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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Praise to you master musician troubadour. Words fail when speaking of "IN EAR PARK'. As a musicologist/historian/music therapist I claim that your work to be a 21st century masterpiece!!

You must continue. The intent needs resolution. Archangel Gabriel will speak through you. The opposite of thanatos is eros. 'Above Ear Park' 'beyond ear park'. Wear your emotions as you did then. Resolve mortality. Let loose the further questions and the wild orchestrations.

Do it for yourself and your childrens children. Much love. If ever in Saint Louis, look me up, william lincoln schafer (facebook) jazzresin (twitter and et.all) i would die to be your kontrabassist. Tenor sax is my money maker. I play all instruments. My western land name is Silent Birdsong.

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