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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wave collapse

Hey dean, im in need of advice. Last night both medication and money missing/stolen. The only people here was jY and alex. I noticed a change in lex attitude towards me last night. Lately he vents frustration on me through chiding and criticism but it had changed to sugary nice. When i confronted him he denied it. I looked in his eyes and sure enough he blinked as if fear response. Anyways if not him then jy. He has me call jyruss. And then invite jyruss down. Ends up jyruss fell asleep at the wheel and damages his vehicle badly and is pretty bruised. Alex blames this on me as i did curse vehemently when i found out about the missing funds and prescription pills. I am hopping angry still and consider them both guilty. It is fucking low to steal from friend roomate. i want to forgive but this is a significant wave collapse. Fink liar theif rotten hell bound shit
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What connection is there between meth addicts and arrowheads being looted from archeological sites?

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