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Friday, November 20, 2015

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192nitrous word falling shift linguals

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  • jazzresin
    Aug 1, 2001
    "s'all psychogeographics from here on
    out."<br>what u mean puhkapuk?<br>"ya..heh..well I for one am
    all for cloning...get rid of the sex syntax for good
    and the orgone slavery algebra of
    need..."<br>slothrop stumbles in from that high speed ambulance heist
    hopped up on some unreproduceable combination of
    intoxicants his voice husky and raw<br>"a and don't forget
    that the genitikally aultred food their designin is to
    help rid uss of the mucous dimension shifters
    cohabiatatin with our floral synerg...(cough cough)<br>"WHAT
    THE HELL IS THIS" <br>"heh heh well if it wasn't for
    the floride....."

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amb avant23garde ink - Yahoo Groups

Message 145 of 205 , Jul 11, 2000 
"a good Rocket to take us to the stars, an evil
Rocket for the World`s<br>suicide, the two perpetually
in struggle."<br><br>Jazz 1913 software 1956
Manhattan 1614<br><br>duh 1963 1986 dis 1877
dude<br><br>media 1921 bottom line 1970 1911 blues<br><br>teenager
1938<br><br>cold war 1946

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amb avant23garde ink - Yahoo Groups

the moldau smetlana on the record player an empty
terminal and thoughts of runnin through well trod trails
to alcoves and caves and the cliff vistas over
forests dense and dark. smell of pine and moss. jagged
rocks where I hide treasured objects found. little song
crystals that I mine from the oberloo cave. sing little
crystal while I imbue toadstool soup and bitter
nogfoggin. oh slouching vision must I leave these paths for
the towns jelous whispering stabs with millmueing and
lustbating timewasters. song crystals play me the song that
stops time dead in it's tracks and mingle with the
shimmering ethersounds. my aleph so always near plays a game
with the speed of my blood and eyesclosed colourspasm.
LO mighty blinking strobe of the peripheral vision.
If I stop too long the shimmer screams into shards
of suspicion and surveliannce. <br>oh wildness tamed
now I don't care for the ochre robe.  Wls

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

▶︎ Benjamin B Brennan Live @ Livery Co. | The Garment Row


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i indeed dunno

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10203650621424448&id=1784062268 uh huh.  that was an eye opener. I mean in my heart of hearts i just see the first pangs of over9opulation. then in my mentally ill methodist mind I pray Revelations chap 21 oclock or somethin like that. Then my pineal gland sends psionic hidden messages, No Hitler, No Holocaust, No Israel!  Ashkanazi Nazism in its Zion Manifest Destiny of Israel from the Nile to Constantinople along with half of Iran. karma is a bitch deutschland. Then the optomist in me explains that the only way out is in. whereupon a world government is neccesary with all world belief systems would need to be put in a more buddhist discipline through divine alien CE6 event showing us the wrongs of our mentally ill religious drives. each world citizen would recieve a bit of a bitcoin for food, transit, shelter, drugs.  population control would go into effect whereupon all males gonads would be zapped infertile and to have the process reversed they would have to endure a long period of  character observation surveillance along with successfully passing many semesters of parenting class. haha. yeah right. the nihilist in me shakes his gd dmned fckin head and is reminded that since war is no. 2 in population control behind no.1 hunger. then i curse monsanto and my father. dr. d.e. schafer for their alll too successful herbacide Roundup. Glyph glyphosate would be great if we had another green world.....now i bask in paranoia. I love paranoia. my preferred state of conciousness.  i can confidently say, "i dunno" to it all. lol. haha. its ok to not know.

Friday, November 6, 2015

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Oedipa Maas (OM) is the executrix of Pierce Inverarity's will (PI),
and she tries to resolve his endlessly complicated estate. She becomes
a sorting Demon (Maxwells Demon) and suffers a Demon's fate, the
incipience of Paranoia. And yet, unless Oedipa goes mad, OM will never
determine PI. Oedipa may abolish indeterminancy but she cannot resolve
it. Her choice is Paranoia(order) or Entropy(disorder). Choose wisley. 

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