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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Note to S.B.

Soon in perhaps in a post apocalyptic way. 5-10,000 human beings wander through an emptied out world full of hollow architecture. What a j-curve does with populations. We already know. Something so tiny and unseen. A smaller virus modulating unique and fatal riding upon a larger common virus. It doesnt matter whether you're strong, intelligent, or clever. It is about the luck of your genes being able to adapt. I am sick with visions.... I am sick with MK-naomi. I am sick with a spyrochette like parasite. I am sick with a tick bourne agent. I am sick with a lyme disease in it's later phase of psychosis and dementia. I ramble. I pray for the wellbeing of mankind but alas i see very little hope. I am glad i had no children.

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