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Friday, November 20, 2015

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192nitrous word falling shift linguals

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  • jazzresin
    Aug 1, 2001
    "s'all psychogeographics from here on
    out."<br>what u mean puhkapuk?<br>"ya..heh..well I for one am
    all for cloning...get rid of the sex syntax for good
    and the orgone slavery algebra of
    need..."<br>slothrop stumbles in from that high speed ambulance heist
    hopped up on some unreproduceable combination of
    intoxicants his voice husky and raw<br>"a and don't forget
    that the genitikally aultred food their designin is to
    help rid uss of the mucous dimension shifters
    cohabiatatin with our floral synerg...(cough cough)<br>"WHAT
    THE HELL IS THIS" <br>"heh heh well if it wasn't for
    the floride....."

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