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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Will do sister.  I admit im onna death trip kinda like the movie. 'Dead man'  my scalp is hieroglyphs always hurts. Tryin to keep a sense of humor gets difficult.   Having my parents help me make out a will is disheartening.  I am enjoying a hunter s thompson hop to my step but I know its jus self destructive thanatos. Eros clings on screaming' love love love. ' but 777 and 666 blur into 23 when catch 22 is all there really is. I have no goal or life plan after austin. I spend money with disdain and carelessness. Lol. We should talk soon I would like to hear your voice. All best.  Bill om mani padme hum


On Mar 31, 2013 9:45 PM, <6619797524@vzwpix.com> wrote:
  So my dear brother....we feel like shit and look like hell.....but i say we are the elite.  What we can do together is beautiful.  Collectively we can figure this out and hold each other up.  Have you tried Omeprazole.  Brand name is prilosec.  It is an acid reducer.  I think it might be helping me.  Perhaps lowers the acidity in the digestive tract.  My bad symptons let up a bit when i take it. Dont do anything foolish.  Gotta get u through this rough patch so we can brainstorm.  I cant sleep much these days.......txt me any time if you need to vent or cry or shoot the breeze.  Really.

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