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Monday, May 21, 2018

Misty fizer

I have been decimated by this woman that i tried to love for two years. She was awful and i was naiive. She had a thing for this exboyfriend who sits in prison for killing another man. She stole my car, the fourth time. I know right, im an idiot. Maybe all she wanted was to wise me up since she had every one call me the professor. So she steals my car and her and her exboyfriend end up in sedalia. He was wearing my pumas they misplaced my car charger they took my belongings, anyways karma caught up with her and she and her mcfuckshit exboyfriend were to move to kansas city. Except the circle of trust disintegrated and he ended up pulling spark plugs in the rented truck in her name, i helped her return it but it was too late. She was reported as stealing the truck. She later got busted with him outside of walmart. I bailed her out. What a mistake that was. Two times she had the money in hand but didnt pay back. Two times. What a fool am i. But what a low down awful criminal scoundral is she, misty dawn fizer. You are the worst person i know. I should pray for you but im so low that i should pray that i stay alive cause you made me want to die.




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