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Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Outstanding little treasures of bone china If i was to have a tea party i would invite of course alice liddell the original alice in wonderland. Barron trump and his dog bulger, john titor, abe lincoln, and ingersoll lockwood (doc brown). The three of them have been traveling together i hear. Id invite norrma jeane when she was mrs dougherty id invite billy the kids mother Catherine Devine McCarty or Antrim. This world would have been so much better if the consumption could have been cured i would want george e. Ohr as the MC of the event the mad potter rather than hatter. Big nose Kate and her sister Wilhelmina before the Earp brothel claimed them. I guess i would deejay as jazzresin oh yeah Buddy Holly will be there and bettie page. Evelyn nesbit. Yeah that would be thirteen in time for thirteen cups. No flan bit tiramisu will be served with those tiny oranges

Each teacup is a different maker. And wow coalport wedgewood the names are the big ones the creme de lecouer of european and world potters
No george ohr for sale but his dragonsnake teapot of mine will pour the tea and his angular real rock thumbrest multi dimensional creamer will be a real conversation point. Sometimes i wonder if Yaw waY took human form as george e. Ohr. Everything would make sense.

Oh yeah phillip k. Dick might show up as if you have ever read the three stigmata of palmer eldritch you would know his interest in pottery as a method of transmigration to a higher spiritual self. I agree with him. The vessal that holds liquid is very much alike to all living creatures. William s. Burroughs said he would take a raincheck but ill twist his arm as i know he would absolutely love such a fantastic event and will regret missing it.

Enjoy remote view.
Willpower and imagination Over magic and science is the new era. Blockchain save us all from the governments schools hospitals banks and churches.

Thanks for looking feel free to ask questions and check out my other curiosities and rare finds for sale. If you have any packing requests by all means let me know and i will accommodate them best i can.

Inquiries about the Creamer and teapot are welcome. Someone tell misty fizer of marshall missouri to return the large brown teapot and the small white bisque vase waitressed with very long mustache hairs around the middle. Those two i had identified as being made be Ohr.

lot 13 authentic bone china demitasse cups saucers danbury mint Different Makers.

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