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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blessed joe dames

Your prayer resounds deeply in my soul. Tears well up from your guidance and wisdom. I keep on keepin on. I unleashed my horns fury and ecstasy upon 6th street. It's allright. God damns me as it always has been and always will be. I entertain him with my fuckups and heretical audacity. It is indeed a closed circuit on a feedback loop of extreme danger and 666 so 777 that the 23 to the 32 does resolve through a lazy slack to 33. I welcome my death and am so sick that i have been praising Yaw spelled backwards Way for teaching extreme lessons through my beloved disease. Learning to love the atomic bomb. True my mind ticks bomblike but please read my mind brain surveillance technology. I play play but within my trash talk there is DEAD seriousness beyond REAL REAL. Joe you recommend me to remain the painful insignificant microquasar that i am. You my friend are a confirmed in buddha nature of a true QUASAR. Rich and invisible with mindfulness and kindness. I promise my death trip will not be an end. But as the schlemehl role of a Dead Buddha i hack through codecs and icenine crypts deciphering through dumb luck and holographic encryption codes coded upon the rewrites themselves. I am awful and terrible. I know. I mean no harm. But jah loves drama and i am eager to join Jesus in Hell in order to help souls escape the unjust rule of the almighty. Things change. Will the circle be unbroken?

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