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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Spotify submission osiris express

Give yer head to the sky. What its worth. This body is a vessel to get us from one shore to the other. Om mani padme hum. To me means may all sentient creatures throughout the crystalline multiverse know oneness, may their suffering be minimal, and may they complete their spiritual task. So this is a wild little ramble of a song with a nod to brian eno's masterpiece 'st. Elmo's fire'. I really need to think about going to the desert this time new mexico rather than south texas. Thnx sptify

w. l.

Allowing shade in self autodesk sketchbook clear ten gb


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dead buddha this recording artist that. A lover of both real and unreal. Surely a lover not a fighter yet he plays that war robots game william lincoln schafer as if vice versa. Futurologist metafiction cyber shamanism humanist hopeless romantic. Scifi sounds and post bop mayhem as his dj moniker suggests. Dj jazzresin smoke it down to tar and it still gets us. Billy sunshine for the limelight as he is so gloomy its downright bright. Ask him how he discovered billy the kid tintypes.

w. l.

yatsirh (australia becomes antarctica)


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Ebay writeup

Documentation of comparison using iOs ipad app sketchbook transperency layers to verify match of facial features with the famous cowboy image of william bonney ( billy the kid) to a newly discovered image purchased from a marshall missouri estate sale in may 2019 and discovered to be a match in oct 2019. It is my hope to bring these new tintypes to public eye as to better understand the complex history of one of the most legendary of anti-hero old west characters. Through valuation and auction these american treasures will certainly be promoted and preserved accordingly.


This tintype was purchased in a lot that included 3 daguerreotypes and other cabinet cards from an estate sale located on slater street in marshall missouri. It is of provenance that the daguerreotypes were of william henry mccartys mother and grandmother as can be seen in the included photos. the daguerreotypes can be identified by the golden frames. The daguerreotypes were sold last summer to a dealer before i had made the discovery. I had contacted the dealer of the whereabouts of the sold on ebay daguerreotypes and he informed me that they were already sold. It is a shame to have broken up the lot nonetheless the provenance is real. I can supply any inquiry's with other photos of the daguerreotypes.

There has been recent images of billy the kid that have surfaced in the last few years that strengthen the congruency of the tintypes i present for sale here. I am tempted to contact university of missouri's history dept of columbia missouri or some other voice of authority in the science of historical investigation and i encourage you the reader to take up research on the tintypes. It has been an amazing personal journey to have taken part in some strange way in the unfolding of billy the kids historical presence. The last photo i included is of an old poster i was given to in march of 2019 a few months before purchasing the estate sale tintype daguerreotype lot. It appears to be none other than Pat Garrett himself. It is as if history had synchronized across time space to make events happen like clockwork. Impossible order out of thickest chaos. I had never been to knowledgeable about the old west mythos and legends. Strangely more the event that led me to make the tintype to billy the kid connection was through my working of background soundtrack to a william s. Burroughs recording in which he speaks of 'bloody' bill anderson's routing of boone county missouri during the civil war. Thinking of outlaws while perusing through my ephemera collection for a tiny gold coin to sell i saw the image for sale and thought of doc holiday and billy the kid. How impossible the odds for me to look up the famous cowboy image of btk on Pinterest and notice that the eyes, nose, nostrils, chin looked similar. I encourage all potential buyers to use the images in conjunction with art apps such as sketchbook or procreate to do the translucent layer comparisons and see for yourself the proof. Even if these tintypes do not find a buyer i believe that exposure through ebay will help future investigation in one of americas most important and relevant figures of the old west. His story continues to be told and i believe the mystery of billy the kids life and supposed death has worked through me somehow attempting to be resolved. By all means contact me with any questions or information. I am more than willing to share the results of my research.


w. l.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Quinn lands job w/skull&bones bush regime


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Sunday, February 2, 2020

billy found shelter in abandoned cliffside pueblo dwellings


New billy the kid

Ether theory submission to spotify

Why must the women of saline county be so trecherous? I have no idea why the world doesnt acknowledge the billy the kid tintypes ive discovered. Why hasnt the ipad repairman called me back. Why do we allow google facebook apple microsoft to have so much power over us. Why is what it is lately. Ether theory is just questions. Im blank slated. She thought i was conspiring to make her homeless. I restrained her from her attempted assault. It is unfortunate. Isolation to answer questions.

w. l.