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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hi Michael. I love you. I am in dire straits. Watching my work and passion dissapear. I must be in a cocoon about to metamorphisize into some different version of me. I am buddha like. I sometimes wake up human and cry. I have been doing my best. This punishment against a morgellons sufferer is unethical and unjust. I am ill. This is awful to strip the decency, dignity and basic human rights from a person in society whom was there helping people. Perhaps thats it. I no longer am human. I have been genetically modified. If you come to STL u have a place to stay. I cannot communicate to aNa out of deep fear. We both know how calculated and cunning she can be. I cannot fight for my rights. I roll over and play dead. Its a hornets nest. I could just continue to live there and pull a legal protest. It is my home. She did not give me the right to claim mortgage. I do not want any of this!!!! Oh well. I feel thrust back into wilderness years. We should party such. Fk all. Y'knw what i mean. Love and respect to you Mike!!! If u change yer mind i will understand.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Praise to you master musician troubadour. Words fail when speaking of "IN EAR PARK'. As a musicologist/historian/music therapist I claim that your work to be a 21st century masterpiece!!

You must continue. The intent needs resolution. Archangel Gabriel will speak through you. The opposite of thanatos is eros. 'Above Ear Park' 'beyond ear park'. Wear your emotions as you did then. Resolve mortality. Let loose the further questions and the wild orchestrations.

Do it for yourself and your childrens children. Much love. If ever in Saint Louis, look me up, william lincoln schafer (facebook) jazzresin (twitter and et.all) i would die to be your kontrabassist. Tenor sax is my money maker. I play all instruments. My western land name is Silent Birdsong.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Or Spirited Away. Yeah Spirited Away. House Taken awAy. I go homeless soon. To the seven seas once again. Cept i cant swim. I get sea sick. Rather suck Ruby than lemon or lime rind. A river boy i'm destined to be. A huck finn...a Lame Sawyer. Cept the rivers are full of Pharmecuticals n' GLYPHOSATE. Corn Syrup PrioNs. Mad Corn Syrup disease. Oh yeah n' a lot of Feces. Swine, Bovine,Sapian..... A hungry ghost i'll always be.Washed in the blood of the lambs. I work in the name of Archangel GABRIEL. Fk Yahweh. Let jEsUs out of Hell. Eldest Son of the Seventh Son. 777 William Lincoln Schafer I am your SHEPHERD you shall not WANT. SHAEF. Supreme Headquarters of the ALLied Expeditionary. FORCE. MK-NAOMI. I am dead living. As if all work and no play. Made jack an undead zombie immune to cold or Shined Ones.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Thank you for at least giving the mortgage a look. It's nice to have hope, even if it's only for a short amount of time. As you can see, I have never been late or missed a payment since the house was purchased. Almost every single month until separation process is started, I always sent extra money towards the principal, ranges from $100 - $5000 per month in addition to actual balance. That's what I do with my tax refunds. It's too bad that all my hard work goes down the drain. But oh well, nothing else I can do because I cannot afford to keep on paying.

Bill: please proceed with option 1 as soon as possible. Once you and the pups are out, I will attempt to sell remaining items in the house via estate sales agent. Hopefully, the income can help me pay the mortgage of that house until it's sold. I still have some books and few other items I need to get from the house. I couldn't find them last time. My work schedule has been very hectic, so I don't know when I can stop by, but I'll let you know.

Bette: grandpa's sewing machine is still in the house somewhere and it will be stored in the original black carrying case it came with. I have never removed it from the house unless somebody else took it without my knowledge. I however, do not know where it is because the house was in no condition for me to do search rescue the last time. And frankly, I wasn't even feel welcomed at my own home because that woman is watching my every single move as I pick up MY things.

It will take me a decade to recover from my financial lost, while emotional scars may never goes away. Regardless, I have to keep on moving, what other choice to I have? If anybody can help Bill to move his things or move out of the house, please do so. This is not easy for me either, I'm suffering emotionally, physically, and financially. I can't help Bill when I can't even help myself.

Sorry to hear you are not well Rebecca, hope you get better soon.

