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Saturday, January 15, 2022

In hell

Purchased google one so to google take out my brand account data.

It offered google one within my google brand account page. I purchased then it says not available for brand accounts. That is bad business. My brand account that had been forced upon me back in 2014 that has been wrongfully terminated as i made a mistake of sharing a private video by changing it to link shared only. I had another strike reduced to a warning as i was making a private playlist of hentai videos. Anyways this strike was reduced to a warning but then the channel was shortly after terminated. My emotions and responses i cant remember this has been like losing a child my art and music gone?!? For what sharing an erotic art film of screenshots of my hidden photo to a woman friend who wanted to see it again. I know how stupid am i. I dont think terminating my brand account youtube channel was justifiable. It was certainly way too severe. Help help. What should i do?

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Outstanding little treasures of bone china If i was to have a tea party i would invite of course alice liddell the original alice in wonderland. Barron trump and his dog bulger, john titor, abe lincoln, and ingersoll lockwood (doc brown). The three of them have been traveling together i hear. Id invite norrma jeane when she was mrs dougherty id invite billy the kids mother Catherine Devine McCarty or Antrim. This world would have been so much better if the consumption could have been cured i would want george e. Ohr as the MC of the event the mad potter rather than hatter. Big nose Kate and her sister Wilhelmina before the Earp brothel claimed them. I guess i would deejay as jazzresin oh yeah Buddy Holly will be there and bettie page. Evelyn nesbit. Yeah that would be thirteen in time for thirteen cups. No flan bit tiramisu will be served with those tiny oranges

Each teacup is a different maker. And wow coalport wedgewood the names are the big ones the creme de lecouer of european and world potters
No george ohr for sale but his dragonsnake teapot of mine will pour the tea and his angular real rock thumbrest multi dimensional creamer will be a real conversation point. Sometimes i wonder if Yaw waY took human form as george e. Ohr. Everything would make sense.

Oh yeah phillip k. Dick might show up as if you have ever read the three stigmata of palmer eldritch you would know his interest in pottery as a method of transmigration to a higher spiritual self. I agree with him. The vessal that holds liquid is very much alike to all living creatures. William s. Burroughs said he would take a raincheck but ill twist his arm as i know he would absolutely love such a fantastic event and will regret missing it.

Enjoy remote view.
Willpower and imagination Over magic and science is the new era. Blockchain save us all from the governments schools hospitals banks and churches.

Thanks for looking feel free to ask questions and check out my other curiosities and rare finds for sale. If you have any packing requests by all means let me know and i will accommodate them best i can.

Inquiries about the Creamer and teapot are welcome. Someone tell misty fizer of marshall missouri to return the large brown teapot and the small white bisque vase waitressed with very long mustache hairs around the middle. Those two i had identified as being made be Ohr.

lot 13 authentic bone china demitasse cups saucers danbury mint Different Makers.

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Buddy Holly photobooth photo for sale


w. l.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

They ignore i try to stay nice. Free shrugs but really its smdfh

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> On Dec 8, 2021, at 3:56 PM, William Schafer <jazzresin@gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings my name is William Schafer. Am from st.louis i reside now in Marshall Mo. for the last two years i have been exploring old photographs tintypes daguerreotypes ambrotypes CDVs and photobooth photos. I have made significant discoveries. A recent discovery has been several ambrotypes of the infamous civil war soldier Bloody Bill Anderson. There is quite a fascinating story of events leading to the discovery perhaps worth a page or two in the RFT. Send someone over to Marshall and i can share the american treasures i have unearthed.
> Feel free to contact me
> 3143232999
> Jazzresin@icloud.com
> William Schafer

The 2021 norma jeane/marilyn monroe films of w.l.schafer/jazzresin


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Space Bill. Thank you!

