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Friday, February 10, 2012

Multifrequency Behavior of Microquasars in the GeV--TeV era: A review

Bosch-Ramon, V.
eprint arXiv:1106.2059
Microquasars are X-ray binaries that present non-thermal radio jets. Efficient particle acceleration can take place in different regions of the jets of microquasars. The accelerated particles can emit gamma-rays via leptonic or hadronic processes, with a complex spectral and temporal behavior. The jet termination region can be also an efficient non-thermal emitter, as well as, in high-mass microquasars, the region of the binary system outside the jet. In this work, I briefly describe the physics behind the non-thermal emission observed in microquasars at different scales, focusing in the GeV and TeV bands.
Keywords: Astrophysics - High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

S is for Start (avoid procrastination embrace the magic and movement action momentum energy)

M is for Motivate. Find passion meaning productive and happy work. If team leader one of your most imp. duties is to find out what motivates each and every team member.

A is for Accelerate (speed thinking. Get easy stuff out of the way in order to free up time, shorten meetings, improve quality of life.)

R is for Removal of Responsobilities. A smarter way to work is to realize you cannot continually take on more projrcts. Let go of the lesser importance (ask users what they REALLY need) Simplify, the faster you can go and the more you can do in less time. To speed up means that you have to simplify(what can u remove,delegate, outsource.

T is for time. Stop complaining about wasted time do something about it. Time manegement. Prioritize.

E for explore

R for results