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On Jan 22, 2013, at 8:21 PM, Rebecca Jungjohann <rebeccajungjohann@comcast.net> wrote:

Hi Ana,

Sorry it has taken me a few days to take a look at the mortgage info you sent me on the 10th St house.  I've had the flu and have been sick for nearly two weeks now (still not better yet, now I have a sinus infection... just got antibiotics today).

After reviewing the loan info, I regret to tell you that Jim and I will be unable to pay off the loan and buy the house for Bill.  For some reason, I had thought the remaining principal was significantly less than 100k.  Thank you so very much for helping me with access this info!!

I think you should proceed with "option 1" you had outlined for Bill in your previous email to all of us.  Bill will need to immediately start working with Mom to find alternate housing.  Due to his unemployment, he will need to apply for welfare and/or disability.  Once this is accomplished he should be able to apply for low-income housing.

I do think it will be in the best interest for both of you and Bill to emotionally move past the 10th St house and sell it and the majority of it's contents.  A new start is needed for both of you.

Please keep me in the loop regarding the house.  If needed, I can fly in the help Bill move out.  This is going to be a difficult transition for him and your compassion will be greatly appreciated.  I know it's been very difficult the last few years for you (and Bill)... hopefully a new beginning for you is "around the corner."


Rebecca Jungjohann
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617 Cliffgate Ln.
Castle Rock, CO  80108

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


TRANSMUTATION which utilizes
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Fk me

-npatient Psychiatric Services provide patient care specific to the needs adult patients suffering from a variety of acute and chronic psychiatric disease states. The department functions to stabilize, improve and restore individual and interpersonal functioning by providing safe and secure environments, psychiatric medications, ECT and other therapies through our interdisciplinary team of physicians, clinicians and therapist. Through continuous monitoring we are able to provide a safe and controlled environment during daily activities and immediate psychiatric crisis.

Role Purpose

Organizes and implements a music therapy program to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of patients.


Uses music therapy as a process that combines the verbally transcendent and emotionally authentic aspects of music with the needs of the patient.
Serves as a resource person and guide providing musical experiences that will aid in patient care.
Designs and conducts music sessions for individuals and groups, based on client needs.
Coordinates therapy with other team members and shares response to music therapy intervention.

THERAPIST, MUSIC - Barnes-Jewish Hospital


Jah. Assult. Twice. By her son. Then cousin. Grift an honest man? Bitch? I'm sick. I can't remember where I put this phone. Fuk with a dead man? Cold hearted. Thanks for the love but I can't take the deception.

