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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Thank you for at least giving the mortgage a look. It's nice to have hope, even if it's only for a short amount of time. As you can see, I have never been late or missed a payment since the house was purchased. Almost every single month until separation process is started, I always sent extra money towards the principal, ranges from $100 - $5000 per month in addition to actual balance. That's what I do with my tax refunds. It's too bad that all my hard work goes down the drain. But oh well, nothing else I can do because I cannot afford to keep on paying.

Bill: please proceed with option 1 as soon as possible. Once you and the pups are out, I will attempt to sell remaining items in the house via estate sales agent. Hopefully, the income can help me pay the mortgage of that house until it's sold. I still have some books and few other items I need to get from the house. I couldn't find them last time. My work schedule has been very hectic, so I don't know when I can stop by, but I'll let you know.

Bette: grandpa's sewing machine is still in the house somewhere and it will be stored in the original black carrying case it came with. I have never removed it from the house unless somebody else took it without my knowledge. I however, do not know where it is because the house was in no condition for me to do search rescue the last time. And frankly, I wasn't even feel welcomed at my own home because that woman is watching my every single move as I pick up MY things.

It will take me a decade to recover from my financial lost, while emotional scars may never goes away. Regardless, I have to keep on moving, what other choice to I have? If anybody can help Bill to move his things or move out of the house, please do so. This is not easy for me either, I'm suffering emotionally, physically, and financially. I can't help Bill when I can't even help myself.

Sorry to hear you are not well Rebecca, hope you get better soon.

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On Jan 22, 2013, at 8:21 PM, Rebecca Jungjohann <rebeccajungjohann@comcast.net> wrote:

Hi Ana,

Sorry it has taken me a few days to take a look at the mortgage info you sent me on the 10th St house.  I've had the flu and have been sick for nearly two weeks now (still not better yet, now I have a sinus infection... just got antibiotics today).

After reviewing the loan info, I regret to tell you that Jim and I will be unable to pay off the loan and buy the house for Bill.  For some reason, I had thought the remaining principal was significantly less than 100k.  Thank you so very much for helping me with access this info!!

I think you should proceed with "option 1" you had outlined for Bill in your previous email to all of us.  Bill will need to immediately start working with Mom to find alternate housing.  Due to his unemployment, he will need to apply for welfare and/or disability.  Once this is accomplished he should be able to apply for low-income housing.

I do think it will be in the best interest for both of you and Bill to emotionally move past the 10th St house and sell it and the majority of it's contents.  A new start is needed for both of you.

Please keep me in the loop regarding the house.  If needed, I can fly in the help Bill move out.  This is going to be a difficult transition for him and your compassion will be greatly appreciated.  I know it's been very difficult the last few years for you (and Bill)... hopefully a new beginning for you is "around the corner."


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