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Friday, April 5, 2013

oh god are you in the second or third year?!?? The horror is so very real. And to be degraded by others telling u that the phenomena is 'all in your head' is enough to drive anyone crazy. I feel so bad. I believe i am entering the later or downward arc of the illness. Suicide, Psychosis, grandiosity, persecution complex, buddhism zen taoism helps make peace with the anger towards the almighty or matrix hologram. I speak to people often as a holy fool. A futurologist, a biblical prophet revealing the revelations. My life hangs precariously in the balance of some great unknown in the next few weeks. I have austin texas and then decisions need to be implimented or perhaps not. I have great friends i am reading 'the pale king' by david foster wallace. I pray that you maintain your sanity as you endure the inexplicable intolerable phenomena. Love one love. - william lincoln schafer, aka dj jazzresin.

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