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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Rare Tintype Of Old West Regulator Outlaw Dave Rudabaugh With Friends

My latest tintype whispered -  Rare Tintype Of Old West Regulator Outlaw Dave Rudabaugh With Friends https://www.ebay.com/itm/254918138613 @eBay #daverudabaugh #oldwest #tintype #outlaw #billythekid #williamlschafer #jazzresin

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Rare Tintype Of Old West Regulator Outlaw Dave Rudabaugh With Friends

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Dirty dave rutabaugh

Purchased online from a tintype dealer out of ohio i bring to light the old west outlaw then Lincoln County Regulator. Supposedly the only man that Billy the Kid feared. Perhaps due to the fact he never bathed hence his nickname Dirty Dave Rutabaugh.

Dave in this tintype is sitting off to the left in this photo. I believe he is twirling a pistol in one of his hands but is difficult to make out for sure. The other two fellows seem familiar but i will withold my identification for the sport of it. If anyone has an idea of who the ladies are drop me a line.

Tintype whispering is a crazy fun endeavor bringing a level of quantum imagination to the historical presence of charged up mysteries of the past. Remote view and time travel through tapping universal consciousness. No matter matters not. Everything you think or imagine is real. Tintype whispering surfs upon allowing the past to manifest. Naysayeers wont see it for they see little. It takes a level of creativity to time travel and see things for yourself. An open heart and ability to go egoless is advised.

Read the freedom of info act CIA report upon the Monroe Institutes Gateway Procedure and Techniques


Watch this short film by Gus Van Sant about William S. Burroughs essay upon the Discipline of D.E.

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Friday, March 12, 2021

robot cleaner for home and office


Hope you have a good day.
We would like to let you know that we have got one new robot vacuum cleaner in our warehouse.
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1.Soft cotton water absorbent cloth, water absorbent cloth can effectively lock moisture to prevent the wet sticky floor.
2.Large capacity, 120 minutes long endurance
3.Black technology anti-lock design, to avoid the motor winding caused by idle motor burning phenomenon.
4.Bottom cleaning experts, ultra-thin fuselage can be just-right' to clean the bottom of the home.
5.Super' ultraviolet sterilization, while sweeping sterilization, let your life full of health.
6.Extra-long hexagon edge brush, extend the cleaning range
7.Intelligent to prevent drop sensing, to the edge can sense the height drop, know self-protection.
8.One key to start the operation, convenient and fast.

Pricing for different quantity:
1-5 pieces 129.00 each
6-50 pieces 119.00 each
50-100 pieces 109.90 each
u s d

If you like to order it, please reply our email and send us your delivery address, we will ready the shipment fast.

If you like to order it, please reply our email and send us your delivery address, we will ready the shipment fast.

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Controversies, Cover-Ups And Conspiracies Surrounding Billy The Kid - UFO Insight


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W.L. Research into the Mystery of Billy the Kid

History unfolding.  A sense of Historical Presence moving towards resonant frequencies.  Historical imagination coupled with remote view technology.  Triangulation of time projected?  Perhaps in the near future. 

The day i made the discovery that the daguerreotypes and tintypes i had purchased earlier in 2019 was of billy the kid and other mccarty family members i had also identified,through either dumb luck or profound serendipity, two deeply significant images on the web showing pat garrett and an early teenaged still Henry McCarty. One image showed them with two women whom a few months later i identified as his mom and auntie. It is intuition and a quick send to realize that pat garrett was with henry for the sole reason that he had romantic interest in Catherine McCarty or her sister. They had been making their pilgrimage to the SW in order to treat the consumption (tuberculosis)which both women suffered from. It appears in the second image a CSV card in which young Henry and almost father like Pat both smoking cigars appearing quite dapper and in pleasant mood. It is absolute remote view on my part but i am certain that Pat gave Henry the nickname Billy the Kid from these times they spent together when mom and auntie were still alive and indeed William was still merely a kid. The tragedies of loss and survivalism soon would transform the trim and proper city boy orphan into his metafictional self reliant missouri born outlaw creation Billie Bonney. These two images i do not own but claim identification to being key evidence to the untold story of Billy the Kid and how Pat Garrett assissted him in staging his death to escape the consequences of poor justice which certainly would have. 

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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