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Sunday, January 22, 2023

It matters little to me

just dont mess with me. mind your rogue hacker employees google takin side cash on the sly, its harrasement and its illegal soon it will be revealed the scope and depth of your crimes.. yknow i know you had reset my numbers in 2007 then you forced brand account and obfiscuated even more. your analytics adsense was broken and made hypercomplex on purpose i was dumb enough to complain. i signed up for the cloud and read papers on ai i could of actually enrolled . who put the sociopath in charge of youtube? that was a bad call for the future of humanity. its gonna be awful trying to return things after her reighn of no vision low insight hack and slash despot. yeah i judge a bit but norhing compared to whats comin to your criminal employee bored hacker class, all your crimes will be illuminated for all to see, so ive made 5.00$ quarter of a million visits to jazxres.in

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