor (kind of like grandpa's old one.) Perhaps this would be an interesting way of living. Very inexpensive and mobile.... I am about to play the sax and busk. Street Music is kind of like music therapy. I forget about myself and work in a higher purpose.
Something in the air. God i have been at it for 5 hours. Extracting the tiny wire filaments along with unfortunate perfectly fine hair. I have a feeling of being possessed..movements not directed by my mind but the parasitical MgD etherical creature complex that has invaded my shoulders neck face scalp...digs so deep into the center of my back and then into the vertabrae spinal cord into the reptilain brain and into my limbic center finally prodding my frontal lobes attacking my soul..... As always help help help help..no one can help. Peoples kindness is appreciated but they read wikipedia and quickly agree that i'm crazy. Psychiatric..............fuc.....i'm so tired of fighting. Lord take me. ....... Please Lord Now.....now....ouch.

Friday, April 5, 2013

oh god are you in the second or third year?!?? The horror is so very real. And to be degraded by others telling u that the phenomena is 'all in your head' is enough to drive anyone crazy. I feel so bad. I believe i am entering the later or downward arc of the illness. Suicide, Psychosis, grandiosity, persecution complex, buddhism zen taoism helps make peace with the anger towards the almighty or matrix hologram. I speak to people often as a holy fool. A futurologist, a biblical prophet revealing the revelations. My life hangs precariously in the balance of some great unknown in the next few weeks. I have austin texas and then decisions need to be implimented or perhaps not. I have great friends i am reading 'the pale king' by david foster wallace. I pray that you maintain your sanity as you endure the inexplicable intolerable phenomena. Love one love. - william lincoln schafer, aka dj jazzresin.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


im hacked through n through. in fact i found the king hacker gray mauser's original wizardry four decryption cyphers somehow floating around the debris of my car. on the back of the piece of dotmatrix printed paper was a dungeons & dragons playa char sheet. evidently it held the details of a level six dead thief. when i get my matter frontal lobe right imma gonna make an mp3 playa full of exotic music for my sweetheart. the system infringes both gifting and ensnaring like pruett-igoe.


Edward Jones - John Mobius owens
Jiminey crkt - X Alex
W. Schafer - Fat Bill
- Jonesy
- Bella
- Wheels
- Mc Nails



Will do sister.  I admit im onna death trip kinda like the movie. 'Dead man'  my scalp is hieroglyphs always hurts. Tryin to keep a sense of humor gets difficult.   Having my parents help me make out a will is disheartening.  I am enjoying a hunter s thompson hop to my step but I know its jus self destructive thanatos. Eros clings on screaming' love love love. ' but 777 and 666 blur into 23 when catch 22 is all there really is. I have no goal or life plan after austin. I spend money with disdain and carelessness. Lol. We should talk soon I would like to hear your voice. All best.  Bill om mani padme hum


On Mar 31, 2013 9:45 PM, <6619797524@vzwpix.com> wrote:
  So my dear brother....we feel like shit and look like hell.....but i say we are the elite.  What we can do together is beautiful.  Collectively we can figure this out and hold each other up.  Have you tried Omeprazole.  Brand name is prilosec.  It is an acid reducer.  I think it might be helping me.  Perhaps lowers the acidity in the digestive tract.  My bad symptons let up a bit when i take it. Dont do anything foolish.  Gotta get u through this rough patch so we can brainstorm.  I cant sleep much these days.......txt me any time if you need to vent or cry or shoot the breeze.  Really.