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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

william s. burroughs continued presence was key to discovering new tintypes of billy the kid. Beyond coincidence. Time travel phenomena. 2019

I was remixing this amazing lawrence diy punk compilation  track of burroughs speaking of bloody bill andersons civil war route through boone county missouri when the image of billy the kid and doc holliday  surfaced in my  imagination. While hearing playback i was going through my ephemera looking for this tiny golden eagle gold coin which i was looking for to sell since i was broke.  I had these tintypes that i had purchased earlier in the year at a marshall missouri estate sale; i had already sold the nicer daguerreotypes on ebay three of them for forty dollars.  It was through this process that i had the idea to look up the image of what billy the kid looked like.  The cowboy shot compared to younger versions of billy bonney, later find his name to be william henry mccarty.  I used an iOs app to do a transparency comparison of the photos.  I am 99.999% sure but i am afraid the universe doesnt want to recognize this discovery in order to keep my already way too far out life humble.  Nonetheless i contribute these documents and stories in homage to both billy the kid and william s. burroughs. Historical presence is a better way of saying ghost.  

https://youtu.be/Ez2sJM7z79E  a few days after the discovery put this vid together. 

https://youtu.be/QyQlOF8gYXE  The discipline of d.e
Saw this for the first time shortly after the discovery. Found it quite meaningful 
https://youtu.be/8J2NVAkEn80 burroughs bonney schafer anderson.  Featuring the jazzresin remix worked on during the discovery
https://open.spotify.com/track/7xoXpqyiNbLKmqLEuqTpHR?si=H4rf_PHuRtOA5vXHDXc7hQ The final remix of jazzresin's version of 'from here to eternity' was released amazingly on billy the kids birthday. 
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Mogadonia - ‘Doing Easy’ . An essay by William S. Burroughs.


w. l.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hacker slime you is fuckin with me know. Inverting lines pulling wizardry. Really think yer american? I think your scum shit surviellance is not even human. Its demonic subhuman shit that is criminal and unjust and you and your loved ones will certainly pay the karmic price if they havent already (kyle!!?). It isnt me man that throws the karma i am forever paying a price for something i dont even know what i did wrong. So be it. Midnight gospel it. It is ass it is. I know your orders from the top down is to deny me the prize from these treasures discovered, gifted, bestowed upon me. Time triangulated or not. They keep coming. So what. The larger spell is to keep me poor and humble in order to keep me alive. Lord knows id get well to do and next thing you know im a drug overdose casualty or death from over eager succubus lust. Im perturbed by peoples lack of vision. Like 20/20. They dont see it, pffft. What the fuck ever. My vision has always been super sharp for details and printing in the fine line. Once the time travel baffoon is no longer in office and his time stream manipulation gives him con nip tion fits maybe 'like magic' you all will start seeing clearly. I didnt make this shit up yet it happens. I dont care either or, my tragic life will remain exhulted and suffered and you keep with your soma cheap happiness (is not all iT use to be i know) uoy kcuf.

w. l.

Before the discovery of the billy the kid tintypes was this arrival of a leopard shirted young Pat Garrett March 2019

Billy the kid 2020

Yes this is a billy the kid i purchased off ebay 2020 since i knew what he looks like judging from the other two images discoved of wm henry mccarty in a 2019 marshall mo estate sale.