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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hi Michael. I love you. I am in dire straits. Watching my work and passion dissapear. I must be in a cocoon about to metamorphisize into some different version of me. I am buddha like. I sometimes wake up human and cry. I have been doing my best. This punishment against a morgellons sufferer is unethical and unjust. I am ill. This is awful to strip the decency, dignity and basic human rights from a person in society whom was there helping people. Perhaps thats it. I no longer am human. I have been genetically modified. If you come to STL u have a place to stay. I cannot communicate to aNa out of deep fear. We both know how calculated and cunning she can be. I cannot fight for my rights. I roll over and play dead. Its a hornets nest. I could just continue to live there and pull a legal protest. It is my home. She did not give me the right to claim mortgage. I do not want any of this!!!! Oh well. I feel thrust back into wilderness years. We should party such. Fk all. Y'knw what i mean. Love and respect to you Mike!!! If u change yer mind i will understand.

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