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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Dirty dave rutabaugh

Purchased online from a tintype dealer out of ohio i bring to light the old west outlaw then Lincoln County Regulator. Supposedly the only man that Billy the Kid feared. Perhaps due to the fact he never bathed hence his nickname Dirty Dave Rutabaugh.

Dave in this tintype is sitting off to the left in this photo. I believe he is twirling a pistol in one of his hands but is difficult to make out for sure. The other two fellows seem familiar but i will withold my identification for the sport of it. If anyone has an idea of who the ladies are drop me a line.

Tintype whispering is a crazy fun endeavor bringing a level of quantum imagination to the historical presence of charged up mysteries of the past. Remote view and time travel through tapping universal consciousness. No matter matters not. Everything you think or imagine is real. Tintype whispering surfs upon allowing the past to manifest. Naysayeers wont see it for they see little. It takes a level of creativity to time travel and see things for yourself. An open heart and ability to go egoless is advised.

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