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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Space Bill. Thank you!

Purest billy the kid ever seen. I wonder if the person who purchased it even knows!?!?
Identified him cause i know him like ive always known him and his family. They all stem from john titor. No joke. Dont care what you think about rabbit holes and tinfoil caps the continued story line of john titor, abe lincoln, ingersoll lockwood, julius assange, barron trump, back to the future, nikoli tesla, marilyn monroe, earp brothers and their mothers brothel where big noSe kate and her sister prob worked and doc was a client, and william s. Burroughs was savvy to the space bil if u cant keep your apt clean how are you ever going to pilot this spaceship? Discipline of D.E. Is a concise how-to-manual upon remote view. Marilyn murdered due to what jack showed her at area 51. Time travel causes mandela effect or titor decay. Dont get me wrong tho check out this photo of titor young abe lincoln with ingersoll lockwood. Wth!!!! Exciting and most heavy in its scope and depth. I improvised a scenario the other day. Bil thanks for the space. Us bills need to look out for each other thank you and Johnny. Ill share as it comes thru. The unrealness doesnt phase me. I dont get too upset when others are unable to see and acknowledge what is perfectly clear to me. I remind myself that it aint about me well almost i do appreciate you all using me as your slothrup, conduit, holy wounded spear scar, schlehmehlb. Hypnogogic is where im at remote view scanner of phenomena associated with historical presence. D.E. gateway technique. tintype whisper. https://jazzres.in jazzresin@gmail.com https://youtube.com/jazzresin https://ebay.com/usr/jresin all discoveries are unverified and should be considered potential.

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