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Friday, December 24, 2021

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

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can tell you that the McCarty family lot i acquired back in 2019 came down through the family name walker. If you need to do a geneology. There was the veteran whom died that year 2019 and his name was Johnny Walker resident of Marshall Missouri. I had helped my boss clean out his estate and he gave me the poster sized solar enlarged CDV hand tinted portrait of Pat Garrett. This corresponds with other snapshots from the family lot that have the last name walker associated. It had taken time for me to put the pieces together.

There seems to be much more than dumb luck or coincidence at play here and ill be honest with you there is good reason why there are so many billy the kids. I believe he had received external timeline intervention which caused a fractalization of many timelines to coexist. Back to the future 2 seems to have come and gone with Donald Trump as Biff. Yet Back to the Future 3 is still missing its main subject which should have been Billy the Kid. Lol. It takes a few rolls of aluminum foil to make the tinhat proper. I am unafraid of rabbit holes as i had survived one that nearly killed me i had lost my marriage career house to an unknown illness i had been suffering terribly for years from. Maltreatment from doctors distance and ridicule from family friends it was uncannyt i was able to figure out i had been suffering from chronic lyme disease iDown the rabbit hole and there it was lyme disease spread due to an operation paperclip nazi scientist in charge of US no weapons plum island lab weaponizing ticks.

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On youtube if you look up billy the kid and the town i live in Marshall you can clue into a channel that has movies with the data and evidence that you are in need of. Once on the channel zero in on the other billy the kid videos uploaded before the norma jeanes.

I would highly recommend using an art app like procreate or sketchbook and learn it so you can import two photos each on its own layer then turn the transparency down on one of the images and then see how well they match up.

I have been whispering tintypes remote view photographic scanning for over two years and it has been beyond comprehension. Its as if the universe conspires to provide the impossible. look with a good imagination like painting the pictures in the minds eye from reading the text of a book have a decent skeptical discerning eye yet most important an open mind. The skeptical eye is worthless without an open mind. It also helps to read up on time travel and other phenomena with remote viewing the cia evaluation of the monroe institutes gateway technique is the boy scout manual. I owe my discoveries to that freedom of information act document and the help from the famous sci fi cutup author william s burroughs whose work i have studied in depth and had the privalge of meeting with him in lawrence kansas a year before he died. To cut up the past to reveal the future. His work contains evidence of time travel and his work educates remote view techniques and theory. Look up the 'discipline of d.e' the first few minutes demonstrates a remote view. In all of its simplicity and complexity.

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Friday, December 10, 2021


Multiple form letter responses not pertaining to my question. Then they gave me an 8$ sale credit which made no sense. I believe there is utter disaray within the reporting of sales and streams. I have evidence of purchases made and apple for artists did not record itunes sales then songtradr gives a poor response with a bandaid credit. Very alarming.

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