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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Love at first sight?

All the time Multiple universes a sea of timelines all van der graff bubble. Truth is function of power more so than the empirical objective evidence you stumble upon. All those flickers of remote view flashes of what if and auto downloaded helicopter pilot manuals are real as can be picasso said the cthulu truth of it all. If you can imagine it it is real. So love at first sight is absolute. Now a definitive definition of love? Not so sure but have a pretty good idea. Best to stay humble in respect.

w. l.
Wish it wasnt so wish there was more order in the multiverse. The harshness of mothernature is the law of the jungle dont get consumed and avoid consquences. Chance is luck and if you rely on it then you better hope your willpower will get you through. Destiny and Fate having a sexy catfight over yer soul downright explicit cant help but lewd. The. Karma quietly walks in. The girls put their garments back on and apply makeup. Karma isnt bothered in the least and she stares straight ahead at you. I gamble crypto freebit what not yoladice i understand the martingale and how attractive it is to play the double down however there is the Yaw waY of it all the david foster wallace buzzkill of the law of large numbers. It makes you want to work honest for the things that matter it puts you in your place and either awoke as hell from it or on an endless self medicate haunt. Life takes living. The meaning of life is to make it meaningful. Diy is best stay zef with your culture no fear life is fragile as fuck so appreciate death invite it in daily less likely to come around that way. Solitude is a blessing isolation is a curse. Self reliant mind with a hungry ghost heart. Do u relate. Can you help me?

w. l.


Whisper tintypes. Musician former therapist teacher. Too strange to live too rare to kill. Sure. Am the son of glyphosate. Yes you read that correct. Born in winnipeg raised in creve coeur missouri. Yes i have dual citizenship and its been hell being auto placed on watch lists. They would have it that im a terrorist but i assure you i am an INFP pacifist middle child 'lover not a fighter' yet strongly believes one has to party for ones right to fight. Am rich and invisible no one picks up on me and how good i can make it in love and life. I read deltq of venus by anais nin as a teenager I fear little. I welcome the lord to take my life daily somehow death avoids the hell out of me. If yer intrigued by me then you should have no problems remote viewing. Simply search jazzresin. My artist avatar dj tag. There is only one. Check me out and say hello. "Solitude is a blessing isolation is a curse. Self reliant mind with a hungry ghost heart." A poem i composed earlier today. Can u relate?

w. l.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020








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11 11 2020


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Dead deejays

Dead Deejays soul selectors j.resin oct seventeen

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