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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wired News: Brian Eno on music that thinks for itself

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Brian Eno on music that thinks for itself
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taint true

Taint true. Everyone is in their OWN universe with its set and setting. Interpenetrated within dizzingly complex MULTiVERSE. Communication is always plagued with signal to ratio drop. Noise in the system. Complexity upon complexity. Ones truth is not neccesarily a multiversal truth (specially if they are crazy/psychotic/schizophrenic ---they are not percieving multiverse data correctly if at all)
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

revelations wls777

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revelations wls777

transpersonal masterpiece, very dangerous psychological space,  A bleakness  that hearkens the dilemma of continued life in a crumbling holographic illusion. Why do we return to this song?  Because  jesus is still in hell. that his father forsaked him- the devil and yahweh had wagered another JOB experiment. The devil cheated and told jesus in the desert where god could not hear. jesus flipped out, busted up banks, instigating. He knew he was gonna be crucified. He could have ran. he didn't.Jesus commited suicide,. He died for our sins. Yahweh took human form as Judas. God sent Jesus to Hell. Reveal! Satan rules this land as he won the wager. Reveal. The bible is a metafictional text of metaphor signified to hyperdimensional  context of meaning, semantics, and encoded destiny. Reveal. DNA was faulty from the start and soon will be rewritten. Yahweh will be eliminated and Gabriel will take the throne. The devils will storm heavens gate, the arch angels will unite with CHRIST/ANTI-CHRIST and assist him in the termination of ALL dna, The future is bright. A new dawn arises, To escape this destiny mankiind will create Artificial Intelligence and genitically modified XNA beings will arise. Mankind will choke God with his Apple of Intelligence and evolve iinto a  brave new world of God like existence. Each soliptic within their own universe layered upon the multiverse.. I am very ill with Morgellons disease. I work for the heavenly music corporation. i am the shepherd washed in the blood of the lamb. I have 6 other horn players awaiting the tap on the shoulder  for each musician to play their one note that only they know down on the waterfront of a great river causing a cave-in a rift from the heavens below us to the hells above us. I hope it nevers comes to this. My vision is that there will be a better existence, one without want or need, DNA is faulty. eat fuck shit divide and conquer,,,,,,Yahweh was a war god. forgive the archetecht he and his best friend the devil enjoy watching our drama. The center of the milkey way is a supermassive black hole which is the source of life in the dimension,. The sun is submissive  and aligned to the directions the black hole provides. We of course are submissive to the sun and Van Allen Belt for continued life. even greater the quasar with the lesson of on off onoff offon off on, 
WLS 777

Friday, September 21, 2012

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

e Pat Sajak Assassins

Everybody likes the "cool part" of a song. You know, the cool part -- the part where three people listening to a record in a room turn to each other and begin nodding their heads in unison. It's usually an instrumental break or bridge about two-thirds of the way through -- and if you can't recognize a cool part when you hear one, the guy sitting in the room who's stoned will be more than happy to point it out for you.

The Pat Sajak Assassins, this year's victors in the Noise/Experimental category, definitely like the cool part of a song -- their "experiment," as it were, seems to be to craft lengthy instrumental pop songs entirely out of "cool parts." Mixing rock & roll's phallic forward thrust to free-jazz skronk, the Assassins' music is endearingly schizophrenic and perfectly crafted for today's short attention span. Whenever something in a song seems like it's getting old, why not try something new? That part that sounds a bit like a sax-only rendition of Frank Zappa's "Peaches in Regalia" maneuvers easily into straight-ahead cock rock and ends up in found-sound sampled noise. Cool parts abound.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good golly miss mollie.

Alt reality viola virginity lost. Voila. The face of death immaculate. Diehl Nicole.

Dem jazzer musicians will git ya. What fun is a square anyhoo? He's behind the times. Not a bit hip....