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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Contact 6th annual MgD conference

My name is bill, from stl. Worked as music therapist. I'm not as sharp as i use to be but i have done a significant amount of research; hacking information on the internet. I have many many theories. Theories that are not confirmed rather thoughts attempting to explain the inexplicable phenomena. I am familiar with both medical/scientific research along with anecdotyl evidence and the more paranoid conspiratol sci-fi data. We have no choice but to be open to all theory. I believe both me and you suffer from decreased impulse control along with impaired linguistic/speech abilities. i am an activist. I've suffered 6 years. I am divorced, not fit for duty, on long term disability, lost my house. I am a dead buddha. My klesha's are cruel teachers of pain and suffering devils whom become angels of liberation and disembodiment. it is the end of the line. I am like William Blake in the movie 'dead man' i am now to wander the western lands to find my assassin or an interesting death. Om mani padme hum. All best to you and your loved ones.

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