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Friday, November 20, 2015

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the moldau smetlana on the record player an empty
terminal and thoughts of runnin through well trod trails
to alcoves and caves and the cliff vistas over
forests dense and dark. smell of pine and moss. jagged
rocks where I hide treasured objects found. little song
crystals that I mine from the oberloo cave. sing little
crystal while I imbue toadstool soup and bitter
nogfoggin. oh slouching vision must I leave these paths for
the towns jelous whispering stabs with millmueing and
lustbating timewasters. song crystals play me the song that
stops time dead in it's tracks and mingle with the
shimmering ethersounds. my aleph so always near plays a game
with the speed of my blood and eyesclosed colourspasm.
LO mighty blinking strobe of the peripheral vision.
If I stop too long the shimmer screams into shards
of suspicion and surveliannce. <br>oh wildness tamed
now I don't care for the ochre robe.  Wls

wls777 iPod 2 aiR 128gb

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