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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Or Spirited Away. Yeah Spirited Away. House Taken awAy. I go homeless soon. To the seven seas once again. Cept i cant swim. I get sea sick. Rather suck Ruby than lemon or lime rind. A river boy i'm destined to be. A huck finn...a Lame Sawyer. Cept the rivers are full of Pharmecuticals n' GLYPHOSATE. Corn Syrup PrioNs. Mad Corn Syrup disease. Oh yeah n' a lot of Feces. Swine, Bovine,Sapian..... A hungry ghost i'll always be.Washed in the blood of the lambs. I work in the name of Archangel GABRIEL. Fk Yahweh. Let jEsUs out of Hell. Eldest Son of the Seventh Son. 777 William Lincoln Schafer I am your SHEPHERD you shall not WANT. SHAEF. Supreme Headquarters of the ALLied Expeditionary. FORCE. MK-NAOMI. I am dead living. As if all work and no play. Made jack an undead zombie immune to cold or Shined Ones.

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