Purest billy the kid ever seen. I wonder if the person who purchased it even knows!?!?
Identified him cause i know him like ive always known him and his family. They all stem from john titor. No joke. Dont care what you think about rabbit holes and tinfoil caps the continued story line of john titor, abe lincoln, ingersoll lockwood, julius assange, barron trump, back to the future, nikoli tesla, marilyn monroe, earp brothers and their mothers brothel where big noSe kate and her sister prob worked and doc was a client, and william s. Burroughs was savvy to the space bil if u cant keep your apt clean how are you ever going to pilot this spaceship? Discipline of D.E. Is a concise how-to-manual upon remote view. Marilyn murdered due to what jack showed her at area 51. Time travel causes mandela effect or titor decay. Dont get me wrong tho check out this photo of titor young abe lincoln with ingersoll lockwood. Wth!!!! Exciting and most heavy in its scope and depth. I improvised a scenario the other day. Bil thanks for the space. Us bills need to look out for each other thank you and Johnny. Ill share as it comes thru. The unrealness doesnt phase me. I dont get too upset when others are unable to see and acknowledge what is perfectly clear to me. I remind myself that it aint about me well almost i do appreciate you all using me as your slothrup, conduit, holy wounded spear scar, schlehmehlb. Hypnogogic is where im at remote view scanner of phenomena associated with historical presence. D.E. gateway technique. tintype whisper. https://jazzres.in jazzresin@gmail.com https://youtube.com/jazzresin https://ebay.com/usr/jresin all discoveries are unverified and should be considered potential.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Letter to my nephew

Theres more still there.  Even if the seller savvies up ill be alright.  The world deserves to see and understand  their story.  It belongs to not just us americans but all of humanity.  I guess i can die satisfied.  Often i  get a feeling not unlike a matrix sort of deal that all this is some sort of futuristic drama where they test somebody like job or jeaus in order to record reactions and behaviors some sort of set up haha the jokes on bill but over the years the brand name  in their long game is paydirt.  I dont know if i die of mysterious circumstanses you can figure on the worst, but hey im ok with that,  yknow the school of 'find an interesting death.  How is 
Thomas Pynchon gonna  go?  Any day now.  I wrote him tried twisting his arm into releasing his memoirs like it or not the warhol 'artist as the art' factor is off the charts with old recluse shut in Tom still hiding out from the military industrial complex wanting their rocket scientist back under their wing. I am somewhere around 60-70 percent sure that it was thomas pynchon using an alias while teaching twentieth century lit course at university of missouri columbia mizzou during the winter 92 semester. He taught  james joyce raymond chandler, hemingway steinbeck  then of course he taught pynchon. The crying of lot 49. Which its paranoid undertones and apocolyptic  veil always revealing new doomsdays and the retreat into subculture.  Half the time tho he spoke of gravitys rainbow. I was all about it wasnt able to finish ullyses 2/3rds of the way thru i missed the ggod part the wild evening  of a day in the life of bloom,  but by the time i went to your Moms graduation with her first degree from KU i was mad splicing a foothold into the greatest most difficult text of the twentieth century.  You should find a physical copy and have if sit around. Its about drugs sex science staying alive lots of drugs mad love its experimental as hell.  It is the purest chaos majick.  I know now that tom figured out the industrial war machine its banksters had fabricated the war the war was not about japan vs us germany vs england russia vs the world it happened so that corporations would profit.  The banks funded both sides and ate popcorn while millions upon millions died. Thom quit his high clearence job with boeing and all the secrets of the V2 nazi rocket and transmuted it into something that would save the world. All the while paranoid as fuck that the 'they🐚' would kidnap him and that would be it.  Fine.  No tom  stepped up to the plate nd learned to cross dress in order to get groceries and score dope, lol.  How is the world gonna know about his  epic struggles and victories without his ok to release memoirs.  His acceptance speech to the bookk award was great but really he should  be given the nobel peace prize and actually be there this time. So what if he has a bag over his head. Shoot me yr appt address and ill send a copy. Read a page random. The scope and depth goes way beyond and easily become a book of magic like a book of spells a beginners guide to remote viewing .  Staring at the abyss knowing that you are getting stared right back at and thn some.  It is the book timothy leary read while imprisoned for  having a marijuana seed  most likely planted  by the gov.   I ramble on.  Solitude screaming at me like the first sentence of GR.  What you doin? I


w. l.