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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Letter to my nephew

Theres more still there.  Even if the seller savvies up ill be alright.  The world deserves to see and understand  their story.  It belongs to not just us americans but all of humanity.  I guess i can die satisfied.  Often i  get a feeling not unlike a matrix sort of deal that all this is some sort of futuristic drama where they test somebody like job or jeaus in order to record reactions and behaviors some sort of set up haha the jokes on bill but over the years the brand name  in their long game is paydirt.  I dont know if i die of mysterious circumstanses you can figure on the worst, but hey im ok with that,  yknow the school of 'find an interesting death.  How is 
Thomas Pynchon gonna  go?  Any day now.  I wrote him tried twisting his arm into releasing his memoirs like it or not the warhol 'artist as the art' factor is off the charts with old recluse shut in Tom still hiding out from the military industrial complex wanting their rocket scientist back under their wing. I am somewhere around 60-70 percent sure that it was thomas pynchon using an alias while teaching twentieth century lit course at university of missouri columbia mizzou during the winter 92 semester. He taught  james joyce raymond chandler, hemingway steinbeck  then of course he taught pynchon. The crying of lot 49. Which its paranoid undertones and apocolyptic  veil always revealing new doomsdays and the retreat into subculture.  Half the time tho he spoke of gravitys rainbow. I was all about it wasnt able to finish ullyses 2/3rds of the way thru i missed the ggod part the wild evening  of a day in the life of bloom,  but by the time i went to your Moms graduation with her first degree from KU i was mad splicing a foothold into the greatest most difficult text of the twentieth century.  You should find a physical copy and have if sit around. Its about drugs sex science staying alive lots of drugs mad love its experimental as hell.  It is the purest chaos majick.  I know now that tom figured out the industrial war machine its banksters had fabricated the war the war was not about japan vs us germany vs england russia vs the world it happened so that corporations would profit.  The banks funded both sides and ate popcorn while millions upon millions died. Thom quit his high clearence job with boeing and all the secrets of the V2 nazi rocket and transmuted it into something that would save the world. All the while paranoid as fuck that the 'they🐚' would kidnap him and that would be it.  Fine.  No tom  stepped up to the plate nd learned to cross dress in order to get groceries and score dope, lol.  How is the world gonna know about his  epic struggles and victories without his ok to release memoirs.  His acceptance speech to the bookk award was great but really he should  be given the nobel peace prize and actually be there this time. So what if he has a bag over his head. Shoot me yr appt address and ill send a copy. Read a page random. The scope and depth goes way beyond and easily become a book of magic like a book of spells a beginners guide to remote viewing .  Staring at the abyss knowing that you are getting stared right back at and thn some.  It is the book timothy leary read while imprisoned for  having a marijuana seed  most likely planted  by the gov.   I ramble on.  Solitude screaming at me like the first sentence of GR.  What you doin? I


w. l.

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