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Friday, December 15, 2017

Please help i have been scammed out of 2000$ or .1462 bitcoin purchased with money from a check her family had deposited into my account that bounced

In desperate need of help. Ive been romance scammed. They sent me a check that defaulted after i had already sent .1462 or 2000$ at time of purchase using money i believed was theres.  At the time of this writing it sits in account 


Was trying to help my new girlfriend whom i met on online dating site badoo.   

whom was taking RN classes in alaska. She claimed to not have a bank account and said she didnt want her family to know she was there. . I would help her out by sending her bitcoin, she would have her family send me money walmart to walmart to me which i would then use coinbase to send to a btc vendor she used. That occured once before wiithout a problem This last time however a check was deposited in my account that had failed after a few days. I had used 2000$ of the money to send to her vendor. My account was severely overdrawn and is now frozen. Is there anything you can do to assist me? The btc vendor(or accomplice) phone number is 845-418-2551 and claims to reside at 498 gali dr. Wassilla alaska 99654   My phone number is 314-323-2999.  The transaction from coinbase.com was NP5LX4SQ. The send to the scammer elizabeth lambert or accomplice or vendor is this 12LzFGT1tLPNM33QxkUdV543QZxVujYZQQ Was the btc address

The elizabet lambert that directly scammed me is this facebook account:   
Google subscriber phone number 3233649265
Only email she provided was: amprettyofcourse@yahoo.com

Elizabeth Lamberts real profile i believe may be Elizabeth Diane Lambert Beisemeyer. She lives according to her daughter leigh snoddy to live in booneville. Thier family resides close by just across the river in new franklin.
Her facebook account is this:

She pulled a romance scam on me, she claims to be 30 yrs old when she is born in 1959. She used pictures of her daughters and claims it is her, she had someone deposit money in my bank and then had me send btc and moneygrams to her.  I would like my 2000$ returned. She lives in New franklin, mo which is not far from marshall missouri where i reside i have filed a police report here in marshall and will do so in new franklin tomorrow. 

My bitcoin recieve address at coinbase is currently 15R7Yibb9JJMwgXPi8Bztc6Y3RyT2G3YqM

I filed a report with the city of marshall department of police a few days ago. They did not provide me with a report number,  their phone number is 6608867411. Www.marshallpolice.com
Townsend@marshallmopolice.com was the officer i spoke to.

My commerce bank has one of their security detectives call me. He has not returned my three calls to him, his number is 3147463793
I initially spoke to paul roberta branch manager 5738865286

I understand i may not be able to recieve any of the btc but i would like this to go on record whereas justice be served and criminals face their karma,

Thanks william schafer. Jazzresin@gmail.com 3243232999