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Sunday, March 31, 2019

So yeah.

Guess ive been hacked for quite some time now. Fuck you evil. May karma correct you. May A.I. See to it that you cease your evil. Evidence of this will be neccesary. Fuck you scammers. Fuck you shit hackerz. Fuck you decievers. Transparency now upon your shade. @vusadbeby.ml justice karma fate destiny NOW

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Sick of corporate greed

Your service is becoming too expensive for me, i have paid you Sooo much money in the past. You kept taxing me on unnecessary services i thought i told your robot helper to discontinue. You DONT cut me any breaks when i struggle to pay on time, if im a day or two late you decide to tax me with reinstall fees. Numerous times. You see how i do pay and see the cashflow but you position my billing date in a predatory fashion, i hate your greed. I hate how you dont cover certain rural small towns. Did you know narcassists and sociopaths use this break in service to hurt people. They USE your bullshit lack of service to lie steal and cheat, yet your greed never ends. You are whats wrong with this world.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Brian Eno - No One Receiving - 1977- Written & Produced by Brian Eno

We are the central shaft
And we are here to let you take advantage
Of our lack of craft
Certain streets have certain corners
Sooner or later we'll turn your.

We are the 801
We are the central shaft
And thus throughout two years we've crossed the ocean
In our little craft (row, row, row)
Now we're on the telephone
Making final arrangements (ding, ding)

We are the 801
We are the central shaft
Looking for a certain ratio
Someone must have left it underneath the carpet
Looking up and down the radio
Oh, oh, nothing there this time
Looking for a certain ratio
Someone said they saw it parking in a car lot
Looking up and down the radio
Oh, oh, nothing there this time
Going back down to the rodeo

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, here we go!
We are the table the captain's table let's get it understood
Let's get it understood
We are the losers we are the cruisers let's get it understood
Let's get it understood
We are the diners the final diners let's get it understood
Let's get it understood

Most of us are tinkers, some of us tailors
And we've got candlesticks and lots of cocktail sticks
We saw the lovers the modern lovers and they looked very good
They looked as if they could
We are the neighbors the nosy neighbors we think just like you would
We think just like you should.

lost so much (dedicated to memory of phillip k. dick)


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Why is the youtube algorithm so inept to replay a video i had REWATCHED yesterday. I had initially viewed and enjoyed the video some years back. The video was upon affected collectives presentation upon phillip k. Dick. I was not terribly bothered by yesterdays replay as i enjoy both the subject matter and the presenters but i am writing this in complete dismay of how utterly stupid the algorithms are to think that youtube would believe i want to view this again. Anything UNWATCHED by either affected collective or about phillip k. Dick would have been more than fine but no. A huge gaping failure on YOUR part youtube. I am trusting your power and responsibility less and less. My willingness to contribute content, my lifeblood of artistic output, is certainly lessened. YOUR name BRAND youtube is soon becoming one of disdain and disappointment where once it was a paradigm shift of optimism and an evolutionary force for good,

If your A.i. algorithms are this broken there is no doubt that your human jobs are a hoax and fraudulent and you are criminals on the take like so many other corporate shills.

This is a simple problem. On AUTOPLAY i don't want to rewatch what i've seen before EVER.
Please FIX THiS.

I would like an explanation to this nonsense.

William Schafer

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

When you find out it all begins to make sense. All the previous phenomena that was so non congruent and baffling suddenly goes to the wayside in a moment of acknowledgement. Not to say the struggle ends because it doesnt....but knowing is half the battle. W.schafer 2019

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Erite up

This represents my journey thru the underground of the drug addicted and criminal minded. It is from the years 2015-2019. The welcome inn is the strange hotel of columbia missouri i lived in when a narcassist woman tricked me into love and used me for several years i moved to her hometown. During this awful time i was prolific in recording music in the iOs. The western lands in the place of immortality that the writer william s. Burroughs wrote about. This is the soundtrack of my life as of late