Gm...so wats up yo???...I'm tired of ur ass saying shit and not remembering!!!!!!!!!...nigga how the fuk yo punk ass gon call me a fuckin drifter talkin bout u ain't no ATM!!!!!..muhfuka I ain't never played yo ass...I never fuckin used u...u haven't done anything for me that I couldn't do for my damn self...u got me mistaken for a bitch that need yo ass cuz I don't...all the fuk u do is materialize that damn house...u act like u got the best house in the fuckin world...u bring people in then dog them out well idiot ur help is in vain!!!!..even the street musicians ...how u gon put them out in the cold u selfish heartless bastard!!!!!!!...you can not blame everything on morgellons bill!!!!!...some of that shit is ur own damn fucked up personality and ur cowardly ass hide behind ur illnesses using it as an excuse...I cared about ur stupid ass...u said no one else believed u...but I did believe u bill I tried to help u...then u turned on me...just like a dog but im the bitch???...I tried to heal u while u we're ailing I tried to be of some comfort to yo stupid ass...shit nigga I cooked ur food made ur tea...I even went out and bought things that I thought would help u...I continuously brought things to ur evil ass while u wer in that room being a piss worm and yelling out obscenities at me u ungreatful half dead one foot in the grave ass bitch!!!!...I dealt with that shit because I love u not because of that pissy ass house!!!!...as far as my phone goes u told me not to worry and pay u wen I can!!!!!!!!...I gave u wat I could bitch...I was not done paying u...I had money coming the next day as well...so fuk u flute boy!!!...u kno u remember saying that shit...just like that shit u pulled with the dishes...then two weeks later u claim u remember .. fuk u!!!...maybe b flat wasn't lying bill maybe u did say that shit because u do the same shit to me...u are such a child grow the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!.. ur ass is suffering because ur still stuck in ur childhood...wat grown man pulls his pants down and acts like a blithering idiot bill...who does that???!!!!!!!!....out of all the unnecessary bullshit I have gon thru with u the thing that hurts the most is u truely think I'm a scoundrel ass bitch...nobody has ever treated me that way...im very trusting and everybody knos that about me...I may not have been able to be a sugar mama like ur precious ana but I loved u to the core and there was nothing I wouldn't do for u...wat we had was not financial it was real...truth be told u ain't really got shit either...I never use a nigga for his money or nothing else like that...u have me mistaken for the people who swindled yo ass for real cuz it ain't me...u seem to have this very low opinion of me...u treat me like a low life welfare ass nigga bitch who was raised in shit with no morals no values no home training and no fuckin respect!!!!!!...well u met my grandmother u saw we're the fuck I came from white boy I grew up just like u...I had a decent home, clean clothes and food on the table..eventhough my parents we're not together they we're very fuckin decent and my father was in my life all of my life they took care of me and my kids...don't get it twisted I was akways taught to go out and get it and not to depend on other muthafukas...my parents we're go getters sorry I didn't have the worlds best scientist or the worlds best seamstress but dammit to me I had the best and u don't have the right to judge.. I kno everything my parents taught me I just fucked up along the way and took the wrong path...but dont judge me cuz u fuk up severely!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur a fuckin adult male that can't control his anger yells out all kinds of shit in public using a whining child like voice with a five year old mental capacity tantrum that consists of throwing things name calling and grabbing privates poor hygiene at times does all kinds of unsanitary shit a grown ass man that continues to play with buttons and rocks ....yet u wonder y u we're deemed unfit for duty????!!!!!!!...please... spare me....u are a dangerous deviant that should be put away for the way u treat other humans .......I can't believe u act like this then u call 5.0 on me????...be a man bill...get some fucking help...please!!!!!!...I can not do it for u u arrogant bastard!!!!!!...I can not help u by myself I tried...I need help to help u!!!!!!!...get well.......................love....

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Saturday, January 5, 2013


I had never planned on losing my job. It was a meaningful job. I gave it my all as a music therapist both on and off the clock. I kept my morals and ethics in check always. I did not moonlight other jobs. The fact is I got sick and more sick. What is most sick is once I found out what I was suffering from a backlash unprepared fell upon me. Family intervention, seperation, 4 fmla's divorce, 2nd opinion 'unfit for duty' If I would not have known about the 100k+ americans 1mil+world citizens suffering.mgd

Friday, January 4, 2013


Morgellon filament. Something that does not belong in one's body. Multitudes of 'cognitive' splinters acting somehow symbiotic and malicious. Physiological at first....unfortunately Psychological due to protocol of health cares inability to understand scope and depth of illness. THOUSANDS of theories. No cure. The illness is systemic with unholy lesions signifying threshold of illness. My scientific explanation is watered down compared to the true horror of the illness: my quote of MgD is " the body's inability to adapt to modern environmental stressors." The deeper paranoia known is that it was created by an israelian scientist @ stanford as a form of population control. The scientist was assassinated in his car in the middle of an intersection by american government agents. A conspiracy of denial by health care and governmental agents insue.Z

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


William Lincoln Schafer updated the description.
The new year 2013 invites you to join the secret club 'the Heavenly Music Corporation©' in the name of Gabriel you are encouraged to share lies, tall tales, alien abduction reports, metafiction, Visions, dreams, erotica, unusual phenomena, partical theory, hacking techniques, semantics, eytomology, ethnographic fantasies, Blasphemy; create new Avatar names and characters. Recall Dungeon & Dragon- advanced or basic - roleplaying adventues, drug induced thoughts and hallucinations,­ accidental ASC, conspiracy theories, and most importantly Revalations, Reveal my friends. Revel in being Creative and Imaginative. Both God and his best friend the Devil Enjoy Drama!! Entertain! Practice Naked Lunch Artistic Freedom of Speech! In the Name of our Failure David Foster Wallace. Enjoy yourself it's later than you think!!!!