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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 27 2012

Fukin mgd I sit alone extracracting phone cables subdermal. I already know its systemic. Why try. Sick. Brain fog turned to smog through the prescription med. What do I tell my doc and workers, I don't have the slightest plan of action. Feel sicker than before, thr mgd has an almost etheral componet to it, if you find a lesion that does not heal. Ignore it. Will it away. Part of my horror is the fractalization of catch 22's and the imediacy of self fulfiLling prophersis. I do enjoy being the dead buddha, I fear nothing, look forward to the angel whom will strike me down. Or the devil washing this shepherd in the blood of the lambs as he hands me the horn and encoutages the 6 other tapped to sound the horn of Gsbriel. Like some olympic anthem 'cept this signifies endworld big rewrites. Tis time, get your survlval gear soon. Cache it in remote locstions, I hate saying this, for god's sake buy a few guns, several handguns, a damn good plastic compsite rifle,and a shotgum. . Cache silver. Gold is unreasonabale currency, next time ar a thrift store look carefully ar braclets, .925 ia aterling, Axcoid akk 14'k Gold filled, 0L0kikijlokoan0wupc000. Ultulll0nifubf ub my eye!

Friday, April 7, 2017

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