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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


William Lincoln Schafer updated the description.
The new year 2013 invites you to join the secret club 'the Heavenly Music Corporation©' in the name of Gabriel you are encouraged to share lies, tall tales, alien abduction reports, metafiction, Visions, dreams, erotica, unusual phenomena, partical theory, hacking techniques, semantics, eytomology, ethnographic fantasies, Blasphemy; create new Avatar names and characters. Recall Dungeon & Dragon- advanced or basic - roleplaying adventues, drug induced thoughts and hallucinations,­ accidental ASC, conspiracy theories, and most importantly Revalations, Reveal my friends. Revel in being Creative and Imaginative. Both God and his best friend the Devil Enjoy Drama!! Entertain! Practice Naked Lunch Artistic Freedom of Speech! In the Name of our Failure David Foster Wallace. Enjoy yourself it's later than you think!!!!


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