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Saturday, January 26, 2019

2019-2020 SWP Printed Catalog Request

Hi my name is william schafer. Im an musician/artist living in missouri. Would like a catalog sent to me. I was thinking about Kerouac and the school for disembodied poetry and how beneficial it would be to interact with the workshops and attend classes of university.

I am not that concerned with the acquiring of degrees or credentials...more along the notion of how i can better place my eccentric self back into this expanding yet so disparate world.

I met william burroughs a year before his passing in lawrence kansas. I was staying with friends whom played together in the band blackwater. They lived a few blocks away from bill and knew where he lived. I saw bill before only briefly at the nova convention. I had wanted to meet bill as a few of his books had contained phenomena that were beyond explanation and had a lasting transformative effect upon me. On a sunday late morning i knocked on his door. He growled, 'what do you want?' And i told him just as you kerouac and ginsberg paid homage by visiting celine i was there to see him. No longer growling he invited me in. We spoke of many things, his favorite cartoons, creve coeur lake, genesis p.orridge, dr. fingers schafer, and the writings of thomas pynchon. The curved bejeweled dagger that brion gysin had given him was displayed on a table in his living room. He was very kind and generous and as said mi casa es su casa.

I would hope that this would be credentials enough for your consideration. I am interested in a new form of art i call elecro glyph and would like to research how it corresponds to the theoretical invention of photographed thoughts by the inventor nikoli tesla. My sister and her family have a ranch home in castle rock south of denver but i would probably need boarding of sorts for the extent of my stay.

Thank you.

william l. schafer
692 n. benton ave
marshall, mo 65340

I was sick it was 5 years ago 2013.