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Thursday, November 12, 2020


Whisper tintypes. Musician former therapist teacher. Too strange to live too rare to kill. Sure. Am the son of glyphosate. Yes you read that correct. Born in winnipeg raised in creve coeur missouri. Yes i have dual citizenship and its been hell being auto placed on watch lists. They would have it that im a terrorist but i assure you i am an INFP pacifist middle child 'lover not a fighter' yet strongly believes one has to party for ones right to fight. Am rich and invisible no one picks up on me and how good i can make it in love and life. I read deltq of venus by anais nin as a teenager I fear little. I welcome the lord to take my life daily somehow death avoids the hell out of me. If yer intrigued by me then you should have no problems remote viewing. Simply search jazzresin. My artist avatar dj tag. There is only one. Check me out and say hello. "Solitude is a blessing isolation is a curse. Self reliant mind with a hungry ghost heart." A poem i composed earlier today. Can u relate?

w. l.

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Look im busy. I dont know if and when i will reply. Sorry if my post offended. Life is strange.