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Saturday, January 15, 2022

In hell

Purchased google one so to google take out my brand account data.

It offered google one within my google brand account page. I purchased then it says not available for brand accounts. That is bad business. My brand account that had been forced upon me back in 2014 that has been wrongfully terminated as i made a mistake of sharing a private video by changing it to link shared only. I had another strike reduced to a warning as i was making a private playlist of hentai videos. Anyways this strike was reduced to a warning but then the channel was shortly after terminated. My emotions and responses i cant remember this has been like losing a child my art and music gone?!? For what sharing an erotic art film of screenshots of my hidden photo to a woman friend who wanted to see it again. I know how stupid am i. I dont think terminating my brand account youtube channel was justifiable. It was certainly way too severe. Help help. What should i do?

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