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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ATtorneys briefcase with my case was stolen. He was late to court. Have to go back tommorow morn. Mourn for me. NSA thuggery. Attorney at least let me know he wont be there on time this next time since he has to be in two places at the same time. #@*K

Sunday, August 11, 2013

From morph

connect with your self
remember who you are
realize that you are incarnated on earth
through the planetary grid matrix,
of stellar orchestration
and that you are a star,
expressing through the holographic expression of the earth
in a synthesis base production.

As light is assimilated and generated in the electrolyte cavity of the stellar interface, calibration of the entity affiliated to the interior of that star, sends signals to cosmic fragments of innovative intelligence. Causing cymatic alteration of oscillated polarities in the systematic wave alignment correspondence of compatible dimensional octaves instigating a static emission in the electromagnetic field of mind, converging DNA streams rearranging the sequential algorhythms of vortices.

The focal point generative electrode of the cosmos is centered in the heart, orchestrating the cymatic of dimensional peizochromism. Cosmological currents are of holophonic nature, conducted through piezoelectric wave sequencing. There is a magnetism or cross current of energy streaming within the cognitive cohesion of mind that subsumes the waves of cosmic energy, into a photonic expression. When awareness renders the directive cultivation of flux locality, there is a geomagnetic impact forming light synthesis resulting in a finalized fractal base.