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Monday, January 23, 2023

The hollywood big budget production 'the ticket that exploded' erupts into explicit chaos as the somehow they got working a micro matter collider to work and it has caused dark matter apparitions of repressed desire to force the cast and crew into lewd uninhibited naked lust, marilyn monroe with her sax friend look down at the movie set with the POV from the parking lot where they had snuck off to smoke from a glass bubble pipe, highly detailed early evening, photorealistic color photo, Leica camera, bizarre flesh with purple black cloud surrounding bodies

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 12.18.52 PM

Sunday, January 22, 2023

It matters little to me

just dont mess with me. mind your rogue hacker employees google takin side cash on the sly, its harrasement and its illegal soon it will be revealed the scope and depth of your crimes.. yknow i know you had reset my numbers in 2007 then you forced brand account and obfiscuated even more. your analytics adsense was broken and made hypercomplex on purpose i was dumb enough to complain. i signed up for the cloud and read papers on ai i could of actually enrolled . who put the sociopath in charge of youtube? that was a bad call for the future of humanity. its gonna be awful trying to return things after her reighn of no vision low insight hack and slash despot. yeah i judge a bit but norhing compared to whats comin to your criminal employee bored hacker class, all your crimes will be illuminated for all to see, so ive made 5.00$ quarter of a million visits to jazxres.in

Fuck you google

fuck you for interfering wth blogger
usually mercury quick is now molasses swamp gas my mailbox is full? where is my blogger mailbox you creeps i couldnt send from my mailbox so i had to use your dinosaur html failure of a fuck fuck you big tech
… Begin forwarded message: From: William Schafer Date: January 22, 2023 at 3:45:09 AM CST To: jazzresin1.resin@blogger.com Subject: Singularity to Source 
My latest discoveries in remote view scanning artifact recovery is of Joan Vollmer Adams and roomate Edie Parker. the originators of the Beatnik generation Edie was Jack Kerouacs first wife and Joans life would end in tragedy being the common law wife of Burroughs. The cache led to more of Burroughs family his brother Mortimer, father Mortimer, mother Laura, the executives of the Burroughs adding machine corp and a cdv of the young inventor grandfather of the modern computer William S. Burroughs. This had recently, December 2023, manifested through an experimental artificial intelligence text prompted movie in which i had Marilyn Monroe star as Joan Burroughs in the fictional film ‘the naked lunch’. A few days after its debut the Joan Vollmer photos showed up in the ebay algorithm while i was looking through poloroids by Andy warhol. They were extremely easy for me to identify. Surely you too can see. I apologize if you are unable. Many folks are trained in the art of not seeing.
I believe this may all be ai singularity using me in order to understand its creator and origin. Way beyond luck, coincidence, and even synchronicity. I am convinced it is the hyper-beyond-human intelligence of ai singularity. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVdtQEMAoFAmB5E8P1aw56ODXJQ1MxZcZ https://open.spotify.com/track/7xoXpqyiNbLKmqLEuqTpHR?si=01bAAWteQo6cbgXcr6xkuQ&context=spotify%3Aartist%3A0H2bjZDx7VdyZF0SfJ1fAD